Original Ekakshee/Ekakshi Nariyal/One Eye Coconut for Pooja-1 pc

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  • Can be kept in temples, homes, or offices,Puja hawan,hotras


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Discover the Power of the Ekakshi Nariyal: Attract Prosperity & Protection

What is an Ekakshi Nariyal?

The Ekakshi Nariyal, or one-eyed coconut, is a rare and sacred natural phenomenon. Revered in Hinduism, it symbolizes the third eye of Lord Shiva, the embodiment of supreme consciousness, wisdom, and transformative power. This auspicious coconut is believed to bestow the following blessings upon those who possess it:

Prosperity and Abundance:

Attract wealth, financial stability, and material comforts into your life.

  • Symbol of Lakshmi: The Nariyal is often seen as a representation of Goddess Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of wealth, prosperity, and good fortune. By possessing this sacred coconut, you invite her blessings into your life.
  • Clearing Financial Blockages: The Nariyal can help remove obstacles that may be hindering your financial flow. This could manifest as attracting new opportunities, unexpected income, or the wisdom to make sound financial decisions.
  • Manifestation Power: The focused energy of the Ekakshi Nariyal can amplify your intentions related to material abundance. Use it in conjunction with visualization and affirmations to manifest your financial goals.

Protection from Evil:

Shield yourself from negative energies, ill intentions, and obstacles.

  • Divine Shield: Lord Shiva’s protective energy is believed to be embodied in the Ekakshi Nariyal. It creates an aura of protection around you, repelling negative influences and those who wish you harm.
  • Overcoming Obstacles: The Ekakshi Nariyal can give you the strength and resilience to face challenges head-on. Its protective energy helps you overcome obstacles and clear your path to success.
  • Inner Peace: The protection offered by the Ekakshi Nariyal extends to your inner world. It can help you cultivate a sense of peace and calm, even in the face of negativity or adversity.

Spiritual Enlightenment:

Deepen your connection with the divine and enhance your spiritual practices.

  • Third Eye Activation: The Ekakshi Nariyal represents Lord Shiva’s third eye, associated with heightened spiritual awareness and inner wisdom. Holding it during meditation can help awaken your intuition and spiritual vision.
  • Enhanced Devotion: The Ekakshi Nariyal can inspire a deeper sense of devotion and connection to the divine. Its presence in your sacred space strengthens your prayers and rituals.
  • Pathway to Self-Realization: By working with the Ekakshi Nariyal, you can embark on a transformative spiritual journey. It can help you shed illusions and uncover the true nature of your being.

Fulfillment of Desires:

Manifest your heartfelt wishes and bring positive changes into your life.

  • Amplification of Intention: The Ekakshi Nariyal works as a powerful amplifier of your intentions. When you use it with focused visualization and affirmations, it assists in manifesting your desires.
  • Removing Self-Doubt: The blessings of the Ekakshi Nariyal can bolster your confidence and belief in yourself. This self-assurance aids in attracting the positive changes you seek.
  • Alignment with Divine Will: The act of working with the Ekakshi Nariyal creates a sense of surrender to a higher power. This allows your desires to align with divine timing and universal flow, ensuring that your manifestations bring true fulfillment.

Good Fortune:

Invite luck, success, and auspiciousness into your endeavors.

  • Attractor of Positive Energy: The Nariyal is believed to attract auspicious energy and good fortune into your life. This can manifest as synchronicities, helpful people, and unexpected opportunities.
  • Success in Ventures: Whether starting a new business, embarking on a project, or taking a leap of faith, the Nariyal is said to enhance your chances of success.
  • Harmonious Environment: The energy of the Nariyal promotes a sense of harmony and well-being in your home or workplace, creating an atmosphere conducive to good fortune.

Why Choose Our Original Ekakshi Nariyal?

At pujagoodies, we understand the spiritual and cultural significance of the Ekakshi Nariyal. That’s why we offer:

  • Authenticity: We source our Ekakshi Nariyals directly from trusted suppliers, ensuring you receive a genuine and potent symbol of Lord Shiva’s blessings.
  • Quality: Each coconut is carefully inspected to ensure it possesses the unique single-eye characteristic, signifying its spiritual power.
  • Spiritual Guidance: We provide resources and information to help you understand the proper use of your Ekakshi Nariyal in your rituals and practices.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Our commitment to exceptional service means you can be confident in your purchase and its spiritual significance.

How to Use Your Ekakshi Nariyal

These is a versatile spiritual tool that can be used in various ways:

Puja and Rituals

  • Daily Offerings: Place your Ekakshi Nariyal prominently on your altar. During your daily prayers, offer incense, flowers, and other devotional items to the coconut as a representation of Lord Shiva. This signifies respect and invites divine energies into your space.
  • Special Occasions: The Ekakshi Nariyal is especially powerful during Hindu festivals and auspicious days. Include it in elaborate pujas dedicated to Lord Shiva (like Maha Shivaratri) or Lakshmi (the goddess of wealth, particularly important on Diwali).
  • Homas and Havans: In these fire rituals, the Ekakshi Nariyal can be offered into the sacred fire as a potent symbol to fulfill desires and remove obstacles.

