Durga mata| Brass Durga Maa Sherawali MATA Devi Goddess Sitting on Lion Statue Idol for Home Décor Puja Temple Mandir Showpiece Gifts 6 Inch

Theme Religious
Colour Gold
Style Cultural
Material Brass
Product Dimensions 15L x 7.5W x 15H Centimeters
Cartoon Character Lion
Room Type Living Room
Age Range (Description) Child
Number of Pieces 1



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Weight 1200 g
Dimensions 15 × 13 × 13 cm


Brass Durga Mata Statue: Exquisite Home Decor, Puja, Gifts – 6 Inch

Unleash the spiritual energy and exquisite beauty of Durga Mata with this handcrafted Brass Durga Maa Sherawali MATA Devi Goddess Sitting on Lion Statue Idol. This Durga Murti stunning 6-inch piece is the perfect addition to your home décor, puja, temple, mandir, or as a thoughtful showpiece or gift.

Key Features and Benefits of Durga Murti

Crafted from the Finest Brass Durga Murti

  • Lustrous Radiance: The premium brass used in this statue exudes a rich, golden hue, symbolizing both the divine light of Durga Mata and the enduring nature of her blessings.
  • Exquisite Craftsmanship: Each curve and detail are meticulously sculpted by hand, showcasing the unparalleled skill of Indian artisans.
  • Enduring Beauty: Brass is renowned for its shine and resistance to tarnish, ensuring your Durga Mata statue will retain its brilliance for years to come.

Proudly Made in India

  • Honoring a Legacy: This Durga murti is steeped in India’s rich heritage of metalworking and spiritual artistry, passed down through generations.
  • Supporting Traditional Skills: Your purchase directly supports skilled artisans, helping preserve time-honored crafting techniques.
  • Unmistakable Authenticity: The “Made in India” mark signifies the statue’s genuine cultural origin and quality.

Perfect Size, Versatile Placement

  • Striking Presence: The carefully balanced dimensions of 6 inches in height, length, and width create a visually captivating statue that stands out in any space.
  • Flexible Decor: Gracefully adorn your puja altar, bookshelf, table, or a special corner of your home with the radiance of Durga Mata.

Lightweight Strength

  • Effortless Portability: At just 1.2 Kg, you can easily move or rearrange your Durga Murti with ease.
  • Resilient Beauty: Despite its lightness, brass is a robust metal, ensuring your statue will withstand daily life with grace.

Simple Durga Murti Care for Eternal Shine

  • Everyday Cleaning: A soft, dry or damp cloth is all you need to maintain your statue’s pristine beauty.
  • Occasional Brilliance: Pitambari powder or Brasso polish will restore an extra-radiant gleam to your Durga Mata.

A Gift of Protection and Well-Being

  • Suitable for Any Occasion: The beauty and symbolism of Durga Mata make this statue a cherished gift for housewarmings, Diwali, weddings, or any spiritual celebration.
  • Heartfelt Offering: Gifting a Durga Murti expresses your wishes for divine protection, strength, and blessings upon the recipient.

The Mythology of Durga Murti

Durga Mata is a revered Hindu goddess symbolizing strength, protection, and the triumph of good over evil. Her name, meaning “the inaccessible,” reflects her role as a fortress against negativity. Key representations:

Lion Mount (Sherawali):

The Symbol of Strength, Courage, and Inner Conquest

  • Raw Power: The lion is a universal symbol of raw power, fearlessness, and regality. Durga Mata, astride her lion, embodies the untamed energy of the divine feminine force.
  • Unwavering Courage: Lions are known for their courage and determination in the face of adversity. Durga Mata, with her lion mount, represents the unwavering spirit to face challenges head-on.
  • Taming Inner Demons: Hindu mythology often depicts inner struggles as battles against demons. Durga Mata’s lion mount symbolizes her ability, and therefore our own potential, to overcome negative tendencies like anger, greed, and jealousy.

Multiple Weapons:

Symbols of Divine Power Against All Forms of Evil

  • Diverse Arsenal: Durga Mata is often depicted with numerous weapons, usually gifted to her by other gods. Each weapon has specific symbolism and power. Some common examples include:
    • Trishul (Trident): Represents the three qualities of creation, maintenance, and destruction – a balance of forces within the universe.
    • Sudarshan Chakra (Discus): Symbolic of righteousness and the mind’s power to discriminate between good and evil.
    • Sword: Represents knowledge and its ability to cut through illusions.
    • Bow and Arrow: Symbolizes focus, determination, and the potential energy that precedes action.
  • Collective Might: The combination of weapons showcases the diversity of divine forces within Durga Mata, giving her the power to address evil in any form it takes.
  • Inner Strength: These weapons remind us that we too possess inner resources (symbolized by the various gods) to battle personal negativity. Durga Mata’s example inspires us to harness our strength.

Elevating Your Space with Durga Mata

Puja and Worship:

A Cornerstone of Your Spiritual Practice

  • Sacred Space: Your Durga Murti becomes the centerpiece of your home temple or puja space, serving as a powerful visual focus for prayers and rituals.
  • Invoking the Divine: The act of placing the statue with reverence and chanting mantras invites Durga Mata’s energy into your daily life.
  • Seeking Blessings: Honor Durga Mata with offerings of flowers, incense, and light. In turn, she bestows blessings of strength, courage, and protection upon you and your household.

