Ramnami Towel ( रामनामी अंगोछा )

Made with fine pure cotton fabric

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  • 1 pcs of jai shree ram print gamcha
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  • Jai shree ram
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  • Cotton Gamcha with jai shree ram Print Suitable for Men Women and Babies orange Colour
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  • Women & Men
  • XL
  • Printed
  • 350
  • print, shree ram print
  • 150 g


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Weight 200 g


Experience the Authentic Luxury of a Handwoven Cotton Gamcha

Discover the timeless comfort and versatility of the cotton gamcha, a traditional Bengali bath towel woven with centuries of craftsmanship. Handcrafted from 100% pure cotton, our gamchas offer unparalleled softness, absorbency, and a gentle touch for all skin types, including delicate baby skin.

The Benefits of a Pure Cotton Gamcha

Unmatched Softness:

Indulge in the Luxurious Feel of Pure Cotton

Imagine stepping out of a refreshing shower and wrapping yourself in the pure, cloud-like softness of a traditional cotton gamcha. Our gamchas are meticulously crafted using 100% pure cotton fibers, ensuring an unparalleled level of comfort against your skin. Unlike the scratchy, synthetic materials found in many modern towels, cotton boasts a natural texture that feels like a gentle caress with every use. It’s a true indulgence for your senses, especially after a long day.

Exceptional Absorbency:

Experience Quick and Efficient Drying

Cotton fibers are renowned for their incredible absorbency. Their hydrophilic nature means they have a powerful attraction to water molecules, allowing them to soak up moisture in a flash. With our gamcha, you’ll experience a noticeable difference in drying time. Gone are the days of shivering with a damp towel that just won’t seem to do its job. Your skin will feel dry and comfortable in mere moments, leaving you refreshed and ready to take on the day.


Your Skin Will Thank You

Harsh fabrics, loaded with chemicals or synthetic blends, can wreak havoc on sensitive skin. Itchy rashes, redness, and irritation become an unfortunate reality. But with a pure cotton gamcha, those worries disappear. Cotton is naturally hypoallergenic and non-abrasive. Whether you have delicate skin or simply want to pamper yourself with the best, cotton is the ultimate choice. It’s also incredibly gentle for babies and their soft, sensitive skin, making bath time a soothing experience.

Durable & Long-Lasting:

A Handwoven Investment

Our gamchas aren’t just a bath time accessory; they’re an investment in quality. Handwoven on traditional looms, each gamcha is a testament to care and craftsmanship. The tight weave and strong cotton fibers ensure your gamcha won’t fray, unravel, or lose its shape like mass-produced towels. Wash after wash, it will remain a reliable part of your routine, offering its comforting softness and absorbency for years to come.


Colors That Stay True

Nothing ruins the look of a beautiful towel faster than fading colors. That’s why we use quality dyes that are specifically designed to retain their vibrancy. Your gamcha will remain bright and cheerful, adding a welcome pop of color to your bathroom décor. No more dull, washed-out towels – only the lasting beauty of a well-made product.

Lightweight & Quick-Drying:

Your On-The-Go Essential

Ditch the bulky bath towels that hog your suitcase and take forever to dry! Our cotton gamcha is the definition of travel-friendly. Its thin yet surprisingly absorbent weave makes it lightweight and compact. Simply fold it up, and it takes up minimal space in your bag. Plus, the quick-drying nature of cotton means you won’t have to pack a damp towel – it’ll air-dry in a breeze, ready for your next adventure.


Beyond the Bathroom

The magic of a gamcha lies in its versatility. While it excels as a bath towel, don’t limit its uses! The amazing absorbency makes it an excellent kitchen towel, effortlessly drying dishes and cleaning up spills. Its durable construction means it can handle cleaning tasks around the house. With its soft and breathable cotton, you can even transform your gamcha into a unique, lightweight scarf or head covering, adding a touch of traditional style to your look.

Embrace the Tradition, Experience the Difference

By choosing a cotton gamcha, you’re not just buying a towel – you’re embracing centuries of textile heritage. Experience the difference that comes with a handmade, authentic product. Support skilled artisans and invest in a piece of your home that carries both practicality and a rich history.

Embrace the Authentic Charm

Our cotton gamchas are meticulously woven on traditional handlooms, preserving the rich heritage of Bengal. Each gamcha is a unique piece of art, showcasing intricate patterns and vibrant colors.

Jai Shree Ram Print – A Symbol of Devotion and Purity

This beautiful cotton gamcha features a spiritually inspiring Jai Shree Ram print, adding a touch of devotion and positivity to your daily routines.


