Guggal Wet Dhoop Zed Black Manthan- Chandan- Arij- Attar Phool- Rose- Gold- Silver – Loban- Jasmine- Rajigandha- Charlie- Champa- Fantasia- Mogra Zed Black Manthan Dhoop Wet Sticks Multipurpose Joss Wet Sticks Conveying Prayers – Long Lasting Fragrance for Everyday Use- Zed Black Manthan Zipper

Brand Zed Black
Material Wet Dhoop
Scent Scented
Net Qty 20 Sticks

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Discover the Sacred Aromas of Zed Black Manthan Dhoop Wet Sticks

Immerse your senses in a symphony of exquisite fragrances with Zed Black Manthan Dhoop Wet Sticks. This meticulously crafted collection features a diverse range of captivating scents, including the timeless classics of Guggal, Chandan, Arij, Rose, Gold, Silver, and Loban, along with the enchanting aromas of Jasmine, Rajnigandha, Charlie, Champa, Fantasia, and Mogra.

Experience the Benefits of Wet Dhoop

Unlike traditional incense, Zed Black Manthan Dhoop Wet Sticks are made with a slightly damp, paste-like consistency, resulting in a richer, longer-lasting fragrance that permeates your space with divine energy. Their multipurpose nature makes them ideal for:

Spiritual Practices:

Enhance your prayers, meditation, and rituals with the purifying and uplifting scents of Manthan Dhoop.

  • Purification: Many traditions use incense for its cleansing and purifying properties. The smoke is believed to dispel negative energies and create a sacred atmosphere conducive to spiritual connection.
  • Focus and Clarity: Certain fragrances like sandalwood, frankincense, and myrrh are known to promote mental clarity and focus, making them ideal for meditation or prayer sessions.
  • Offerings and Devotion: In some practices, burning dhoop is a symbolic offering to deities or higher powers, representing respect, gratitude, and the sending of prayers heavenward with the smoke.
  • Rituals and Traditions: Dhoop plays a central role in many religious and spiritual rituals, marking important events, transitions, or simply creating a sacred space for personal practice.


Create a soothing and tranquil atmosphere that promotes relaxation, reduces stress, and fosters a sense of well-being.

  • Mood Enhancement: Fragrances like lavender, jasmine, and rose have long been recognized for their calming and mood-boosting effects, offering a natural way to soothe anxieties and promote emotional balance.
  • Stress Reduction: The act of burning dhoop can be a mindful ritual in itself. The slow release of fragrance, combined with focused breathing, can help melt away tension and cultivate a sense of inner peace.
  • Improved Sleep: Gentle scents like chamomile or sandalwood before bedtime can prepare the mind and body for restful sleep.
  • Creating Atmosphere: The right fragrance can set the mood for relaxation, yoga practice, a quiet evening at home, or any activity where you seek a sense of tranquility.

Everyday Fragrance:

Infuse your home or office with an inviting and lingering aroma that transforms your environment.

  • Welcoming Ambiance: A pleasant fragrance greets you or your guests with warmth, making your space feel more inviting and hospitable.
  • Masking Odors: Dhoop can help neutralize unwanted smells, leaving your environment refreshed and clean.
  • Sensory Delight: Beautiful fragrances simply add a touch of luxury and pleasure to your daily life. Experiment with different scents to find your favorites.
  • Boosting Creativity & Focus: Certain scents like peppermint or citrus can be invigorating and may enhance mental clarity, making them suitable for workspaces or study areas.

Specifications for Dhoop Sticks

  • Type: Wet Dhoop Sticks
  • Scent: Sandalwood
  • Materials: Bamboo base, natural resins, sandalwood essential oil.
  • Net Qty :20 Sticks
  • Dimensions: 10 cm length, 5 mm diameter (approximately)
  • Burn Time: 30-45 minutes per stick (approximately)
  • Packaging: Resealable pouch, 20 sticks per pouch.

