Garud Puran (Sankshipt)- By Maharssi Vedavyas- Gorakhpur Geeta Press Hardcover | Garun Purad book ( गरुण पुराण )

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  • Language ‏ : ‎ Hindi
  • Hardcover ‏ : ‎ 624 pages
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  • Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 27.5 x 19 x 3 cm
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Weight 1160 g
Dimensions 27.5 × 19 × 3 cm


Garud Puran (Sankshipt) – Explore Hindu Philosophy on Death, Afterlife, and Karma

Dive into the profound wisdom of Hindu scriptures with the Garud Puran (Sankshipt) – a timeless text exploring the intricacies of life, death, the afterlife, and the unwavering laws of karma. Published by the esteemed Gita Press Gorakhpur, this hardcover edition offers an authentic and accessible presentation of this sacred Hindu Purana.

Discover the Secrets of the Garud Puran

The Garud Puran, attributed to the sage Maharshi Vedavyas, is renowned for its detailed insights into:

The Journey of the Soul:

Unravel the mysteries of death and the soul’s passage into the afterlife.

  • The Moment of Transition: Learn about the signs and stages of approaching death as described in the Garud Puran.
  • Yama and the Agents of Death: Discover Yama, the Lord of Death, and his messengers who guide the soul towards judgment.
  • The Path of Judgment: Understand the process of how the soul’s life is reviewed and the determination of its next destination.
  • Temporary Heavens and Hells: Explore the concepts of temporary abodes of enjoyment (Swarga) or suffering (Naraka) based on the balance of one’s karma.

The Nature of Karma

  • Understand the profound impact of actions on our existence, both now and beyond.
  • The Garud Puran highlights the inescapable nature of karma – every action, thought, and intention matters.
  • Learn about different types of karma (Sanchita, Prarabdha, Kriyamana) and their accumulation over lifetimes.
  • Discover the balance between destiny and free will – past actions shape the present, but choices can influence the future.
  • Gain insights into breaking the cycle of reincarnation through spiritual practices and selfless action.

Hindu Cosmology

  • Explore the realms of heaven and hell within the larger cosmic cycle.
  • Discover the various lokas (worlds), both physical and subtle, along with their inhabitants.
  • Learn details of Swarga, the heavenly realms of pleasure, and Naraka, the hells of torment.
  • The Garud Puran emphasizes the impermanence of all realms, even heavenly and hellish ones.

Rituals and Practices

  • Learn about traditional Hindu funerary rites designed to guide the soul’s journey.
  • Explore the step-by-step process of Antyesti – sacred final rites – their significance, and offerings for the departed.
  • Understand Shraddha and ongoing rituals – their purpose in honoring the deceased and aiding their journey.
  • Find the Garud Puran’s guidance on rites for special circumstances, like untimely or childhood deaths.

Moral and Ethical Guidance

  • Discover wisdom from the Garud Puran on righteous living for a fulfilling life and a peaceful afterlife.
  • Understand Dharma as the foundation – the principle of duty, natural law, and moral order.
  • Learn about virtues the Garud Puran extols, and the vices that cause suffering.
  • Find practical guidance for daily life, relationships, social responsibility, and inner peace.
  • The Garud Puran points towards Moksha as the ultimate goal – liberation from the cycle of rebirth.

Key Features of this Edition:

Original Sanskrit Text with Hindi Translation:

Immerse Yourself in the True Essence of the Garud Puran

Experience the profound beauty and timeless wisdom of the Garud Puran in its original Sanskrit form, expertly paired with a clear and insightful Hindi translation. This combination allows you to delve into the authentic verses, appreciate the nuances of the ancient language, and gain a richer understanding of its spiritual guidance.

Concise Format (Sankshipt):

Discover the Core Teachings with Clarity and Focus

This abridged edition offers a carefully curated selection of the Garud Puran’s most essential verses, making it ideal for focused study and contemplation. The Sankshipt format allows you to grasp the core concepts of death, afterlife, karma and righteous living without being overwhelmed by excessive detail.

High-Quality Hardcover:

Preserve this Sacred Knowledge for Generations to Come

This meticulously crafted hardcover edition ensures that the Garud Puran will be a cherished part of your spiritual library for years, and perhaps even generations, to come. The durable binding and high-quality materials reflect the reverence held for this sacred text.

Authentic Gita Press Gorakhpur Publication:

Trust a Legacy of Scholarly Excellence. Gita Press Gorakhpur is revered worldwide for its commitment to preserving and disseminating Hindu scriptures with the utmost accuracy and respect. When you choose this publication, you can be confident that the Garud Puran is presented in its purest form, honoring its profound spiritual and philosophical significance.

Who Should Read the Garud Puran

This sacred text is invaluable for:

  • Spiritual Seekers: If you’re exploring the depths of Hindu philosophy, the Garud Puran offers profound knowledge about life, death, and the interconnectedness of existence.
  • Students of Religion: Gain essential insights into Hindu beliefs and practices surrounding the afterlife and the concept of karma.
  • Those Grieving a Loss: Find solace and understanding in the Garud Puran’s guidance on the soul’s journey and the rituals that honor the departed.
  • Anyone Seeking a Moral Compass: Discover the timeless wisdom of righteous living and the principles that lead to a harmonious life.

A Brief Synopsis of the Garud Puran

The Garud Purana is primarily presented as a dialogue between Lord Vishnu and his mount, Garuda, the king of birds. Key themes and sections explored within this sacred text include:

  • Cosmology: Descriptions of the universe, various worlds and realms (lokas), concepts of time, and astrological information.
  • The Journey After Death: Detailed accounts of what happens to the soul after death, the process of judgment, the experiences of heaven (Swarga) and hell (Naraka).
  • Karma and Rebirth: In-depth explanations of the laws of karma, how our actions impact both our current life and future reincarnations.
  • Expiation of Sins (Prayascitta): Methods and rituals for atonement of sins and wrongdoings.
  • Funerary Rites (Antyesti): Proper procedures for Hindu funerals and rites to assist the departed soul in its journey.
  • Gems and their Properties: Descriptions of various gemstones and their associated powers and astrological significance.
  • Ayurveda and Medicine: Insights into traditional Ayurvedic medicine and treatments.
  • Moral Guidance: Discussions of ethical behavior, righteous living, devotion, and the path to liberation (moksha).

Garud Puran Specifications

  • Title: Garud Puran (Sankshipt)
  • Author: Maharshi Vedavyas
  • Publisher: Gita Press Gorakhpur
  • Language: Hindi
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Edition: Sankshipt (Abridged)
  • Pages: 624
  • Weight: 1 kg 160 g
  • Dimensions: 27.5 x 19 x 3 cm
  • Country of Origin: India

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