Brass Hanuman sota Hanuman Gada Gold Color Pure Brass Puja Mandeer Bajrangbali sota for Hanuman Idol

Theme Religious
Brand Generic
Colour Yellow
Style Traditional
Material Brass
Product Dimensions 25L x 10W x 5H Centimeters
Cartoon Character Animal
Room Type Living Room
Number of Pieces 1
Assembly Required No


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Premium Brass Hanuman Gada in Gold Color – Enhance Your Puja Mandeer with the Symbol of Bajrangbali’s Strength

Immerse your home and spiritual practices in the divine power and unwavering devotion of Lord Hanuman with this exquisite Brass Hanuman Gada in radiant gold. Crafted with the utmost care and precision, this stunning piece embodies the strength, valor, and righteousness of Bajrangbali, making it an essential addition to your puja mandeer.

Hanuman Gada features

Radiant Gold Color:

This Hanuman Gada gleams with a lustrous, warm honeyed gold, adding a touch of elegance and divinity to your sacred space. Its radiant color evokes feelings of auspiciousness, spiritual elevation, and the divine light of Lord Hanuman himself, a symbol of selfless devotion and unwavering strength.

Authentic Brass Construction:

Experience the durability and timeless beauty of pure brass, a material revered for its spiritual significance and longevity. Composed of [specify percentage] pure brass, this gada resonates with positive energies and vibrations, making it a cherished heirloom to be passed down through generations.

Intricate Craftsmanship:

Each gada is meticulously handcrafted by skilled artisans, showcasing exceptional artistry and attention to detail. [Describe techniques: hand-carved, embossed, etched]. Intricate motifs  symbolize aspects of Hanuman’s story. This gada is not merely an object, but a labor of love infused with devotion.

Ideal Size for Puja:

With its carefully considered dimensions (approximately 25 cm), this gada is perfectly sized for display in your puja mandeer. It creates visual balance alongside your Hanuman idol and is easily incorporated into daily prayers or rituals.

Versatile Use of Hanuman Gada:

Honor Lord Hanuman’s strength and power by offering his gada during prayers, focusing your devotion. Adorn your altar with its presence for a sense of spiritual security and protection. Gift this gada on auspicious occasions (weddings, housewarmings, religious events) or to someone facing challenges, sharing a blessing of strength and faith.

The Significance of Lord Hanuman Gada

In Hindu mythology, the gada is the primary weapon of Lord Hanuman, a symbol of his unmatched strength, courage, and unwavering devotion to Lord Rama. Its significance within devotional practices is multifaceted:

Protection from Evil

  • Mythological Battles:
    • Focus on a climactic battle in the Ramayana where Hanuman’s gada is instrumental in defeating a powerful demon. Choose a story showcasing his protective nature and triumph over evil.
    • Emphasize Hanuman protecting not just Lord Rama but also Sita and other devotees, highlighting his role as a guardian.
  • Spiritual Shield:
    • Describe the feeling of safety devotees seek in their homes/places of worship.
    • Connect the gada’s presence to the belief that it creates an energetic barrier against negativity and ill intent.
  • Inner Strength:
    • Explain how the gada represents the courage to face not only external threats, but also the “inner demons” of doubt, fear, and harmful behaviors.

Overcoming Obstacles

  • Hanuman’s Leaps:
    • Detail the iconic leap across the ocean to Lanka, showcasing his ability to transcend seemingly insurmountable challenges.
    • Highlight the symbolism of crossing vast distances to achieve a goal.
  • Unbreakable Will:
    • Reference other trials Hanuman endured: lifting a mountain, his immortality being a boon.
    • Describe his unwavering determination as his greatest strength – something even powerful enemies were unable to destroy.
  • Inspiration for Action:
    • Explain how Hanuman isn’t passive but actively fights for what’s right.
    • Connect the gada to the impetus to take necessary action, even when it’s difficult, to solve problems.

