Teeka Stamp (Om/Aum, Swastik, Radhe, Pundru, Trishul, U – Shape)

Made of brass


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Teeka Stamps: Om, Swastik, Radhe, Pundru, Trishul, U – Shape

In the rich tapestry of Hindu tradition, Teeka Stamps serve as powerful tools for invoking blessings, seeking protection, and deepening one’s spiritual practice.

But the world of Teeka Stamps extends far beyond the simple act of applying a tilak.

To truly harness their power, it’s vital to understand the intricate symbolism behind each design,

the significance of the materials used, and how to integrate them thoughtfully into your spiritual life

U-Shape teeka stamps

  • Ideal Uses: The U-shaped tilak is a prominent symbol within Vaishnava traditions, representing the sacred footprints of Lord Vishnu.
  • Apply this Teeka Stamp to cultivate devotion to Lord Vishnu, seek his protection and guidance, and to remind yourself of his constant presence in your life.

Om Teeka Stamp

  • Ideal Uses: The Om is a symbol of universal consciousness, perfect for deepening meditation,
  • enhancing the power of chanting, and invoking a sense of inner peace and connection.
  • Use this Teeka Stamp when seeking clarity, focus, and a deeper connection to the divine.

Trishul Teeka Stamp

  • Ideal Uses: The Trishul represents Lord Shiva’s power as the remover of obstacles and protector of his devotees.
  • Apply this Teeka Stamp to invoke his blessings of strength, purification, and triumph over negativity.
  • It’s especially potent during times of challenge or when performing Shiva-focused rituals.

Radhe Teeka Stamp

  • Ideal Uses: The name “Radhe” is filled with the energy of divine love and devotion. This Teeka Stamp is ideal for those on a Bhakti path focused on the love between Radha and Krishna.
  • Wear it to attract loving energy, enhance devotional practices, and open your heart to the transformative power of love.


Made of brass

Brass Teeka Stamps offer a beautiful blend of tradition and spiritual potency.

Brass is a sacred metal in Hinduism, renowned for its connection to solar energy. It is believe to amplify focus, willpower, and inner strength.

The warm, golden hue of brass adds visual beauty to the stamp, making it a cherished addition to your spiritual tools.

Whether seeking blessings, protection, or a deeper connection during meditation,

a brass Teeka Stamp is a powerful choice to elevate your practice

Elevate your spiritual practice. Discover the power of Teeka Stamps today. Shop now!

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