Kasturi- Devshree premium zipper wet dhoopbatti – Flavours – Mogra, Gulab , Guggal, Sandal, Chandan , Loban , Kasturi , Classic, Three in one

Commodity -Wet Dhoopbatti

Net contents – 20 Wet dhoop sticks

Brand – Devshree

Manufacturer – Dev Industries


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Indulge in the Sensory Delights of Devshree Kasturi Premium Zipper Wet Dhoopbatti

Unleash the captivating essence of Kasturi with Devshree Premium Zipper Wet Dhoopbatti. Our meticulously crafted incense sticks are infused with the rich, musky fragrance of Kasturi, transporting you to a realm of tranquility and introspection.

What is Kasturi?

Kasturi is a beloved fragrance derived from the musk deer and prized for its sensual and grounding properties. Its warm, earthy aroma evokes a sense of calm and well-being, making it perfect for meditation, yoga, or simply creating a peaceful ambiance in your home.

Experience the Benefits of Devshree Kasturi Dhoopbatti

Promotes Relaxation:

The soothing scent of Kasturi helps to ease stress and anxiety, creating a serene environment conducive for unwinding.

  • Stress Relief: The musky, earthy notes of Kasturi have a calming effect on the nervous system. It helps quiet racing thoughts and promotes a sense of tranquility, allowing for deeper relaxation.
  • Anxiety Reduction: Kasturi’s aroma can help reduce feelings of anxiety and unease. It creates a safe and soothing atmosphere, fostering emotional well-being and reducing tension.
  • Creating a Serene Atmosphere: The fragrance of Kasturi transforms any space into a haven of peace. It sets the stage for unwinding after a long day, or for activities like gentle stretching or a warm bath before bed.

Enhances Focus:

The grounding fragrance aids in concentration, making it ideal for meditation, yoga, or any activity requiring deep focus.

  • Mental Clarity: Kasturi helps to clear the mind of distractions and promotes a feeling of centeredness. Its grounding properties help you stay present in the moment.
  • Improved Concentration: By fostering a sense of calm and reducing mental chatter, Kasturi allows for greater focus on any task at hand, whether it’s meditation, yoga, studying, or creative work.
  • Deep Focus: The centering effect of Kasturi is particularly helpful for practices that require sustained concentration and awareness.

Elevates Mood:

Kasturi’s warm and sensual aroma helps to uplift your spirit and create a positive atmosphere.

  • Mood Enhancer: The rich and comforting notes of Kasturi naturally boost your mood. It can offer a sense of warmth and security, promoting a feeling of contentment.
  • Positive Emotions: Kasturi helps dispel negativity and encourages positive emotions like joy, optimism, and peace.
  • Creates a Welcoming Atmosphere: The inviting fragrance of Kasturi makes any space feel more welcoming and comforting, not only for yourself but for others too.

Purifies the Air:

Naturally dispels unpleasant odors, leaving your space smelling fresh and inviting.

  • Natural Air Freshener: Kasturi’s fragrance effectively masks unpleasant odors and creates a clean, fresh scent.
  • No Harsh Chemicals: Unlike many artificial air fresheners, Kasturi offers a natural and gentle way to improve the ambiance of your space.
  • Inviting Aroma: The pleasant scent of Kasturi enhances the overall experience of any room in your home.

Long-lasting fragrance:

High-quality ingredients ensure a slow, even burn and a lingering fragrance.

  • Extended Enjoyment: The premium ingredients and craftsmanship of Devshree Kasturi Dhoopbatti allow the scent to linger long after the stick has finished burning.
  • Slow Burn: The wet formulation ensures a gradual release of fragrance rather than a quick, overwhelming burst.
  • Value for Money: The long-lasting nature of the dhoopbatti means you enjoy its benefits for an extended period.

The Devshree Difference Dhoopbatti

At Devshree, we are committed to crafting the finest incense experiences. Our Kasturi Premium Zipper Wet Dhoopbatti features:

Premium Ingredients:

Ethically sourced, natural ingredients for a pure and authentic fragrance.

  • Ethical Sourcing: Devshree emphasizes the importance of obtaining ingredients in a responsible manner that respects the environment and the communities where they are grown. This could involve partnering with suppliers who practice sustainable harvesting techniques and fair trade practices.
  • Natural Ingredients: The use of natural botanicals, essential oils, and resins ensures a fragrance that is free from synthetic chemicals and artificial perfumes. This creates a more authentic and holistic aromatherapy experience.
  • Pure and Authentic Fragrance: Natural ingredients offer a complex, nuanced, and genuine Kasturi aroma, unlike the often one-dimensional and artificial scent created with synthetic components.

Expertly Blended:

Skilled artisans create a harmonious blend of Kasturi and complementary botanicals.

  • Skilled Artisans: This highlights the human touch and traditional knowledge involved in the crafting of your dhoopbatti. Artisans possess years of experience and inherited wisdom about the proper proportions and combinations of ingredients.
  • Harmonious Blend: The focus isn’t just on the Kasturi but also on the careful selection of other botanicals that complement and enhance its fragrance profile. This could include warm spices, earthy woods, or delicate florals to create a multi-layered, captivating scent.

Wet Dhoopbatti Formulation:

Ensures a slow-burning, long-lasting release of fragrance.

