Loban Wet Dhoop Zed Black Manthan- Chandan-Chameli- Arij- Attar Phool- Rose- Gold- Silver – Loban- Jasmine- Rajigandha- Charlie- Champa- Fantasia- Mogra Zed Black Manthan Dhoop Wet Sticks Multipurpose Joss Wet Sticks Conveying Prayers – Long Lasting Fragrance for Everyday Use- Zed Black Manthan Zipper

Brand Zed Black
Material Wet Dhoop
Scent Scented
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Experience the Divine Aromas of Zed Black Manthan Wet Dhoop Sticks

Immerse your senses in the captivating fragrances of Zed Black Manthan Wet Dhoop Sticks. These premium, handcrafted dhoop sticks are infused with the timeless scents of loban, sandalwood (chandan), jasmine (chameli), ari, attar phool, rose, gold, silver, rajanigandha, Charlie, champa, fantasia, and mogra. These alluring aromas create a spiritually uplifting atmosphere, perfect for conveying prayers, meditation, yoga, or simply enjoying a moment of pure relaxation.

Why Choose Zed Black Manthan Wet Dhoop Sticks?

Multipurpose Joss Dhoop: Experience the Versatility

Zed Black Manthan Loban Wet Dhoop Sticks are designed for a variety of uses, making them incredibly adaptable to your needs. Here’s how you can benefit from their multipurpose nature:

  • Daily Rituals: Incorporate the soothing fragrance of loban and other natural ingredients into your daily meditation, prayer, or simply to set a calming atmosphere at the start or end of your day.
  • Special Occasions: Enhance spiritual celebrations, festivals, or housewarming ceremonies with the sacred and uplifting aroma of these dhoop sticks.
  • Fragrant Haven: Transform your home or workspace into a sanctuary of tranquility and pleasant scents. Whether you need focus, relaxation, or a simple mood boost, these dhoop sticks provide the perfect aromatic backdrop.

Long-Lasting Fragrance: Immerse Yourself in Hours of Aromatherapy

Enjoy the rich and lingering scents of Zed Black Manthan Loban Wet Dhoop Sticks. The extended fragrance time allows you to:

  • Fully Relax: Create a sustained environment for meditation, yoga, or simply enjoying moments of peace without needing to relight the dhoop frequently.
  • Extended Ambiance: Maintain a welcoming and fragrant atmosphere in your home or workspace for longer periods.

Premium Quality: The Zed Black Difference

Zed Black is committed to using only the finest natural ingredients in their dhoop sticks. Here’s what this means for you:

  • Authentic Experience: Enjoy the traditional and pure scents of loban, sandalwood, and other natural elements.
  • Safer for You: Minimize your exposure to harsh chemicals or synthetic fragrances often found in lower-quality incense products.

Zed Black Manthan Zipper Seal: Maintain Freshness

The convenient resealable zipper pouch ensures your Zed Black Manthan Loban Wet Dhoop Sticks retain their full fragrance and potency. This feature offers:

  • Long-lasting enjoyment: Prevents the dhoop sticks from drying out or losing their scent prematurely.
  • Ease of Use: The zipper seal makes it simple to securely store any unused dhoop for later.

Specifications of Dhoop Sticks

Individual Dhoop Sticks

  • Length: Approximately 9-10 inches (23-25 cm)
  • Diameter: Approximately 0.2 – 0.3 inches (0.5 – 0.75 cm)
  • Base Material: Bamboo
  • Fragrant Material: Loban resin, sandalwood powder, other natural ingredients and essential oils


  • Type: Zipper Pouch
  • Dimensions: Approximately 12 inches (H) x 8 inches (W) x 2 inches (D) (30.5 cm x 20.3 cm x 5.1 cm)
  • Material: Recyclable plastic
  • Quantity: 20 sticks per pouch

The Power of Loban Dhoop Sticks

Loban, a sacred resin, is known for its purifying and cleansing properties. It is believed to dispel negative energies, promote positivity, and enhance spiritual clarity. Zed Black Manthan Wet Dhoop Sticks harness the ancient power of loban to create an environment conducive to inner peace and tranquility.