Home or Office

  • Cash Box/Safe: Place the Ekakshi Nariyal wrapped in a red cloth within your cash box, locker, or wherever you store valuables. This is believed to invite continuous prosperity and safeguard your wealth.
  • Entrance: Hang the Ekakshi Nariyal above your main door, either inside or outside. This creates a shield of protection around your space, warding off negative energies and ill intentions.
  • Workspace: Discreetly position the Ekakshi Nariyal within your office or work area to attract success, remove obstacles, and cultivate a harmonious environment conducive to abundance.

Meditation Aid

  • Third Eye Focus: Hold the Ekakshi Nariyal in your hands, gently placing it against your forehead at the location of your third eye (Ajna Chakra).
  • Visualization: Visualize the single eye of the Ekakshi Nariyal merging with your third eye. Imagine radiant light emanating from it, clearing blockages and activating your spiritual vision.
  • Mantra Chanting: While holding the Ekakshi Nariyal, chant mantras associated with Lord Shiva (like “Om Namah Shivaya”) or Lakshmi for manifesting abundance. The coconut is believed to amplify the power of your chanted intentions.

Tantra and Yantra Practices

  • Note: Tantra and the use of Yantras often involve specific lineages and require guidance from a qualified teacher.
  • Shiva Yantra: The Ekakshi Nariyal may be considered a natural representation of a Shiva Yantra (a geometric diagram symbolizing the deity). Using it in conjunction with a yantra strengthens the energetic connection.
  • Shakti Activation: In some tantric practices, the Nariyal may symbolize the power of Shakti (the divine feminine energy) and be used in associated rituals.

The Power of Transformation Awaits

The Nariyal is not merely a curious object. It’s a doorway, a sacred bridge between your everyday world and the boundless potential of the divine. Imagine a life where your deepest desires are within reach, where obstacles melt away, and where a profound sense of protection and peace surrounds you. This isn’t fantasy – this is the transformative promise of the Nariyal.

Your Connection to Lord Shiva

Within this rare and potent coconut lies the symbolic essence of Lord Shiva himself. Shiva, the destroyer and renewer, the master of yoga and meditation. To possess an Ekakshi Nariyal is to hold a tangible connection to this unparalleled spiritual energy. Whether you’re a seasoned practitioner seeking to deepen your connection to the divine or someone exploring the richness of Hindu traditions, the Nariyal opens pathways inaccessible anywhere else.

Unlock Prosperity, Protection, and Enlightenment

Do you long for material security, safeguarding your family’s future, or attracting the success you’ve been working so hard to achieve? Do you feel weighed down by negativity, sensing obstacles in your path, or yearning for protection from forces unseen? Perhaps your spiritual quest seeks a deeper understanding of your inner self, a connection to ancient wisdom, or the unshakeable peace born from true enlightenment.

Ekakshi nariyal More Than a Symbol, It’s an Experience


  • The satisfying weight of the Nariyal in your hand as you meditate, its presence grounding you, clearing your mind, and amplifying your focus.
  • The subtle shift in energy within your home as the Nariyal takes its honored place, acting as a continuous beacon of positive vibrations.
  • The confidence you feel as you embark on new ventures, knowing a protective force accompanies you, clearing unseen hurdles from your path.
  • The rush of joy when that long-awaited stroke of luck, financial breakthrough, or deepened spiritual awareness manifests in your life.

Ekakshi nariyal Isn’t a Purchase, It’s an Invitation

The Ekakshi Nariyal invites you to step into a world infused with ancient power, divine blessings, and the potential for a life transformed. Don’t mistake this for mere superstition or a pretty trinket. This is a commitment to something greater, a chance to tap into the wisdom of generations who understood the universe in ways we’re only beginning to rediscover.

Why Search Further? Embrace the Authentic

We understand the Ekakshi Nariyal holds profound significance. That’s why [Your Store Name] guarantees the authenticity of each coconut. Sourced with respect from trusted suppliers, meticulously inspected, and treated with reverence, we ensure you receive the true spiritual power you deserve.

Guidance on Your Journey

Choosing an Ekakshi Nariyal is just the beginning. We’re here to support you with resources, information, and guidance on how to best incorporate this sacred symbol into your life. Our commitment is to your success and the transformative power it unleashes.

The Time is Now

The Ekakshi Nariyal is calling. Will you answer? Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. It’s time to:

Invite prosperity and abundance.

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