Natural Gomati/Gomti Chakra Original for Puja (White) – 11 Pieces

  • Used for Mahalaxmi puja purpose as well as used for prosperity
  • Natural Gomati Chakra Brings Prosperity In Your Life, Increasing Wealth and Get Happiness
  • It is believed to bring luck in your life
  • Natural and Real Gomti Chakra From Gomati River – 11 Pieces
  • Gomti Chakra Best for All Kind of Protection of Everyone From Evil Effects, Increasing Your Spirituality Also

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Natural Gomati/ Gomti Chakra Original for Puja (White) – 11 Pieces

Discover the spiritual power of Gomti Chakra! Enhance your Lakshmi puja, attract prosperity, and protect yourself from negativity with these 11 authentic Gomati Chakras, sourced directly from the Gomti River. Unlock wealth, happiness, and spiritual growth today!

Gomati Chakras, treasured for their resemblance to Lord Krishna’s Sudarshan Chakra, are rare and sacred shell stones found in the Gomti River of India. Since ancient times, they have been symbols of prosperity, protection, and spiritual enlightenment.

Why You Need Gomti Chakra in Your Life

Mahalakshmi Puja with Gomti Chakra

Enhance your worship of Goddess Lakshmi, attracting abundance and wealth

  • Lakshmi, the Divine Bestower: In Hinduism, Goddess Lakshmi represents wealth, prosperity, good fortune, and beauty. Gomati Chakras are believed to be sacred to her, making them powerful additions to your Lakshmi puja rituals.
  • Symbolism and Intention: Explain that the spiral shape of Gomati Chakras resembles Lord Krishna’s Sudarshan Chakra, a symbol of divine power and protection. This makes them potent symbols to attract abundance and overcome obstacles.
  • Ritual Suggestions: Briefly outline how to incorporate Gomati Chakras into your puja. For example, placing them on your altar, chanting Lakshmi mantras while holding them, or using them to decorate images or representations of the goddess.

Prosperity and Happiness:

Gomati Chakras are believed to bless your life with financial success, good fortune, and inner joy.

  • Beyond Material Wealth: Emphasize that while Gomati Chakras are popularly associated with material abundance, they are believed to foster a holistic sense of prosperity. This includes good luck, fulfilling relationships, and a happy disposition.
  • Attracting Positive Energy: Explain that Gomati Chakras are thought to attract positive vibrations that invite success and good fortune into your life; they can open up unexpected opportunities and remove barriers to your goals.
  • Inner Peace and Joy: Describe how these sacred stones can promote calmness and reduce anxiety, leading to a sense of well-being and contentment.

Spiritual Growth:

Deepen your spiritual practice and raise your vibrational energy.

  • Connectors to the Divine: Gomati Chakras are revered as sacred objects that can help you connect with the higher energies of the universe. Explain their significance in Hindu cosmology and spiritual symbolism.
  • Meditation Aid: Suggest using Gomati Chakras during meditation practices. Their smooth texture and energy can promote focus, mantra work, and aid in deepening your spiritual experience.
  • Vibrational Alignment: Explain the concept that everything in the universe possesses energy and vibrates at certain frequencies. Gomati Chakras are believed to enhance your positive vibrations, aiding in spiritual growth and self-awareness.

Protection from Evil:

Shield yourself and loved ones from negative energies and ill intentions.

  • The Protective Power of the Chakra: The Gomati Chakra’s circular form holds deep symbolic significance. This shape is believe to create an energetic shield, deflecting negativity and evil influences.
  • Removing Obstacles and Negativity: Use Gomati Chakras to dispel negative energies, clearing obstacles from your surroundings and your own mind.
  • Safeguarding Home and Family: Suggest using Gomati Chakras in your home environment for protection. Placing them near entrances, burying them in the foundation, or keeping them close to loved ones can provide a sense of spiritual security.

Authenticity Guaranteed:

Our Gomati Chakras are 100% natural and ethically sourced from the Gomti River.

  • The Importance of Origin: Our Gomati Chakras are ethically sourced directly from the Gomti River, channeling the river’s purifying energy to enhance your prosperity, protection, and spiritual practice.
  • Commitment to Ethical Practices: We believe in honoring the Gomti River and its sacred gifts. Our Gomati Chakras are ethically sourced, contributing to a sustainable approach while preserving their spiritual significance.
  • Trust and Quality: Establish a sense of trust by guaranteeing the authenticity and genuine nature of your Gomati Chakras.

How to Incorporate : Gomti Chakra

Puja and Rituals:

Place them on your altar for powerful manifestations.

  • Lakshmi Puja: Gomati Chakras are considere as a  sacred to Goddess Lakshmi. Place them on your altar during Lakshmi Puja ceremonies to amplify prayers for wealth, abundance, and material blessings.
  • Offerings: Place Gomati Chakras alongside other auspicious items like flowers, fruits, and incense as offerings to deities during pujas.
  • Sacred Space: Even when not actively in use, Gomati Chakras on your altar enhance its energy and create a space conducive to spiritual practices.


Hold them during meditation to connect with divine energy.

  • Focus: The smooth, spiral shape of the Gomati Chakra helps center your mind. Hold one in each hand during meditation to promote focus and calmness.
  • Chakra Alignment: Believed to resonate with specific chakras, holding them during meditation can aid in balancing and unblocking energy centers in your body.
  • Mantra Chanting: Use Gomati Chakras as a rosary or mala bead while chanting mantras. This tactile element deepens your concentration and connection with the mantra’s vibrational power.

Home and Workplace:

Keep them near entrances for protection and positive vibes.

  • Threshold Guardians: Place Gomati Chakras in a decorative bowl or container near your home’s main entrance to shield against negative energies and ward off ill intentions.
  • Vastu Dosha Remedy: According to Vastu principles, placing Gomati Chakras in certain areas of your home or workplace can neutralize disharmonious energies and promote positive flow.
  • Workspace Harmony: Keep Gomati Chakras on your desk or near your workstation to cultivate a peaceful. Also, the focused atmosphere, promoting success and positive outcomes at work.


Wear as pendants or bracelets for continuous blessings.

  • Personal Amulet: String Gomati Chakras as a necklace or bracelet to carry their protection and blessings with you throughout your day.
  • Subtle Energy: Gomati Chakras constantly influence your aura and energy field with their proximity.
  • Fashion Statement: The natural beauty of Gomati Chakras makes them attractive jewelry pieces, combining spiritual significance with style.


Share the gift of prosperity and spiritual protection with loved ones.

  • Thoughtful Present: Gifting Gomati Chakras is a gesture of well-wishing and care.
  • Auspicious occasions: Gomati Chakras are meaningful gifts for housewarmings, Diwali, weddings, or spiritual milestones.
  • Shared Blessings: By introducing loved ones to the power of Gomati Chakras, you share in the abundance and protection they bestow.

Product Specifications of Gomti Chakra

  • Quantity: 11 pieces
  • Origin: Gomti River, India
  • Color: White
  • Material: Natural shell stone

Experience the Abundance and Protection of Gomti Chakra – Order Yours Today!

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