Discover the Diverse Fragrances of Dhoop Sticks

Chandan (Sandalwood)

  • Aroma: Warm, woody, slightly sweet and balsamic.
  • Qualities: Grounding, soothing, promotes focus.
  • Effects: Enhances mental clarity, calms the mind, aids in meditation, creates a serene atmosphere.

Chameli (Jasmine)

  • Aroma: Sweet, intensely floral, with hints of honey and warm spice.
  • Qualities: Uplifting, sensual, comforting.
  • Effects: Evokes feelings of love and peace, reduces anxiety, promotes relaxation, can be an aphrodisiac.


  • Aroma: Unique, complex, blending spices and floral notes. Can be warm, slightly musky, and have hints of sweetness.
  • Qualities: Mystical, captivating, alluring.
  • Effects: Creates a sense of mystery and intrigue, may be spiritually stimulating, promotes a sense of well-being.

Attar Phool

  • Aroma: Sweet, deeply floral, reminiscent of a bouquet of various flowers.
  • Qualities: Intoxicating, rich, classic.
  • Effects: Uplifting, promotes feelings of joy and contentment, can create a romantic atmosphere.


  • Aroma: Timeless, sweet floral, with varying nuances depending on the rose variety (from delicate to deeply honeyed).
  • Qualities: Romantic, comforting, balancing.
  • Effects: Evokes feelings of love, happiness, and inner peace. Can aid in emotional healing.

Gold & Silver

  • Aroma: These likely represent opulent, complex blends designed to evoke feelings of luxury and elevation. May have warm, ambery notes, metallic hints, and subtle floral nuances.
  • Qualities: Pure, prosperous, spiritually uplifting.
  • Effects: Promotes feelings of abundance, connection to something greater, enhances a sense of well-being.

Rajanigandha (Tuberose)

  • Aroma: Heady, intensely sweet, can have creamy, green, and slightly spicy tones.
  • Qualities: Intoxicating, sensual, calming.
  • Effects: Deeply relaxing, promotes tranquility, can aid in reducing stress and anxiety.

Charlie, Champa, Fantasia & Mogra

  • These scents likely offer variations on classic Indian fragrance themes, with varying degrees of sweetness, floralcy, and freshness.
  • Charlie: May have a fresh cologne-like quality with floral undertones.
  • Champa: Could be based on nag champa, a popular incense with sandalwood and plumeria notes.
  • Fantasia: Likely a playful, sweet, and bright fragrance.
  • Mogra: A type of jasmine, offering a sweet, rich floral scent.

How to Use Zed Black Manthan Wet Dhoop Sticks

1. Preparation

  • Choose a Suitable Location: Select a well-ventilated area away from flammable materials (curtains, paper, etc.). Pets and children should be kept at a safe distance.
  • Heat-Resistant Surface: Place your dhoop burner on a stable, heat-resistant surface such as a ceramic plate, metal tray, or a dedicated incense holder.
  • Gather Supplies: Have the dhoop stick and a lighter or matches ready.

2. Lighting the Dhoop Stick

  • Hold Securely: Hold the dhoop stick by the uncoated bamboo end.
  • Ignite Carefully: Carefully bring the flame of your lighter or match to the coated tip of the dhoop stick. Hold the flame steady until the tip ignites and a steady glow is visible.
  • Extinguish the Flame: Gently blow out the flame once the tip is glowing. You should see a thin trail of smoke rising from the dhoop stick.

3. Enjoying the Fragrance

  • Placement: Place the glowing dhoop stick into the incense holder, ensuring it is secure. Do not touch the hot end of the dhoop stick.
  • Fragrant Atmosphere: As the dhoop stick burns, it will release its fragrance, filling your space. Enjoy the relaxing and evocative aroma.
  • Supervise: Never leave a burning dhoop stick unattended.

4. After Use

  • Complete Burning: Allow the dhoop stick to burn until it extinguishes completely.
  • Safe Disposal: Once cool, the ash can be dispose of. It can potentially be used as a natural fertilizer for plants.

Additional Tips for using Dhoop Sticks

  • Ventilation: Even with natural dhoop, some smoke is produced. Maintain good ventilation during and after use.
  • Starting Small: If you are new to dhoop, start by burning it for shorter durations to gauge your sensitivity to the fragrance.

Experience the Elevating Power of Zed Black Manthan Wet Dhoop Sticks. Order Yours Today!

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