Spiritual Decor:

Elevate Your Home’s Energy

  • Positive Vibrations: The presence of a Durga Murti infuses your living room, bedroom, or meditation space with an aura of positive energy, peace, and spiritual upliftment.
  • Divine Inspiration: Gazing at the statue, with its symbolism of strength and overcoming obstacles, serves as a constant reminder of your own inner power and capacity for resilience.
  • Aesthetics and Ambiance: The beautiful brass statue adds an element of sacredness and elegance to your home, creating a space conducive to contemplation and reflection.

Meaningful Gift:

Sharing Protection, Joy, and Well-being

  • Symbol of Love and Care: Gifting a Durga Murti is a heartfelt way to express your love and wishes for the well-being of friends and family.
  • Blessing New Beginnings: This statue is a particularly auspicious gift for housewarmings, signifying protection and prosperity in the new home.
  • Spiritual Connection: For those who follow the path of Hinduism or appreciate spiritual symbolism, this gift carries deep meaning and cultural significance.

The Symbolism and Significance of Durga Murti

Durga Mata embodies the ultimate feminine power, a protector who vanquishes all that threatens peace and righteousness. In Hindu mythology, she is often depicted in the midst of an epic battle with the demon Mahisasura, a metaphor for our own battles with inner vices.

A Beacon of Strength in Times of Challenge

  • Overcoming Adversity: Durga Mata’s legendary battles against negativity embody an unyielding spirit. She reminds us that even in the darkest of times, we possess the inner strength to face our challenges and emerge victorious.
  • Cultivating Inner Courage: Witnessing Durga Mata’s fearlessness awakens our own dormant courage. She inspires us to embrace bravery, step outside of our comfort zones, and fight for what we believe in.
  • Championing What is Right: Durga Mata is a symbol of righteousness and justice. Her image encourages us to stand up against injustice in the world and within ourselves, to be a voice for positive change.

Embodiment of the Divine Feminine Energy

  • Strength with Compassion Durga Mata showcases a harmonious blend of immense power and gentle compassion. She symbolizes how true strength lies not in aggression, but in a balance of firmness and nurturing care.
  • The Nurturing Aspect: Durga Mata embodies the motherly, protective energy of the divine feminine. She is considered a fierce guardian, shielding her devotees from harm and providing solace in times of need.
  • Awakening Our Inner Power: Durga Mata reminds us of the profound power that resides within each of us, particularly the power associated with the feminine aspects of our nature – intuition, compassion, and creative potential.

Victory Over Negativity

  • Triumph of Light Over Darkness: Durga Mata’s victory over the demon Mahishasura is a timeless metaphor for the potential of good to ultimately triumph over evil forces.
  • Dispelling Inner Demons: This victory also symbolizes our personal battles against negativity: fear, doubt, anger, or any vice that holds us back from our full potential. Durga Mata inspires us to defeat these inner demons.
  • Potential for Transformation: Durga Mata’s fight reminds us that darkness is temporary. With courage and determination, we can overcome negativity and usher in an era of light and goodness, both within ourselves and in the world around us.

Experience the Blessings of Durga Murti

By welcoming this Brass Durga Mata statue into your home or sacred space, you invite:

Protection and Guidance:

Feel a Sense of Security and the Courage to Face Life’s Challenges

  • Divine Safeguard: Durga Mata is known as the protector, the one who vanquishes negativity and evil. Her presence within your home creates a sense of a spiritual shield, offering security and peace of mind.
  • Inner Strength in Adversity: When facing challenges – big or small – gazing upon the Durga murti can serve as a powerful reminder of your own inner strength and resilience. She inspires courage and the determination to overcome life’s obstacles.
  • Wisdom and Clarity: Durga Mata embodies divine wisdom and clarity of thought. By meditating on her image, you may feel a growing sense of guidance in navigating difficult choices or finding solutions to problems.

Spiritual Growth:

Connect with the Divine Feminine Energy and Cultivate Inner Strength and Understanding

  • Embracing Shakti: Durga Mata is the embodiment of Shakti, the potent divine feminine energy within the universe. Her statue becomes a focal point for connecting with this powerful force of creation, nurturing, and fierce protection.
  • Unleashing Your Inner Power: The Durga murti serves as a constant reminder of the strength and resilience that resides within you. Regularly contemplating her image can empower you to tap into your own potential and actualize your goals.
  • Compassion and Understanding: While Durga represents fierce strength, she also embodies compassion and the understanding of righteous paths. Meditating on her can help cultivate greater empathy, inner peace, and wisdom in your interactions with the world around you.

Enhanced Aesthetics:

Add a Touch of Elegance and Reverence to Your Home Decor with This Exquisite Handcrafted Piece

  • Exquisite Beauty: The detailed craftsmanship of a Durga murti adds a striking element to any room. Its rich, golden tones and intricate details evoke a sense of beauty and wonder.
  • Sense of Reverence: The presence of the Durga murti naturally infuses your space with an aura of sacredness and spiritual reverence. This invites moments of stillness and contemplation within your own home.
  • Timeless Elegance: Crafted from enduring brass, this statue will retain its beauty for years to come. Its timeless appeal enriching your home decor with a touch of spiritual heritage.

Order Your Brass Durga Murti Today

Embrace the power, protection, and spiritual blessings of Durga Mata. This exquisite statue is not just an object but a symbol of hope, strength. The enduring presence of the divine.

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