  • Slow-Burning: The “wet” formulation refers to the inclusion of natural binders and moisture that allow the incense stick to burn at a slower rate compared to dry incense.
  • Long-Lasting Fragrance: Due to the slower burn, the Kasturi fragrance and its accompanying botanical notes are released gradually over an extended period, filling your space with a lingering aroma.

Convenient Zipper Packaging:

Maintains freshness, simplifies storage, and allows easy access to your favorite scent.

  • Freshness: The zipper seal helps to preserve the volatile aromas of the Kasturi and other botanicals, ensuring the fragrance remains potent until you’re ready to use it.
  • Simplified Storage: The resealable packaging protects the dhoopbatti from external elements like humidity and dust, making it easy to store without needing additional containers.
  • Easy Access: The zipper design lets you conveniently open and retrieve the desired number of dhoopbatti sticks for each use.

How to Use Devshree Kasturi Dhoopbatti

1. Select a safe and heat-resistant surface

  • Choose a stable location: Find a flat, level surface where the dhoopbatti holder won’t be easily knocked over.
  • Heat-resistance is key: Opt for a surface made of materials like ceramic, metal, stone, or thick glass. Avoid placing the holder directly on wood, plastic, or other flammable materials.
  • Distance matters: Ensure the incense holder is away from curtains, fabrics, papers, or anything flammable.

2. Light the tip of the incense stick until it glows

  • Use a lighter or match: A steady source of flame is ideal.
  • Focus on the tip: Hold the flame to the very tip of the incense stick until you see a small glowing ember form. You should see a tiny bit of smoke starting to rise.

3. Gently blow out the flame and place the stick in a dhoopbatti holder

  • No open flame: Ensure the flame is completely extinguished. You should only see a glowing ember and a wisp of smoke.
  • Secure in the holder: Carefully place the incense stick into the designated space in your dhoopbatti holder. Ensure the stick is stable and won’t fall over. Some holders have a small hole for the incense stick, while others provide a broader base where the stick can rest.

4. Enjoy the captivating aroma of Kasturi as it fills your space

  • Relax and savor: As the incense burns, the rich fragrance of Kasturi will gradually be released into the room. Find a comfortable spot and immerse yourself in the calming and evocative scent.
  • Ventilation is important: While enjoying the fragrance, it’s good practice to slightly open a window or door to allow for some air circulation.

Important Safety Tips for using Dhoopbatti

  • Never leave burning incense unattended. Extinguish the incense fully before leaving the room or going to sleep.
  • Keep out of reach of children and pets. Incense and holders can get hot.
  • Burn in a well-ventilated area. Avoid using incense in small, enclosed spaces without airflow.
  • If you have allergies or respiratory sensitivities, use incense with caution. Start by burning for short periods and monitor your reactions.

Elevate Your Ambiance with Devshree Kasturi Dhoopbatti

Transform your home into an oasis of tranquility with Devshree Kasturi Premium Zipper Wet Dhoopbatti. Perfect for:

Meditation and Yoga

  • Enhanced Mindfulness: The grounding aroma of Kasturi quiets the mind and reduces mental distractions, fostering a deeper state of presence during meditation.
  • Deepened Breathwork: Kasturi’s calming properties facilitate slower, more intentional breathing, an essential component of both yoga and meditation practice.
  • Spiritual Connection: The musky, earthy fragrance has been traditionally used in spiritual ceremonies, creating an ambiance conducive to connecting with your inner self.

Relaxation and Stress Relief

  • Calming Effect: Kasturi has a soothing effect on the nervous system, promoting a sense of tranquility and easing anxiety.
  • Tension Release: The warm fragrance encourages deep relaxation, helping to melt away physical and mental stress.
  • Improved Sleep: Using Kasturi dhoopbatti before bed can create a peaceful environment, promoting restful and restorative sleep.

Creating a Welcoming Atmosphere

  • Inviting Ambiance: The warm, sensual scent of Kasturi transforms any space into a cozy and inviting sanctuary.
  • Positive Energy: Believed to dispel negativity and promote a sense of harmony and well-being, making your home feel more welcoming for guests and yourself.
  • Masking Odors: Kasturi’s fragrance naturally purifies the air, replacing unpleasant odors with a fresh and uplifting scent.

Spiritual Practices

  • Ritual Enhancement: Kasturi incense has long been used in various spiritual traditions, creating a sacred and reverent atmosphere for prayer, offerings, and ceremonies.
  • Chakra Alignment: The grounding energy of Kasturi is associated with the root chakra, promoting stability and a sense of security.
  • Connection to the Divine: Kasturi’s rich, evocative scent can deepen your spiritual connection and enhance your devotional practices.

Aromatherapy Rituals

  • Mood Booster: The sensual and warm aroma of Kasturi is known to uplift the mood and ease feelings of sadness or low energy.
  • Stress Reduction: Perfect for aromatherapy rituals designed to combat stress and anxiety, aiding in the release of emotional burdens.
  • Sensual Awakening: Kasturi’s musky undertones can create a romantic or intimate atmosphere, enhancing your sensual experiences.

Order your Devshree Kasturi Premium Zipper Wet Dhoopbatti today and experience the transformative power of this enchanting fragrance.


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