Arij Dhoop Stick Jar (Bambooless)

Bambooless Premium Dhoop Sticks, Arij scent sticks are made to add a merry emanation around you by making it more wonderful and quiet. Make the climate positive and lively in this quick moving world to have a tranquil quality.

Brand Zed Black
Material Dhoop Sticks
Scent Scented
Net Qty 125 g


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Arij Dhoops Jar (Bambooless) 

Experience the transformative power of Arij Dhoops Jar (Bambooless), expertly crafted by Zed Black to elevate your home’s atmosphere and soothe your soul. These premium, all-natural dhoop sticks infuse your space with a mesmerizing fragrance, promoting peace, tranquility, and a sense of deep relaxation.

Discover the Benefits of Arij Dhoops

Spiritual Purification

  • Ancient Traditions: Arij dhoops carries a rich history steeped in spiritual practices across various cultures. It has been an integral part of cleansing rituals, connecting with the divine, and establishing a sacred atmosphere for prayer and meditation.
  • Dispelling Negativity: The purifying smoke of Arij dhoops is believed to dispel negative energies, stagnant vibrations, and any lingering heaviness within a space. It leaves the environment feeling lighter, clearer, and more conducive to spiritual focus.
  • Conducive to Inner Work: By creating a cleansed and serene atmosphere, Arij dhoop makes meditation and prayer practices more profound. It helps to quiet the mind, deepen connection to the self, and invite a sense of spiritual peace.

Mood Enhancement

  • Calming the Mind: The captivating aroma of Arij acts as a natural balm for a stressed or anxious mind. Its gentle fragrance helps soothe racing thoughts, promote relaxation, and cultivate a sense of inner stillness.
  • Reducing Stress & Anxiety: Arij’s calming properties can effectively ease symptoms of stress and anxiety. It helps to lower tension, create a sense of groundedness, and restore a sense of tranquility.
  • Emotional Well-being: The positive and uplifting nature of Arij’s fragrance nurtures emotional balance. It encourages a peaceful mindset, fosters emotional stability, and supports overall well-being.


  • Natural Powerhouse: Arij dhoop, crafted from pure botanicals, offers potent aromatherapy benefits. Its fragrance interacts with our senses, influencing our mood and state of mind.
  • Stimulating Positivity: Arij’s scent helps to dispel negative emotions and instill a sense of optimism and joy. It can evoke positive memories and emotions, promoting happiness and contentment.
  • Improved Focus: By reducing mental distractions and promoting a sense of clarity, Arij dhoop can enhance concentration and focus.
  • Sleep Aid: The soothing aroma of Arij can create a relaxing atmosphere before bed, promoting restful and rejuvenating sleep.

Eco-Friendly Dhoops

  • Sustainable Sourcing: A commitment to ethical and sustainable practices means Arij dhoop is made using thoughtfully sourced natural ingredients, protecting the environment and supporting responsible production.
  • Chemical-Free: The absence of harsh chemicals or synthetic additives ensures a clean and pure aromatic experience, free from potential irritants or harmful substances.
  • Mindful Consumption: Choosing eco-friendly Arij dhoop aligns with conscious living practices, minimizing environmental impact, and respecting the earth’s resources.

Long-Lasting Aroma

  • Lingering Fragrance: Each Arij dhoop stick offers a long-lasting, pleasurable scent that lingers delicately in the air, transforming the ambiance of your home for an extended period.
  • Creating a Haven: The enduring fragrance of Arij infuses your space with a peaceful and welcoming atmosphere, making it a true sanctuary for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Why Choose Arij Dhoops (Bambooless)?

Premium Quality

  • Masterful Blending: Zed Black demonstrates expertise and dedication to quality by carefully curating and blending the finest natural ingredients. This includes resins with rich aromatic properties, herbs known for their therapeutic benefits, and pure essential oils that add depth and complexity to the scent.
  • Exceptional Experience: This meticulous process results in a truly exceptional dhoop experience. The fragrance is not only delightful but also showcases nuanced layers and long-lasting intensity, reflecting the care taken in its creation.

Convenient and Versatile

  • Jar Format: The packaging of Arij dhoop in a jar enhances its practicality compared to loose sticks. It allows for easy storage, keeping the dhoop fresh and preventing breakage. The jar is also easily transportable.
  • Daily Rituals & Special Occasions: The convenience of the jar format makes Arij dhoop suitable for both everyday use and special occasions. Enhance your daily meditation practice, create a relaxing ambiance, or use it to set a sacred atmosphere during ceremonies, festivals, or gatherings.


  • Generous Quantity: The jar provides a substantial amount of dhoop sticks, offering numerous moments of enjoyment before needing replenishment.
  • Long-lasting Fragrance: As each stick releases a lingering scent, a single jar can fragrance your space for countless hours, ensuring excellent value for the price.

Authentic Fragrance

  • Essence of Arij: Zed Black captures the true heart and soul of the Arij scent, a fragrance with deep historical and cultural significance.
  • Spiritual & Calming: Arij is renowned for its ability to elevate spiritual states and promote a sense of profound peace and tranquility. Zed Black’s authentic rendition allows you to fully experience these cherished qualities.

How to Use Arij Dhoops :

Preparing for the Ritual

  • Choosing Your Holder: Select a dhoop holder that is both beautiful and functional. Ensure it’s made from heat-resistant material like ceramic, stone, or metal and designed to securely hold your dhoop stick upright.
  • Creating a Safe Space: Place the holder on a stable, flat surface away from flammable materials like curtains, papers, or furniture. Choose a spot with good ventilation to allow the fragrance to circulate gently.

Igniting the Dhoop

  • Lighting the Tip: Carefully hold the tip of the dhoop stick over a flame from a match or lighter. Patiently wait for the tip to ignite, indicated by a small, steady glow.
  • Extinguishing the Flame: Once you see the glowing ember at the tip, gently blow out the flame. Make sure there are no visible flames remaining, only the glowing ember.

Experiencing the Aroma

  • The Wisps of Transformation: Observe as delicate tendrils of fragrant smoke begin to curl upwards from the glowing dhoop stick. This smoke carries the essence of the natural ingredients, ready to transform your space.
  • Filling the Air: Allow the enchanting fragrance to permeate your space. Let it gently fill the nooks and corners, creating an atmosphere of peace and tranquility.
  • Immersive Experience: Breathe in the captivating aroma and let its soothing qualities wash over you. Embrace the sense of relaxation, focus, or spiritual connection that the scent of your dhoop brings.

Safety Precautions:

  • Always burn dhoop in a well-ventilated area.
  • Place the holder on a heat-resistant surface.
  • Keep away from flammable materials.
  • Do not leave burning dhoop unattended.
  • Keep out of reach of children and pets.

Dhoops Specifications

  • Brand: Zed Black
  • Product Type: Bambooless Premium Dhoop Sticks
  • Scent: Arij
  • Material: Natural resins, herbs, essential oils (if applicable)
  • Net Quantity: 125 g

Let the enchanting aroma of Arij Dhoops Jar (Bambooless) transport you to a realm of peace and tranquility. Order your jar today and experience the transformative power of this timeless fragrance!

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