12 inch Compartment Disposal Plates Biodegradable Eco Friendly Plates for Eating and Serving Disposal Plates for Dinner Birthday Party Pack of 25

Material: sugarcane Bagasse
Brand: KSI
Colour: White
Special Feature: Disposable, Durability
Occasion: Birthday
Style: Casual
Shape: Round
Seasons: All Seasons
Product Dimensions: 30L x 30W x 5Th Centimeters

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Premium 12-Inch Compartment disposable plates: Your Eco-Friendly Choice for Easy, Safe Events

Are you searching for the perfect way to serve meals at parties, events, or everyday use without the hassle of dishes or harming the environment? Look no further than our 12-inch Compartment disposable plates! Crafted from 100% biodegradable sugarcane bagasse, these sturdy plates are the ultimate eco-friendly solution for worry-free dining.

Key Features and Benefits of disposable plates

Absolutely Safe:

Free from harmful chemicals and toxins, these natural plates ensure your food stays uncontaminated, protecting your family’s health.

  • Benefit: Consumers prioritize health and safety, especially when it comes to food. This feature emphasizes the absence of harmful substances that could leach into food, unlike some plastic or styrofoam alternatives.
  • Detail: Stress that the plates are made from natural sugarcane bagasse, a plant-based material. You could even mention they are free from chemicals used in production, like bleach or dyes.

Microwave & Freezer Safe:

Incredibly versatile; heat leftovers or store food directly on your plates for maximum convenience.

  • Benefit: Convenience is king! People want quick and easy meal solutions. Highlight the ability to both reheat and store food directly on the plate, saving time and reducing dirty dishes.
  • Detail: Note the temperature range the plates can withstand, if possible. This reassures buyers of their durability in both hot and cold situations.

Sturdy, Leak-Proof Design:

Say goodbye to flimsy disposable plates! These heavy-duty plates hold even the sauciest foods without spills or mess.

  • Benefit: No one wants accidents at the dinner table! This feature addresses a common pain point with disposable plates – their tendency to bend, crack, or leak. Emphasize that these plates are reliable and mess-free.
  • Detail: Use descriptive language like “heavy-duty,” “thick base,” or “reinforced rim” to convey their strength. Consider mentioning that they are “cut-resistant” as well.

Perfect for Any Occasion:

Birthdays, weddings, BBQs, picnics, food trucks – these plates are ideal for a wide range of events, both casual and elegant.

  • Benefit: Versatility appeals to a wide audience. By listing out various events, customers can envision using the plates in many scenarios.
  • Detail: Consider adding a phrase like “indoor or outdoor” to emphasize their suitability for different settings.


Biodegradable and compostable, these plates break down naturally, reducing your impact on the planet.

  • Benefit: Environmentally conscious consumers will appreciate this. Stress that the plates offer a guilt-free alternative to disposable tableware that ends up in landfills.
  • Detail: If you have a timeframe for how long the plates take to decompose (“within 60-90 days”), include it. Mention whether they are suitable for home composting or require a commercial facility.

Convenient 25-Pack:

Ideal for gatherings, saving on prep time and cleanup.

  • Benefit: Convenience strikes again! This focuses on the time-saving aspects for hosting events or feeding groups of people.
  • Detail: You could add a line like “perfect for busy families” to broaden the appeal beyond just parties and catering.

Why Choose Our disposable plates ?

We understand the importance of safe, convenient, and sustainable dining solutions. That’s why our KSI compartment plates offer:

Unmatched quality of our disposable plates

Rigorously tested for durability and performance.

  • Beyond flimsy disposables: These plates aren’t your average flimsy ones. Rigorous testing guarantees their strength and resistance to leaks, even under the weight of heavy, saucy foods. This translates to a worry-free dining experience where you don’t have to worry about spills or breaks.
  • Confidence for any meal: Whether you’re serving up hefty barbeque or delicate appetizers, these plates are designed to handle it all with superior performance. This means you can use them with peace of mind for any type of meal.

Catering flexibility:

Choose combo sets based on your specific needs and guest count.

  • Tailored solutions: No more one-size-fits-all frustration! A range of combo sets lets you customize your purchase. Need multiple plates but fewer bowls? Or extra cups for a larger crowd? Select a set that perfectly matches your requirements.
  • Waste reduction: Optimized combo sets reduce the chance of overbuying supplies that ultimately go unused. This not only saves you money but minimizes unnecessary waste.
  • Effortless planning: No more frantic calculations trying to figure out how many plates, bowls, and cups you’ll need. Just find the combo set closest to your guest count and streamline your event preparation.

Ethical Production:

Made from renewable sugarcane fibers, minimizing environmental impact.

  • Beyond the landfill: Unlike traditional disposable plates that linger in landfills for centuries, these biodegrade and compost, returning valuable nutrients to the soil. This choice lets you enjoy the convenience of disposables without the environmental guilt.
  • Sustainable sourcing: Sugarcane is a rapidly renewable resource, minimizing strain on forests and other ecosystems. By choosing these plates, you support production methods that are gentler on the planet.
  • Align with eco-conscious values: Consumers are increasingly demanding sustainable products. These plates demonstrate your commitment to environmentally responsible choices, attracting customers who share these values.

Upgrade Your Dining with disposable plates Today!

Ditch the stress of traditional dishware and embrace the ease and sustainability of our 12-inch Compartment Disposal Plates. Perfect for conscious consumers who value health, convenience, and the environment. Order your pack now and experience the difference yourself!

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