Why Choose Zed Black Manthan Dhoop Wet Sticks?

1. Superior Quality Ingredients

  • Emphasis on natural: Zed Black Manthan Dhoop is free from synthetic fragrances or harsh chemicals, appealing to health-conscious and environmentally-aware customers.
  • Finest quality: Indicates a high standard of ingredients, promising a more complex and nuanced fragrance.
  • Resins, herbs, and essential oils: These are the traditional building blocks of incense and dhoop, assuring customers of an authentic aroma.
  • Authentic and pure fragrance experience: Promises a scent that is true to its name and free from artificial notes. This creates an expectation of a higher quality experience.

2. Long-Lasting Fragrance

  • Focus on longevity: Immediately addresses a common desire for dhoop that provides lasting enjoyment.
  • Enchanting aroma: Uses descriptive language to create a sense of allure and elevate the experience beyond simple scent.
  • Lingers long after: Promises the fragrance will continue to fill the space even when the dhoop is no longer burning.

3. Convenient Zipper Packaging

  • Freshness: Emphasizes that the fragrance won’t diminish due to improper storage. Freshness is key to optimal scent.
  • Easy storage: Addresses a practical concern and appeals to customers who value convenience.
  • Zipper packaging: Suggests a more secure, reusable, and modern storage solution compared to traditional packaging.

4. Trusted Brand

  • Builds trust: Leverages Zed Black’s existing reputation to instill confidence in the product.
  • Commitment to quality and authenticity: Highlights that these are core brand values, implying consistency and reliability.
  • World of incense and fragrance: Establishes Zed Black as an authority within this specific niche.

How to Use Zed Black Manthan Dhoop Wet Sticks

1. Select your desired fragrance from the Manthan Dhoop collection.

  • The power of choice: With the diverse range of scents within the Manthan Dhoop collection, take a moment to consider what atmosphere you’d like to create. From classic and calming fragrances to bright and uplifting aromas, let your senses guide you.
  • Desired fragrance: The act of selecting your dhoop sets an intention. Whether you seek a calming scent for meditation or an invigorating fragrance to start your day, let this selection be a pleasurable part of the experience.

2. Carefully light the tip of the dhoop stick.

  • Safety first: Always use a lighter or match with caution. Ensure you have a clear, open space away from flammable materials. Never leave burning dhoop unattended.
  • The tip: Focus on lighting just the very end of the dhoop stick. This will help control the burn and provide the most pleasant fragrance release.

3. Gently blow out the flame, allowing the dhoop to smolder and release its captivating fragrance.

  • Gently: A forceful breath could extinguish the dhoop completely. A soft blow will encourage the transition from flame to a gentle smolder.
  • Smolder: Notice the tip of the dhoop should glow slightly and produce a delicate wisp of smoke. This is the ideal burning state.
  • Captivating fragrance: The first moments of the dhoop smoldering are when the scent is often most intense. Take a moment to appreciate the fragrance as it begins to fill your space.

4. Place the dhoop in a safe and heat-resistant holder.

  • Essential safety: While the dhoop stick does not produce a large flame, it remains hot and could cause burns or ignite flammable surfaces if not placed in an appropriate holder.
  • Heat-resistant holder Specifically designed dhoop holders are ideal, but a small ceramic or metal bowl filled with sand can also work.

5. Enjoy the transformative power of its sacred aroma.

  • Transformative power: Dhoop has been used throughout history for spiritual practices, cleansing spaces, and enhancing mood. Allow the fragrance to be more than just a pleasant smell; invite it to shift your energy and create the desired atmosphere.
  • Sacred aroma: Whether you have a personal spiritual practice or simply enjoy the ambiance, appreciate the long lineage of using fragrance as a way to connect with something beyond the ordinary.

Elevate Your Space with the Divine Fragrances of Zed Black Manthan Dhoop Wet Sticks. Order Your Favorite Scents Today!

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