Shiv Shakti Arts Pure Copper Hawan Kund with Stand and Spoon for Hawan Purpose (1 Pcs Set)

Material: s=”a-size-base po-break-word”>Copper
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lass=”a-size-base a-text-bold”>Brand: SHIV SHAKTI ARTS
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Product Dimensions: 21.5L x 21.5W Centimeters</span>

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Elevate Your Spiritual Practice with the Shakti Arts Pure Copper Havan Kund Set

Immerse in the purifying rituals of a havan with the exquisite Shakti Arts Pure Copper Havan Kund with Stand and Spoon (1 Pcs Set). Handcrafted with meticulous detail by skilled Indian artisans, this stunning copper havan kund set embodies the timeless beauty and sacred traditions of India.

What is a Havan Kund?

A havan kund is a sacred fire receptacle central to Hindu fire ceremonies known as havans or yagyas. Havan rituals are performed to invoke divine blessings, remove negativity, purify the environment, and enhance spiritual growth.

Product Features and Benefits of Havan Kund

Crafted from Pure Copper

Harness the holistic power of pure copper, a metal celebrated in the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda for its exceptional properties. Experience the harmonious energy flow, environmental cleansing, and inner well-being that copper promotes. Spiritual practices value copper for its ability to amplify positive vibrations and intentions.

Generous Size

The hawan kund’s thoughtfully designed dimensions (21.5 cm L x 21.5 cm W) ensure ample space to comfortably accommodate your sacred fire offerings. Whether you use fragrant herbs, grains, or other traditional materials, this size provides the perfect balance between a focused flame and the ease of maintaining your havan.

Complete Set

Enjoy a seamless havan experience with the convenient inclusion of a sturdy stand and long-handled copper spoon. The stand gracefully elevates the hawan kund, promoting airflow and signifying the importance of the fire ritual. The spoon, with its extended 30 cm handle, allows you to respectfully present offerings from a safe and comfortable distance.

Exquisite Design

 Admire the intricate craftsmanship and the warm, lustrous glow of pure copper that adorn this hawan kund set. Each detail reflects the dedication of skilled artisans, infusing your sacred space with an aura of both beauty and reverence. The rich copper tones evoke a sense of timelessness and tradition, creating a visually and spiritually captivating centerpiece.

Specifications of Havan Kund

  • Product Type: Hawan Kund Set (with stand and spoon)
  • Primary Material: Pure Copper
  • Color: Copper
  • Set Contents: Hawan kund, stand, copper spoon
  • Manufacturing: Handcrafted in India
  • Brand: Shakti Arts

Why Choose Shakti Arts?

Shakti Arts is committed to preserving the heritage of Indian craftsmanship while creating exquisite spiritual items. When you purchase a Shakti Arts Pure Copper Hawan Kund, you support artisans and uphold the sacred traditions of India.

Enhance Your Spiritual Practice & Embrace the Power of Copper Havan Kund

Experience the profound transformative energy of an authentic hawan with the Shakti Arts Pure Copper Havan Kund Set. Order yours today and elevate your spiritual journey.

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