Gugal, Arij, Attar Phool , Chandan, Sandal , Saffron , Charlie, Rose, Gulab, Mogra, Loban, Guggal ,Lavender , Pineapple, Steller, Turbo Dhoop Sticks (Copy)

Brand – Zed Black

Contain 8 Sticks in a single pack



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Weight 200 g
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 10 cm

Pack of 12, Pack of 3, Pack of 6


Dhoop Sticks for Meditation, Aromatherapy, & Everyday Bliss

Immerse yourself in a world of captivating fragrances with Zed Black’s premium dhoop sticks. Discover the enchanting essence of Arij and the celestial aroma of Attar Phool, transporting you to a realm of spiritual bliss. Let the sacred scent of Chandan or Sandal evoke the serenity of ancient temples, creating a perfect ambiance for meditation and devotion.

Unleash the power of nature with our carefully curated collection. Embrace the calming purity of Gugal and Guggal, the soothing tranquility of Lavender, and the invigorating freshness of Pineapple. For a touch of the celestial, try our Stellar dhoop sticks, or awaken your senses with the vibrant energy of Turbo.

Indulge in the timeless allure of classic scents. Let the romantic fragrance of Rose, the aroma allure of Gulab, and the delicate sweetness of Mogra fill your space with love and tranquility. Purify and cleanse your surroundings with the sacred smoke of Loban.

Discover Spiritual Elevation with Zed Black Dhoop Sticks

1. Handcrafted with premium ingredients for long-lasting fragrance and a pure aromatic experience.

  • Emphasizes Quality: This highlights the care and attention to detail placed in the creation of these dhoop sticks. It suggests the use of natural and high-quality ingredients rather than synthetic fragrances.
  • Promises Sensory Delight: “Long-lasting fragrance” promises an enduring and enjoyable olfactory experience, important for sustained practices like meditation or yoga. “Pure aromatic experience” implies the absence of harsh chemicals, allowing for a clean, authentic fragrance release.

2. Diverse range of scents to suit every mood, ritual, and spiritual practice.

  • Versatility: This caters to the buyer who likes variety or who has a multi-faceted spiritual practice. A wide range of scents offers options for setting different intentions during different activities.
  • Personalization: Acknowledges that scent preferences are individual. Buyers are more likely to connect with your product if they can choose a scent that resonates with them.

3. Ideal for meditation, yoga, prayer, aromatherapy, or simply creating a serene atmosphere.

  • Multi-Purpose: This  potential uses of your dhoop, appealing to a wider audience. Those interested in meditation/yoga as well as people simply wanting to improve their home environment will see value in the product
  • Focus on Well-being: The words “serene atmosphere” directly address those seeking calmness and relaxation in their day-to-day lives.

4. Perfect for both personal use and gifting.

  • Dual Appeal: This  two distinct target markets. Someone may purchase these dhoop as a treat for themselves or as a thoughtful gift for a spiritually-inclined friend or family member.
  • Suggests Thoughtfulness: Gifting a consumable item with an element of personalization (due to the scent choice) shows extra consideration.

Explore Our Enchanting Collection:

Arij Dhoop Sticks

  • Meaning: Arij typically means “fragrance” in a general sense. This suggests a classic, overarching incense scent.
  • Possible Benefits: A general fragrance for versatile use, setting an overall tone of spirituality and calm for any activity.

Attar Phool Dhoop Sticks

  • Meaning: Attar is a concentrated perfume oil derived from botanicals, phool means “flower”. This hints at a rich, floral aroma.
  • Possible Benefits: Floral scents are often associated with love, devotion, and opening the heart. This dhoop might be well-suited for devotional practices or rituals focused on compassion.

Chandan Dhoop Sticks

  • Meaning: Chandan is sandalwood, a sacred wood in many traditions, used in temples and rituals.
  • Possible Benefits: Sandalwood’s warm, woody scent promotes grounding, tranquility, and is believed to enhance meditative states. It’s a classic for cleansing and purifying a space.

Sandal Dhoop Sticks

  • Meaning: Likely a synonym for Chandan, reinforcing the idea of traditional sandalwood incense.

Saffron Dhoop Sticks

  • Meaning: Saffron is a precious spice with a delicate, honey-like fragrance and a vibrant golden color.
  • Possible Benefits: Saffron is associated with joy, wisdom, and spiritual illumination. Its uniqueness makes it special for offerings or celebrating auspicious occasions.

Charlie Dhoop Sticks (if this is a unique scent)

  • Meaning: Depends entirely on your brand! If you’ve created a proprietary scent, tell its story. What inspired the name? What are its main fragrance notes?
  • Possible Benefits: This is where you can get creative! Build a narrative around your custom blend to entice customers.

Rose Dhoop Sticks

  • Meaning: A timeless symbol of love, beauty, and the Divine Feminine across cultures.
  • Possible Benefits: Rose promotes heart-opening, compassion, and eases emotional tension. Lovely for self-care rituals or any practice centered around love.

Gulab Dhoop Sticks

  • Meaning: Gulab is the Hindi/Urdu word for rose, suggesting a traditional take on a rose incense.

Mogra Dhoop Sticks

  • Meaning: Mogra is a type of jasmine, known for its sweet, heady fragrance.
  • Possible Benefits: Jasmine is associated with sensuality, intuition, and lunar energy. A good choice for evening rituals or practices to enhance psychic connection.

Loban Dhoop Sticks

  • Meaning: Loban is frankincense resin, an ancient incense ingredient with cleansing and purifying properties.
  • Possible Benefits: Frankincense clears negativity, uplifts mood, and is believed to enhance protection and spiritual connection.

Gugal Dhoop Sticks / Guggal Dhoop Sticks

  • Meaning: Gugal or Guggal is a resin similar to myrrh, with medicinal uses in Ayurveda.
  • Possible Benefits: Warm, slightly balsamic scent good for purifying spaces, aiding in healing practices, and promoting mental clarity.

Lavender Dhoop Sticks

  • Meaning: Lavender is renowned for its calming and relaxing properties.
  • Possible Benefits: Ideal for unwinding at day’s end, easing stress, and creating a restful ambiance before sleep.

Pineapple Dhoop Sticks

  • Meaning: A tropical, fruity scent, less traditional in incense.
  • Possible Benefits: Pineapple’s bright aroma can be energizing, mood-boosting, and welcoming. A good choice for a cheerful, inviting atmosphere.

Stellar Dhoop Sticks

  • Meaning: Suggests something celestial, perhaps an otherworldly or mystical scent.
  • Possible Benefits: This is your space to let your imagination shine, depending on the aroma profile.

Turbo Dhoop Sticks

  • Meaning: Implies a powerful, intense, or perhaps even spicy scent blend.
  • Possible Benefits: Consider framing this as invigorating for the senses, suitable for clearing out stagnant energy or kickstarting a spiritual practice.

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