Electric Arti Machine Nagara For Home Tample [2024]

Colour Golden, Silver, Royal
Theme Religious
Material Metal
Style Classic
Occasion Pooja at home, temple, auspicious occation
Product Dimensions 35.56D x 22.86W x 22.86H Centimeters
Mounting Type Floor Mount, Tabletop
Cartoon Character Home decor

✓Machine outer size.14″x9″x9″ Inches
✓12 volt DC Motor
✓Material use. Brass,Steel, Bronze.
✓ product weight is 3.5 kg.

Product Video – https://youtu.be/pyCRZsJY2O0


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Weight 3500 g
Dimensions 35.56 × 22.86 × 22.86 cm

Golden, Silver, Royal


Experience Authentic Aarti at Home with the Electric Arti Machine Nagara [2024]

Enhance your daily prayers with the Electric Arti Machine Nagara [2024]. This beautifully designed machine brings the essence of temple aarti into your home. Made with premium bronze bells for superior sound quality, it’s compact, easy to use, and perfect for home or small temples.

Features and Benefits of aarti machine

Authentic Aarti Experience

  • Sounds of Devotion: The Electric Arti Machine Nagara [2024] features meticulously crafted bronze bells and a traditional nagara drum. These high-quality components produce rich, resonant sounds that faithfully recreate the sacred atmosphere of a temple aarti.
  • Spiritual Immersion: By filling your space with the uplifting sounds of bells and drums, this machine helps you connect deeply with your spiritual practice. It transports you to a place of tranquility and devotion, enhancing your aarti rituals.

User-Friendly Design

  • Effortless Operation: Designed with simplicity in mind, the machine operates with a user-friendly plug-and-play approach. Simply connect the power, and you’re ready to begin performing aarti without complex setups or adjustments.
  • Intuitive Controls: The machine features easily understandable controls, making it accessible for users of all ages and technical backgrounds. You won’t need a lengthy manual to begin enjoying the benefits of this devotional device.

Customizable Tempo

  • Personalized Pacing: With 7-8 distinct tempo modes, you can tailor the speed of your aarti to suit your preferences. Whether you favor a lively, energetic pace or a slower, more meditative rhythm, this machine offers flexibility.
  • Adaptable to Rituals: The adjustable tempo accommodates different aartis and devotional practices. You can customize the sound and atmosphere to align perfectly with specific hymns, prayers, or occasions.

Durable Construction

  • Built to Last: The Electric Arti Machine Nagara [2024] boasts a robust construction featuring a sturdy iron structure. This ensures the machine can withstand regular use, promising years of reliable performance.
  • Premium Materials: The core sound-producing components, the bells and nagara drum, are crafted from high-quality brass. Brass is known for its durability and tonal qualities, guaranteeing a clear and resonant sound that won’t deteriorate over time.

Compact and Safe

  • Space-Saving Spirituality: The machine’s compact footprint makes it an ideal choice for home temples or prayer spaces of all sizes. It integrates seamlessly without taking up excessive room, enhancing your devotional area without cluttering it.
  • Safety First: The machine is designed with safe operation in mind. Whether it involves electrical components or moving parts, it adheres to safety standards, offering you peace of mind during use.

Transform Your Pooja Rituals with aarti machine

Add a touch of divinity to your daily worship with the Electric Arti Machine Nagara [2024]. This exceptional machine is designed to elevate your spiritual practice and bring the blessings of aarti right into your home.

Key Features of aarti machine

1. The Rich Sounds of Traditional Bronze Bells

Sound is a powerful element in creating a spiritual atmosphere, and the Electric Arti Machine Nagara [2024] delivers. Its bronze bells are crafted from an alloy traditionally used in temple bells, evoking a sense of sacredness and authenticity. The resonant, harmonious tones will instantly transport you during your aarti rituals.

2. User-Friendly Design for Any Space

Devotion shouldn’t be limited by space or complexity. This machine boasts a compact and ergonomic design, making it ideal for even the smallest home altars. Its intuitive controls make it easy for anyone to operate, regardless of their familiarity with religious rituals.

3. Customize Your aarti machine

Different aartis and devotional songs call for different rhythms and speeds. The Electric Arti Machine Nagara [2024] puts you in control with its adjustable tempo feature. Choose from a range of modes to find the perfect pace, from energetic dhuns to slower, meditative rhythms. Personalize your spiritual experience!

4. Built to Last with Durable Materials

Your aarti machine should accompany you in your devotion for years to come. This machine is constructed with sturdy iron and high-quality brass, ensuring longevity and reliability. Consider it an investment in your spiritual practices.

5. Safe and Simple for Everyone

Safety and ease of use are paramount. The Electric Arti Machine Nagara [2024] is designed with your well-being in mind. Its safe operation and straightforward controls make it accessible to all ages, allowing the entire family to participate in aartis effortlessly.

Enhance Your Home Temple with these Additional Benefits of aarti machine

1. Promote Spiritual Well-Being

  • Find Inner Peace with the Electric Arti Machine Nagara [2024]
  • Nurture Your Spiritual Growth with Daily Aarti
  • Enhance Your Devotional Practice for Greater Well-Being

2. Create a Peaceful and Devotional Atmosphere

  • Transform Your Home into a Sacred Space
  • Experience the Calming Aura of a Temple in Your Home
  • Immerse Yourself in Devotional Soundscapes

3. Perfect for Daily Aarti and Special Occasions

  • Your Essential Companion for Daily Prayers
  • Simplify Aarti Rituals for Effortless Devotion
  • Elevate Festivals and Celebrations with Authentic Aarti

4. Ideal for Homes and Small Temples

  • The Perfect Addition to Your Home Altar
  • Designed for Home Temples and Smaller Community Spaces
  • Experience the Joy of Aarti in Any Setting

Specifications of aarti machine

Dimensions of aarti machine

  • Length: 35.56 cm
  • Width: 22.86 cm
  • Height: 22.86 cm


  • 3.5 kg


  • Structure: Iron
  • Bells: Brass (2 Zalar style, 2 Temple Ghant style)
  • Drum: Brass
  • Housing: Plastic

Power Source:

  • 12V DC Adapter (included)

Sound Components:

  • 2 Bronze Bells (Zalar style)
  • 2 Bronze Bells (Temple Ghant style)
  • 1 Brass Drum (Nagara)

Tempo & Rhythm Control:

  • 7-8 Adjustable Modes
  • Speed Control Knob

Assembly of aarti machine

  • Fully Assembled

Order Your Electric Aarti Machine Nagara [2024] Today and Embrace Tradition and Innovation in Your Daily Worship!

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