(Size: 10 x 10 Inch) Super Soft Emboss Velvet Pooja Aasan Cloth/Floral Design Chowki Aasan Kapda for God Idol Sitting, Puja Mandir and Temple

Brand – Pujagoodies

Colour – Red

Fabric-  Velvet

Gota – Golden

Size- 10 * 10 Inch

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Luxurious Embossed Velvet Pooja Aasan and Golden Lace

Experience the divine touch of our Emboss Velvet Pooja Aasan, made with 100% pure, fine-quality velvet. Feel the plush softness that gently cradles your idols with reverence. The intricate embossed patterns, reminiscent of sacred temple carvings, create a textured richness that elevates the beauty of your Puja Aasan. Admire the radiant golden lace border, hand-selected for its exquisite design and shimmering brilliance. Each element of this Aasan is carefully chosen to symbolize the love and devotion you offer with every prayer.

Versatile and Sacred Pooja Aasan Usage

This Pooja Aasan Cloth serves multiple purposes:

Ideal Chowki Base:

  • Foundation for Deities: During any Puja or Hawan, this aasan provides a sacred and soft base to place your revered deity idols upon. The velvet protects your idols and the chowki surface while creating a visually appealing foundation.
  • Elevates the Ritual: The rich color and texture of the aasan create a sense of importance and respect, enhancing the overall energy of your worship space.

Pooja Aasan Adornment:

  • Special Occasion Decor: For festivals, celebrations, or simply to honor the divine feminine, dress up your Mata Ki Chowki with this beautiful aasan. It adds a layer of elegance and festivity.
  • Auspicious Touch: The red color and soft velvet align with auspicious symbolism, making it a perfect choice for honoring goddesses.

Puja Table Cover:

  • Transforms Ordinary Surfaces: Use this aasan to instantly convert a simple table into a consecrated Puja table. The aasan’s presence designates the space as sacred.
  • Protects the Table: The velvet material acts as a protective layer for your table, especially if placing hot lamps or incense holders during your rituals.

Deity Thrones:

  • Majestic Feel: Create a throne-like setting for your deity idols by layering multiple aasans or using a slightly larger size. This demonstrates reverence and enhances the visual splendor.
  • Ideal for Photos: If you take photos of your deities for sharing or worship, this aasan provides a stunning and respectful backdrop.

Wooden Bajot Enhancement:

  • Touch of Opulence: If you have a carved or painted wooden bajot, this aasan complements it beautifully. The velvet’s richness highlights the craftsmanship of the bajot.
  • Contrast in Textures: The interplay of the smooth velvet with the textured wood creates visual interest and a sense of thoughtful layering.

Pedestal Cover:

  • Respectful Display: When displaying deity idols or photos on pedestals, draping this aasan over the pedestal shows respect and signifies a sacred intention.
  • Enhances the Presentation: The aasan’s color and texture draw focus to the idols or photos being displayed, setting them apart.

Deity Head Covering:

  • A Gesture of Respect: Covering the heads of deity idols is a traditional practice. This velvet aasan provides a soft, beautiful, and respectful covering.
  • Symbol of Devotion: This act symbolizes humility before the divine and a willingness to offer the best to your deities.

The Perfect Pooja Aasan Blend of Beauty and Function

  • Visually Captivating: Immerse yourself in the radiant beauty of this Aasan Cloth. The interplay of rich, velvety red and shimmering gold exudes a sense of divine splendor. Intricate floral or geometric embossed patterns offer a visual feast for the eyes, transforming your sacred space into a sanctuary of elegance.
  • Traditional Allure: The generous 1-inch golden lace adorning each Aasan is meticulously crafted, a testament to timeless workmanship. It evokes a profound sense of heritage and devotion, ensuring your rituals feel grounded and authentic.
  • Aesthetics Meet Purpose: This Aasan Cloth isn’t merely decorative. It’s crafted with a deep understanding of its sacred function. The soft, luxurious velvet provides a cushioned, respectful base for your deities, while the durable construction ensures it will serve you for years of spiritual practice.

Effortless Care Pooja Aasan and Portability

  • Maintain Its Pristine Beauty: This Velvet Chowki Aasan is remarkably easy to clean and maintain. A gentle wash is all it takes to preserve its vibrant colors and delicate textures. With minimal effort, you’ll be able to enjoy its beauty through countless pujas.
  • Devotion on the Go: The lightweight, compact design of this Aasan makes it an ideal travel companion. Whether you’re visiting a temple, attending a spiritual gathering, or simply creating a sacred space away from home, you can easily transport your Aasan, ensuring a sense of spiritual continuity wherever life takes you.

Spiritual Significance of Red Puja Asans

  • Symbol of Auspiciousness: In Hinduism, red is a color of immense power and positivity. It represents new beginnings, celebrations, and the blessings of divine energy. Using a red Puja Aasan sets a tone of auspiciousness, inviting good fortune and positive vibrations into your rituals.
  • Embodiment of Purity: Red also signifies purity, both of the heart and spirit. Placing your revered idols upon this red Aasan symbolizes your offering of a pure, unblemished space for the divine to reside within.
  • Expression of Love and Devotion: The color red pulsates with love, passion, and unwavering devotion. By incorporating a red Puja Aasan into your worship, you express your ardent reverence toward the deities and the profound faith that guides your spiritual path.

Package Contents and Details

  • Package includes 4 Emboss Velvet Chawki Aasan pieces, each measuring 10” x 10” inches.
  • Brand: Pujagoodies
  • Color: Red
  • Fabric: Soft and luxurious Velvet
  • Gota: Golden Lace

Honor Tradition, Embrace Auspiciousness – Adorn Your Puja Space

Steeped in the vibrant colors and rich symbolism of Hindu tradition, our Red Velvet Pooja Aasan embodies purity, love, and auspicious energy. Feel the blessings flow as you adorn your Puja Mandir or temple with this sacred cloth. The intricate floral designs and shimmering lace evoke a sense of divine presence, creating the perfect setting for your daily offerings.

Embrace the beauty of tradition – order your set of Red Velvet Pooja Aasan today and infuse your home with auspicious vibrations.


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