Durga Maa Photo Framed for Worship/Pooja

This lightweight, framed Durga Maa photo features durable plexiglass and arrives ready to hang with pre-installed brackets. It measures 6×8 inches, making it ideal for various spaces. Water splash-proof and easy to clean, this piece is a beautiful gift for anniversaries, weddings, housewarmings, and other special occasions. Its vibrant, multi-effect finish adds depth to the powerful image of Durga Maa. Please review the dimensions carefully before ordering.

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Weight 150 g
Dimensions 20.3 × 15.2 cm


Divine Power of Durga Maa multi-effect image

Invoking the fierce and protective energy of the Goddess Durga. Durga Maa multi-effect image framed photo is designed to be a focal point of your home worship. Available in a versatile 6×8 inch size, this sacred image allows you to connect with the Mother Goddess and receive her blessings of strength, courage, and triumph over negativity.

Key Features:

  • Powerful Durga Maa Depiction: Captures the goddess in her majestic form with multiple arms, holding her divine weapons, often astride a lion or tiger, symbolizing her power and readiness to combat evil forces.
  • High-Quality Print: Ensures the image is crisp, with vibrant colors that bring the goddess’s radiance to life.
  • Durable Frame: Protects the image and adds a touch of elegance, ensuring this piece remains a treasured part of your spiritual practice for years to come.
  • 6×8 Inch Size: This standard size is perfect for altars, personal shrines, or as part of a larger devotional display.
  • Weight (190g): Lightweight for easy hanging and placement flexibility.
  • Portrait Orientation: Ideal for showcasing the full image of Durga Maa and fostering a sense of reverence towards the Divine Mother.
  • Rectangular Shape: A classic and versatile shape that complements various décor styles.
  • Nature Theme: Often features elements of nature, like the lion/tiger, symbolizing the raw power and balance embodied by the goddess.
  • Indoor Use: Perfect for enhancing living rooms, bedrooms, meditation spaces, or any room where you seek protection and blessings.

Awaken Your Inner Strength with Durga maa multi-effect Image

The image of Durga Maa is more than just a beautiful piece of art, it’s a powerful reminder of the fierce, unwavering force of the Divine Feminine. As you gaze upon her image, invite her potent energy into your life to:

  • Overcome Obstacles: Seek Durga Maa’s blessings to dispel negativity and conquer inner and outer hurdles in your path.
  • Cultivate Fearlessness: Embody the spirit of a warrior as Durga Maa inspires bravery and determination.
  • Protect Yourself and Your Loved Ones: Invoke Durga Maa as the ultimate shield, defending you and your family from harm.
  • Seek Triumph Over Adversity: Let Durga Maa’s image be a constant reminder of the potential to overcome any challenge with her grace and power.
  • Connect with the Divine Feminine: Deepen your devotion and explore the profound energy of the Goddess who embodies Shakti – the power of creation and destruction.

Ideal For:

  • Devotees of Durga Maa: Enhance your worship practices with this beautiful representation of the Divine Mother.
  • Spiritual Seekers: Invite the energy of strength, protection, and transformation into your life.
  • Students of Hinduism: Gain a visual connection with a central figure in the Hindu pantheon.
  • Anyone Needing Courage and Strength: Find continued inspiration in the face of life’s challenges through Durga Maa’s indomitable spirit.

The Significance of Durga Maa

Durga Maa is a revered figure in Hinduism, symbolizing the triumph of good over evil and the boundless power of the Divine Feminine. She is often depicted with multiple arms, holding weapons gifted by other gods, and riding a lion or tiger. This image honors her role as a fierce protector, vanquisher of demons, and a source of strength for her devotees.

Plexiglass Benefits

Plexiglass is an excellent choice for framing religious art like this Durga Maa photo. Unlike traditional glass, it offers superior durability and shatter resistance, ensuring the image remains protected even if accidentally bumped or dropped. Its lightweight nature also makes hanging and rearranging the artwork effortless.


The image of Durga Maa is enhanced with special multi-effects [describe the specific effects if possible – e.g., metallic sheen, texturing, 3D elements]. These effects add depth and dimension to the artwork, emphasizing the goddess’s power and radiance. This creates a more visually captivating and spiritually resonant experience for the viewer.

Gifting Suggestions

This Durga Maa photo makes a heartfelt and meaningful gift for numerous occasions:

  • Durga Puja and Navratri: Honor these important festivals celebrating the Divine Mother with this beautiful representation.
  • Spiritual Milestones: Mark events such as housewarmings, Diwali, weddings, or new beginnings with a gift that symbolizes protection and blessings.
  • For Devotees of Durga Maa: Show your love and support for anyone with a deep reverence for the goddess.
  • Anyone Seeking Strength: Gift this empowering image as a symbol of courage and overcoming obstacles.

Care Instructions of Durga maa multi-effect Image

Keep your Durga Maa photo looking its best with simple care. To clean the plexiglass, use a soft microfiber cloth with plain water or a gentle glass cleaner specifically designed for plexiglass. Avoid harsh chemicals or abrasive sponges that could scratch the surface.

Experience the Blessings of Durga Maa

Embrace the power of the Divine Mother with this beautiful framed photo of Durga Maa. Let it be an anchor for your devotional practices, a symbol of protection, and a constant reminder of the boundless strength and resilience within you.

Order yours today and let the blessings of Durga maa multi-effect Image flow into your life!

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