Pure Copper Hawan Kund for Poojan Purpose, Indian Cultural Religious Item Best for Home, Office. Copper, Brown,(13 x 13 Inch)

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Discover the Sacred Power of a Pure Copper Havan Kund for Auspicious Poojan Rituals

Enhance your spiritual practice and elevate your home or office with this exquisite Pure Copper havan kund. Designed for traditional Poojan rituals in the Indian cultural context, this beautiful vessel embodies centuries of sacred tradition and craftsmanship.

Key Features and Benefits:

Authentic Vedic Design:

Experience the Timeless Tradition of Fire Rituals

This Hawan Kund embodies the sacred geometry and proportions prescribed in ancient Vedic texts. Its design facilitates the optimal flow of energy, creating a powerful vortex that amplifies the effects of your Havans or Yajnas. Whether you seek the blessings of a specific deity or wish to manifest your personal intentions, this Hawan Kund provides the perfect conduit for your prayers and offerings.

Pure Copper Construction:

Harness the Purifying and Conductive Power of Copper

Copper, a sacred metal in Hinduism and Ayurveda, is known for its ability to purify both physical and energetic spaces. As the fire burns within this Hawan Kund, the copper releases ions that help cleanse your surroundings, while simultaneously amplifying the spiritual energy of your ritual. Copper acts as a bridge between the physical and spiritual realms, ensuring your prayers and offerings reach their intended destination.

Generous Size:

Accommodate Ample Offerings and Sustained Fire

The spacious 13 x 13 inch dimensions of this Hawan Kund allow you to make generous offerings of ghee, herbs, grains, and other sacred substances. The size ensures a sustained fire, essential for prolonged rituals and powerful invocations. This ample space empowers you to create a truly transformative Havan experience.

Convenient Handles:

Safety and Ease of Use

Two meticulously crafted handles provide both secure grip and safe handling. Whether you need to reposition the Hawan Kund during your ritual or move it for cleaning, the sturdy handles offer effortless control and peace of mind, allowing you to focus fully on your spiritual practice.

Beautiful Brown Finish:

A Symbol of Purity and Timeless Elegance

The natural, unpolished brown hue of pure copper radiates a warm, grounding energy. This timeless aesthetic complements any decor, evokes a sense of ancient wisdom, and underscores the purity of the copper itself. Allow the Hawan Kund to become a visual anchor for your sacred space, inspiring devotion and tranquility.

Versatile for Home or Office:

Create a Sacred Sanctuary Anywhere

Transform any space into a haven for pooja and meditation with this versatile Hawan Kund. Whether placed in your home temple, on a dedicated altar, or in a designated area of your office, this sacred vessel invites the divine presence and creates a powerful focal point for your spiritual practice.

Unique Gifting Option:

Share the Gift of Spiritual Connection

This exquisite Pure Copper Hawan Kund makes a profound and meaningful gift for anyone embarking on or deepening their spiritual path. Perfect for weddings, housewarmings, Diwali, or other auspicious occasions, it is a testament to your care and a symbol of shared devotion.

Understanding the Significance of a Havan Kund

In the Hindu tradition, a Hawan Kund is a sacred receptacle used for performing Havans. This fire ritual involves making offerings such as herbs, rice, ghee, and other auspicious substances into a consecrated fire while chanting mantras. Havans are performed for various purposes:

Devotion to Deities:

Invoking the blessings and grace of specific gods and goddesses.

  • Deepening Connection: Havans offer a tangible way to connect with the divine forms of your chosen deities. The chanting of mantras, the focused offerings, and the mesmerizing energy of the sacred fire create a powerful devotional space.
  • Receiving Guidance and Support: Performing Havans to honor specific deities is believed to attract their blessings, guidance, and protection. You might seek the strength of Durga Mata, the wisdom of Ganesha, or the healing touch of Dhanvantari.
  • Expressing Gratitude: Havans can be a profound way to offer gratitude for the grace and support you feel from the deities that guide your spiritual path.

Purification of Spaces:

Cleansing and energizing your home, office, or any environment.

  • Dispelling Negativity: The smoke, mantras, and pure intentions of a Havan hold the power to remove stale or negative energies that might have accumulated in a space.
  • Creating a Sacred Atmosphere: With negativity removed, the Havan fills your environment with positive vibrations, creating a sanctuary for meditation, prayer, or simply peaceful living.
  • Spiritual Protection: Performing regular Havans can act as a continuous shield for a space, repelling unwanted energies and maintaining a sense of harmony.

Manifestation of Intentions:

Focusing your energy on goals like health, prosperity, or peace.

  • Channeling Your Willpower: The Havan ritual provides a framework for directing your deepest desires into the sacred fire, transforming them from mere thoughts into powerful manifestations.
  • Connecting with Universal Forces: The ritual allows you to tap into the vast flow of cosmic energy, aligning your intentions with the supportive power of the universe.
  • Affirming Your Goals: The offerings and mantras used for a specific intention become potent affirmations, reinforcing your resolve and attracting the right circumstances for your goals to unfold.

Celebration of Special Occasions:

Marking important life events with a sacred ritual.

  • Sacred Blessings: Havans lend a special significance to weddings, housewarmings, birthdays, and other milestones. Inviting divine blessings helps mark these events with auspiciousness and spiritual depth.
  • Community and Tradition: Performing Havans together with loved ones during occasions strengthens bonds, reinforces cultural identity, and creates enduring memories.
  • Gratitude and New Beginnings: A Havan can express profound gratitude for past blessings and set a powerful intention for happiness and success in the next phase of life.