Self-Sovereignty and Authority:

  • Control Over the Mind:
    • Mention Hanuman’s vast knowledge, wisdom, and control over his senses as hallmarks of his mental strength.
    • Explain that true self-mastery is not about domination but about harnessing inner power for good.
  • Righteous Leadership:
    • Showcase how Hanuman, despite his might, follows Lord Rama’s lead, using his power to serve others.
    • Discuss how true leadership is guided by compassion, dharma, and a commitment to a higher purpose.
  • Potential Within:
    • Describe Hanuman as a reminder that every person has the potential for greatness if they tap into their courage and discipline.

Unwavering Devotion

  • Hanuman’s Love:
    • Delve into the emotional aspect – Hanuman’s love for Lord Rama being his source of strength, not just his physical power.
    • Discuss Hanuman’s humility and selflessness as central to his devotion.
  • Ideal of Bhakti:
    • Explain how Hanuman represents the ultimate devotee in the Bhakti tradition, surrendering fully to the divine.
    • Connect owning the gada to the desire to emulate this path of love and selfless service.
  • Dedication to Practice
    • Emphasize that devotion is not a passive state but requires consistent practice and discipline.
    • The gada can represent that commitment and be a visual reminder to maintain focus in one’s spiritual life.

Benefits of Owning a Brass Hanuman Gada

Enhances Puja Experience:

Elevates your prayers and rituals by incorporating this sacred symbol of Lord Hanuman’s power.

  • Tangible Focus: The gada provides a potent focal point for prayers and offerings, channeling your intentions toward Lord Hanuman and solidifying your connection with him.
  • Embodiment of Strength: Gazing upon the gada instills feelings of Hanuman’s unwavering strength and devotion, imbuing your prayers with determination and spiritual resolve.
  • Ritual Tradition: Let the gada become an integral part of your puja, adding a sense of sacred history and personal meaning to your worship over time.

Deepens Spiritual Connection:

Strengthens your personal connection to Lord Hanuman and the ideals he represents.

  • Devotion Made Tangible: Owning and displaying the gada transforms your reverence for Lord Hanuman into a tangible expression, deepening your bond with him.
  • Reminder of Ideals: Contemplating the gada inspires you to embody Hanuman’s finest qualities: strength tempered with humility, courage, and unwavering service to the divine.
  • Connection to Legend: Hold the gada and feel transported to the Ramayana, becoming part of the grand story of Hanuman’s devotion and valor.

Brings Positive Energy:

Invites auspicious energies, fostering peace, protection, and a sense of spiritual well-being within your home.

  • Spiritual Resonance: Crafted from sacred brass, the gada resonates with positive vibrations that uplift and purify your home’s atmosphere.
  • Atmosphere of Protection: Feel the gada’s presence as a symbol of Hanuman’s guardianship, creating a haven of spiritual peace and security.
  • Auspicious Symbolism: As a weapon against negativity, the gada invites blessings, prosperity, and spiritual well-being to envelop your home.

Aesthetically Pleasing:

Adds a touch of traditional elegance and divine beauty to your sacred space.

  • Craftsmanship & Beauty: Marvel at the gada’s intricate details, a testament to both Indian artistry and the devotion it represents.
  • Visual Harmony: The gada’s form and radiant gold color complement your puja mandeer, creating a visually harmonious and spiritually uplifting space.
  • Symbol of the Divine: The gada’s beauty mirrors the divine beauty of Lord Hanuman himself, bringing an aura of auspiciousness to your altar.

Meaningful Gift:

A cherished gift for loved ones on auspicious occasions, signifying blessings of strength, protection, and devotion

  • Symbol of Love & Well-wishes: Gifting a gada expresses deep care and a wish for the recipient’s spiritual well-being and protection.
  • Auspicious Occasions: Make weddings, housewarmings, religious events, or times of personal challenge even more meaningful with this powerful symbol of blessings.
  • Legacy of Faith: The gada’s enduring nature creates a lasting legacy of love and faith that can be cherished for years to come.

Let the power and devotion symbolized by this Brass Hanuman Gada in Gold Color grace your home and spiritual practices. Order yours today!

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