Spritual Collection Handcrafted Brass Hanging Bell for Festival Home Decoration with J hock (2 Inch)


<tr class=”a-spacing-small po-color”>ColourGolden

s=”a-span3″>Brand Aroha
Occasion Christmas
Material Brass
Style Traditional
Included Components Bells and J hooks
Item Dimensions LxWxH 32 x 32 x 51 Millimeters
Shape Round
Net Quantity 1.00 count
Item Weight 300 Grams

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Handcrafted Brass Hanging Bells: Festive Décor, Indian Craftsmanship

Immerse yourself in the festive spirit with our Spiritual Collection of Handcrafted Brass Hanging Bells. These exquisite bells are meticulously crafted by skilled Indian artisans, ensuring a touch of authenticity and cultural heritage in every piece.

Key Features and Benefits of hanging bells

Premium Brass Construction

  • The Strength of Brass: Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc, prized for its remarkable durability. Unlike iron that rusts or plastic that weakens, brass can withstand the test of time, making these bells a lasting addition to your décor and potentially even a cherished heirloom.
  • Golden Allure: Brass possesses a naturally warm, golden hue that exudes an understated elegance unlike any other material. This timeless color complements various styles, from traditional to modern, and adds a touch of understated luxury.
  • The Sound of Harmony: The density and composition of brass produce a clear, resonant sound. The chime from these bells isn’t overly sharp or tinny; it carries a melodious quality believed to bring peace and positivity to your space.

Intricate Handcrafting

  • Legacy of Skill: Indian artisans possess a mastery of metalworking that spans generations. Their meticulous techniques are evident in the intricate designs adorning each bell – from delicate floral motifs to symbolic etchings, adding a touch of timeless beauty.
  • Uniqueness in Every Piece: Unlike mass-produced items, each handcrafted bell bears subtle variations that speak to its individuality. No two pieces are exactly alike, highlighting their uniqueness and the human touch involved in their creation.

Versatile Decor

  • Festive Flair: Diwali, Christmas, and other joyous celebrations feel even more special adorned with the glint of brass and the sweet chime of bells. Hang them in clusters or individually to create a dazzling festive display.
  • Everyday Elegance: Beyond festivals, these bells seamlessly blend into your everyday décor. Use them to add a touch of sophistication to your living room mantel, entryway console, or meditation corner.
  • Style Agnostic: Whether your home leans towards traditional, minimalist, boho, or a blend of styles, brass bells add a subtle accent that complements rather than clashes.

Ideal for Temples

  • Spiritual Resonance: The sound of bells is deeply ingrained in Hindu and Buddhist temple practices. Integrate these bells into your home temple to create a sacred space that evokes serenity and aids in meditation or prayer.
  • Auspicious Offering: Adorn deities with these bells as a symbolic offering, or hang them near your puja space to fill the air with a tranquil ambiance conducive to devotion.

Perfect Door Hanging

  • Welcoming Melody: Imagine your guests greeted with a gentle, welcoming chime as these bells sway in the breeze. They set a positive and inviting tone from the moment one arrives at your doorstep.
  • Symbol of Good Fortune: In Vastu Shastra and other traditions, the sound of bells at the entrance is believed to attract prosperity and ward off negativity, adding a layer of auspicious symbolism to their beauty.

Made in India

  • Empowering Artisans: Purchasing these bells directly supports the livelihoods of skilled Indian craftspeople, helping to preserve traditional art forms and providing economic empowerment.
  • Celebrating Heritage: By choosing a handcrafted, ‘Made in India’ product, you’re not just buying a bell; you’re embracing a piece of India’s rich cultural heritage and contributing to its preservation.


  • Just the Right Size: The compact size of these bells (Width 1.25 inches, Height 2 inches) makes them incredibly versatile. They are dainty enough to hang as ornaments yet substantial enough to create a visual and auditory presence.

Ideal for


  • Diwali Extravaganza: Brass bells glistening with Diwali lights create a magical atmosphere. Hang them around your home, near rangoli designs, or with strings of diyas for an enchanting ambiance.
  • Christmas Cheer: Combine the timeless elegance of brass bells with the joy of Christmas decorations. Hang them on your Christmas tree, around a wreath, or near your fireplace for a touch of unique festive charm.
  • Holi Vibrations: Amidst the colorful vibrancy of Holi, the sound of bells adds a layer of playful celebration. Incorporate them into your décor to complement the joyous atmosphere of this festival of colors.
  • Navratri Traditions: During Navratri, bells are often used in traditional dances and devotional practices. Adorn your home with these bells to honor the nine nights of goddess worship and celebration.
  • Wedding Bells: Integrate the gentle chime of these bells into your wedding décor as a symbol of blessings and a new beginning. Hang them at the entrance to the venue or incorporate them as part of your wedding ceremony decorations.
  • Cross-Cultural Celebrations: Bells hold significance in various cultures. Position them as versatile additions for any celebration where their sound and beauty complement the festivities.

Home Decor

  • Living Room Finesse: Add a subtle touch of Indian heritage to your living room. Hang these bells near a window to catch the breeze, above a console table, or as ornaments on a decorative display shelf.
  • Bedroom Bliss: Incorporate the soothing sound of bells into your bedroom décor to promote relaxation. Hang them above your bedside table or create a serene reading nook adorned with these elegant accents.
  • Balcony & Patio Charm: Transform your outdoor space into an oasis. Hang the bells on your balcony or patio to create a tranquil ambiance where you can enjoy a gentle breeze and the calming chime.
  • Meditation Zone: In a dedicated meditation corner or yoga space. The soft sound of bells can aid in focusing the mind and creating a peaceful atmosphere for your practice.

Temples & Puja Rooms

  • Home Altar Enhancement: Place these bells on your home temple or altar to create a more sacred and spiritually resonant space. Use them during prayers or rituals as an offering and a tool to invoke a deeper connection with the divine.
  • Spiritual Ambiance: Hang them near your puja room doorway or within the space itself to fill the air with a gentle sound that promotes calmness and devotion during worship.

Door Hangings

  • Welcoming Energy: Adorn your front door or entrance with these bells to greet guests with a soft, inviting chime. It creates a positive first impression and is believed to attract good fortune into your home.
  • Vastu-Friendly Accent: For those who follow Vastu Shastra principles, bells at the entrance are considered auspicious and help dispel negative energies.


  • Thoughtful & Meaningful: Gifting bells carries a beautiful symbolism of blessings, prosperity, and good wishes. They make perfect gifts for housewarmings, Diwali, Christmas, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, or any occasion where you wish to convey heartfelt sentiments.
  • Sharing Heritage: These bells offer a thoughtful way to introduce loved ones to a piece of Indian culture and artistry, making them especially suitable for friends and family living abroad or those interested in different cultures.

Unleash the Power of Sound and Beauty

The melodious chime of brass bells is believed to ward off negativity and attract positivity. Incorporate these handcrafted bells into your living space to create an atmosphere of peace, harmony, and auspiciousness.

The Perfect Gift for Any Occasion

Whether it’s a housewarming, wedding, Diwali, Christmas, or any other special occasion. These handcrafted brass hanging bells make a thoughtful and cherished gift. They symbolize blessings, prosperity, and a lasting connection to Indian heritage.

Experience the beauty and auspiciousness of handcrafted brass hanging bells. Order yours today and add a touch of festive elegance to your home!

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