Specifications of havan kund

  • Material: Pure Copper
  • Dimensions:
    • Overall Size: 13 inches x 13 inches (Length x Width)
    • Depth: 4 – 5 inches (Approximate depth of fire receptacle)
    • Base Thickness: 1 – 2mm (Provides sturdiness)
    • Wall Thickness: 1mm (or slightly thicker for durability)
  • Weight: Approx. 1- 2 kg (Depending on thickness and exact size)
  • Handles:
    • Number: Two
    • Placement: On opposite sides
    • Material: Can be integrated copper or a heat-resistant material
  • Finish: Natural polished copper with a warm brown hue.
  • Origin: India

Why Choose Copper for Your Havan Kund?

Copper holds profound spiritual significance in Hinduism and Ayurveda.

Enhance Fire Energy:

Copper’s Symbiotic Relationship with Agni

  • Ayurvedic Affinity: In Ayurveda, copper is associated with the fire element (Agni), representing transformative and digestive energies. It is believed to increase heat and metabolic activity.
  • Thermal Conductivity: Copper is renowned as an excellent conductor of heat. This means it helps distribute the fire’s energy evenly through the Hawan Kund, creating a strong and sustained blaze essential for offerings to be completely consumed.
  • The Power of Resonance: On an energetic level, copper’s affinity for fire amplifies the ritual’s vibrations. The sacred fire grows more potent, its reach extending more prominently into the subtle realms.

Purify and Protect:

Copper’s Cleansing Properties

  • Antimicrobial Power: Scientifically, copper is known for its antimicrobial properties. It naturally eliminates harmful microbes, effectively cleaning the environment on a physical level.
  • Energetic Cleansing: Metaphysically, copper is believed to dispel negativity and absorb lower vibrational energies. It creates a purified, protected space around the Hawan Kund, enhancing your ability to focus on auspicious intentions.
  • Protective Shield: The copper in your Hawan Kund acts as an energetic barrier, repelling stray thoughts, unwanted influences, and any lingering negativity that could interfere with your sacred ritual.

Conductive to Prayers:

Copper as a Divine Channel

  • Spiritual Transmittor: Copper is a highly conductive material, both physically and spiritually. Just as it carries electricity, it is thought to channel your prayers and intentions from your consciousness directly into the heart of the fire.
  • Offering Conduit: The offerings you place into the Havan are imbued with your desires and hopes. The copper amplifies this energy, ensuring they are transmitted through the fire and into the receptive spiritual realms.
  • Connection to the Divine: Copper’s spiritual conductivity helps foster a deeper connection to the divine energies you are invoking during the Havan. It acts as a bridge between your physical offerings and the subtle realms of gods, goddesses, and spirit guides.

How to Use and Maintain Your Pure Copper Havan Kund


  • Choosing the Space: Find a quiet, well-ventilated area where you will not be disturbed. If indoors, select a room with good airflow. Outdoors, choose a spot protected from strong winds. The space should be clean and free from clutter.
  • Creating an Altar (optional): You may set up a small table or raised platform as your altar. Cover it with a clean cloth, preferably in auspicious colors like red, yellow, or white. Place a deity image or symbol upon the altar.
  • Gathering Your Offerings: Traditional offerings include ghee (clarified butter), grains like rice or barley, herbs, sandalwood powder, flowers, fruits, sweets, and specific items relevant to the deity or intention of your Havan.
  • Preparing the Mantras: Select mantras relevant to the deity you are invoking or the purpose of your ritual. If unsure, consult a knowledgeable guide or use a generic mantra for inviting positive energy.


  • Purifying the Space: Sprinkle sanctified water around the area where you’ll conduct the Havan. You may also burn purifying incense like sage or sandalwood.
  • Purifying the Hawan Kund: Sprinkle the Hawan Kund with sanctified water while reciting purification mantras. Some people like to gently rub the outer surface with a few drops of lemon.
  • Purifying Yourself: Take a respectful bath or shower if possible. Wear clean clothes. Apply a sandalwood paste tilak (mark) to your forehead and offer a short prayer for focus and purity of intent.

Building the Fire

  • Base Layer: Place dry mango wood or other auspicious wood as the base within the Hawan Kund. Small pieces aid in quick ignition.
  • Lighting the Fire: Use natural fire starters like camphor or cotton dipped in ghee. Avoid chemical fire starters.
  • Nurturing the Flame: Once the kindling is alight, carefully add slightly larger pieces of wood to build the fire. Maintain a steady but not excessively large flame throughout your ritual.

Offerings and Mantras

  • Invoking Agni: Begin by offering a few spoonfuls of ghee into the fire, reciting mantras dedicated to Agni, the deity of fire. Invite Agni to be the sacred carrier of your offerings.
  • Main Offerings: Offer your chosen substances one by one into the fire. With each offering, recite an appropriate mantra or state your intention clearly. Visualize your offerings and prayers being carried into higher realms of light by the fire.
  • Mindful Offerings: Be present and focused with each offering. Avoid distractions, unnecessary conversation, or a rushed attitude.


  • Final Offerings: Conclude the Havan with a final offering of ghee and camphor. Offer gratitude to the invoked deity or the divine forces guiding your ritual.
  • Allowing the Fire to Extinguish: Do not douse the fire with water. Let the embers die out naturally.
  • Reverence: Once cool, respectfully collect the ashes. You may immerse them in a flowing river or scatter them in a garden.


  • Respectful Cleaning: Once completely cool, gently clean your Hawan Kund with a soft damp cloth. Then use pitambri powder to restore its natural shine.
  • Storage: When not in use, store your Hawan Kund in a clean, dedicated space, possibly wrapped in a clean cloth.

Experience the Power of Sacred Ritual – Get Your Pure Copper Havan kund Now

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