Durga Maa Photo Frame for Pooja Room and Wall Hanging

<td class=”a-span3″><span class=”a-size-base a-text-bold”>Item Weight

<td class=”yoast-text-mark”>s=”a-span9″>ss=”a-size-base po-break-word”>600 Grams

Size Standard
Product Dimensions 36.8L x 29.2W Centimeters
Number of Items 1
lass=”a-span3″&gt;<span class=”a-size-base a-text-bold”>Orientation s=”a-size-base po-break-word”>Portrait
&lt;span class=”a-size-base a-text-bold”>Shape <span class=”a-size-base po-break-word”>Rectangular
Theme Religious
Frame Type Framed
Material Fabric
Colour Multicolor

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Weight 600 g
Dimensions 37 × 30 cm


Enhance Your Home with a Beautiful Durga Maa photo frame

Bring the divine blessings of Durga Maa photo frame, perfect for your pooja room or any sacred space. This beautiful piece of devotional art showcases the powerful and protective energy of Durga Maa, a revered Hindu goddess known for her strength, courage, and triumph over adversity. Whether you seek spiritual guidance, inner peace, or a stunning addition to your home décor, this Durga Maa photo frame is an exceptional choice.

Key Features of Durga Maa photo frame

  • Stunning Depiction of Durga Maa: This photo frame features a high-quality, vibrant image of Durga Maa in all her divine glory. Her radiant form and iconic imagery will inspire devotion and fill your space with positive energy.
  • Versatile Sizes: Choose the perfect fit for your home with our selection of sizes, including the popular 6 x 8 inches.
  • Lightweight and Durable: Constructed with a weight of approximately 190g, this frame offers the perfect blend of lightness and sturdiness for easy hanging and lasting beauty.
  • Ideal for Pooja Rooms and Wall Hanging: Designed specifically for spiritual spaces and devotional display. This frame is the perfect way to honor Durga Maa in your home.
  • Orientation: The portrait orientation beautifully highlights the image of Durga Maa.
  • Shape: The classic rectangular shape complements the image and easily blends with your existing décor.
  • Theme: This photo frame embraces a nature-inspired theme, often with floral or celestial elements surrounding Durga Maa.
  • Recommended Uses: Ideal for indoor display in your home, temple, or meditation space.
  • Frame Type: This Durga Maa photo frame is expertly framed to enhance the image and ensure lasting protection.
  • Wall Art Form: It serves as a beautiful example of devotional painting, a traditional and highly respected art form in Hinduism.

The Significance of Durga Maa

Durga Maa is a central figure in Hinduism, symbolizing feminine power, protection, and the triumph of good over evil. She is often depicted riding a lion or tiger, wielding multiple weapons, and radiating radiant energy. Devotees of Durga Maa seek her blessings for:

  • Strength and Courage: Durga Maa embodies the inner strength to overcome any challenge or obstacle.
  • Protection from Negativity: She is believed to shield her devotees from negative energies and ill intentions.
  • Overcoming Difficult Times: Her image inspires perseverance and determination during life’s challenges.
  • Spiritual Enlightenment: Durga Maa represents the divine feminine energy that guides us towards spiritual growth and self-awareness.

Experience the Transformative Power of a Durga Maa 

  • Create a Sacred Space: Dedicate a corner of your home to Durga Maa and establish a peaceful pooja area or meditation zone.
  • Connect with Your Faith: The image of Durga Maa serves as a powerful reminder of your spiritual beliefs and practices.
  • Nurture Positivity: Let the radiant energy of Durga Maa infuse your home with positive vibrations and a sense of protection.
  • Enhance Your Décor: This photo frame adds a touch of elegance and cultural significance to your living space.
  • A Thoughtful Gift: This  frame makes a meaningful present for loved ones. Especially during auspicious occasions like Navratri or Durga Puja.

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