  • Material: 100% Pure Cotton
  • Size: XL (Generously sized for maximum comfort)
  • Design: Jai Shree Ram Print (other designs/colors may be available)
  • GSM: 350 (indicating a thicker, more absorbent weave)
  • Weight: 150g (lightweight and easy to handle)

Perfect for:

Daily Bathing:

Elevate Your Bathing Routine with a Luxurious Cotton Gamcha

Ditch those bulky, less-than-absorbent bath towels and discover the traditional charm of the cotton gamcha. Its incredibly soft, 100% cotton weave feels like a gentle caress against your skin, transforming your showers and baths into a spa-like experience. Unlike rougher fabrics, pure cotton won’t irritate your skin and will leave you feeling refreshed and pampered. Plus, the gamcha’s naturally absorbent fibers quickly soak up moisture, ensuring efficient drying in a matter of moments.

Babies & Sensitive Skin:

The Perfect Bath Companion

A baby’s delicate skin deserves the utmost care, and the same goes for anyone with sensitive skin prone to irritation. Harsh fabrics and chemical residues in many bath linens can cause discomfort, redness, or even allergic reactions. A cotton gamcha is the answer. Its hypoallergenic, non-abrasive nature provides the gentlest touch. Combined with its exceptional absorbency, the gamcha ensures your baby or loved one is dried softly and quickly, minimizing the risk of skin issues.


The Ultimate Lightweight and Quick-Drying Travel Towel

Say goodbye to packing bulky bath towels that take up precious luggage space and seem to take forever to dry. The cotton gamcha is your new travel best friend! Its thin yet incredibly absorbent weave makes it exceptionally lightweight and easy to fold down to a compact size. Whether you’re backpacking or heading on a luxury getaway, the gamcha minimizes your packing woes, leaving more room for the essentials. And the best part? It air-dries with remarkable speed, ensuring it’s ready for your next adventure in no time.

Yoga & Meditation:

Find Comfort and Support in Your Practice

Create the perfect surface for your yoga or meditation sessions with a cotton gamcha. Its natural fibers provide a soft, slightly textured surface that prevents slipping and offers subtle cushioning. The gamcha’s superior absorbency comes in handy for those hot yoga sessions, ensuring a comfortable and distraction-free practice. The gamcha’s generous size accommodates various postures while remaining easy to fold and transport to your favorite studio or peaceful spot.

Spiritual Use:

Enhance Your Rituals with the Jai Shree Ram Gamcha

For those seeking spiritual connection, the Jai Shree Ram cotton gamcha brings a touch of devotion to your daily routines. This traditional print symbolizes strength, purity, and righteousness. Integrate it into your morning bathing ritual for a sense of spiritual cleansing or as part of your prayer and meditation practice. The vibrant colors and meaningful design will inspire a sense of peace and positivity throughout your day.

Care Instructions:

First Wash:

Embrace the Natural Beauty of Your Gamcha

  • Understanding Natural Dyes: Your cotton gamcha may release a slight amount of color during the first wash. This is completely normal for fabrics dyed with natural pigments. Rest assured, it doesn’t mean your gamcha is defective; it’s actually a sign of authenticity!
  • Preserving Colors: After the initial wash, the colors will stabilize and become fade-resistant. Each subsequent wash will actually enhance the vibrancy and beauty of your gamcha. Consider washing it separately initially to avoid any potential color transfer.


Gentle Care for Long-Lasting Beauty

  • Machine or Hand Wash: Your cotton gamcha is surprisingly versatile. You can safely wash it in a washing machine on a gentle cycle or choose to hand wash it with care.
  • Cold Water: Always use cold water for both machine and handwashing. Hot water can cause colors to bleed and may shrink the fabric.
  • Mild Detergent: Opt for a mild, gentle detergent. Harsh chemicals can damage the natural cotton fibers and fade the colors over time.


Air Drying for Optimal Softness & Longevity

  • The Best Choice: Air drying is the recommended method for preserving your gamcha’s exquisite softness and extending its lifespan. Hang it in a well-ventilated area or lay it flat to dry.
  • Avoid the Dryer (if possible): While tumble drying is possible on a low heat setting, it can lead to some shrinkage and may slightly diminish the gamcha’s luxuriously soft feel over time.

Important Note: The natural characteristics of a cotton gamcha mean it may shrink slightly after the first wash. This is completely normal, and your gamcha is generously sized to accommodate this initial shrinkage.

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