Akhand deep Batti | Jyot batti for puja and diya

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Discover the Radiance and Tradition of Jyot

The word “jyot” (or jyoti) holds profound meaning in Indian culture, signifying the divine flame of light, knowledge, and the triumph of good over evil. A jyot diya, the traditional oil lamp used to create this sacred flame, is an integral part of Hindu rituals, festivals, and everyday life.

Understanding the Jyot

What is a jyot?

A jyot is a traditional Indian lamp, typically made of clay, brass, silver, or other metals, filled with oil and a cotton wick. The flame symbolizes purity, dispelling darkness, and connecting with the divine.

Significance of the jyot:

Jyots hold deep spiritual meaning in Hinduism, representing the presence of deities, the power of knowledge, and the victory of good over evil. Lighting a jyot is considered auspicious and bestows blessings.

Uses of the jyot:

Jyots are used extensively in:


Essential for daily worship rituals in homes and temples

  • Household Shrines: Most Hindu homes have a small shrine or dedicated space for puja. A jyot is an indispensable element, placed before the deities as a symbol of reverence and the dispelling of ignorance.
  • Temple Rituals: In temples, jyots play an even more elaborate role. Grander diyas illuminate the sacred space, and priests perform aarti (ritual of waving a lit jyot) as an offering and a way to circulate the deity’s blessings.
  • Specific Pujas: Certain pujas have unique uses for the jyot. For example, Satyanarayan Puja uses a specific multi-wicked jyot as a central focus.


The soft, flickering light aids in focus and introspection

  • Focal Point: For many, the gentle flame of a jyot becomes the object of their meditation. Gazing at the flame helps still the mind and focus inwardly.
  • Ambient Light: The soft, natural light of a jyot creates a tranquil atmosphere conducive to meditative practices, offering a contrast to the harshness of modern electric lighting.


Diwali, Navratri, and other celebrations feature jyots as symbols of light and hope

  • Diwali: The Festival of Lights: Countless jyots take center stage during Diwali. Their flickering flames represent the victory of inner light (knowledge) over spiritual darkness. Homes are decorated with rows of jyots, creating a mesmerizing spectacle.
  • Navratri: During the nine nights of Navratri, dedicated to Goddess Durga, special jyots are lit. These jyots often have multiple wicks and burn continuously, representing the Goddess’s power and the tenacity of devotion.

Auspicious Occasions:

Weddings, housewarmings, and other special ceremonies

  • Blessings and Welcoming: Lighting a jyot marks the beginning of auspicious occasions. It symbolizes inviting light, positivity, and divine blessings into the proceedings.
  • Weddings: Its feature prominently in traditional Hindu wedding ceremonies, included in various rituals and symbolizing the sacred fire that witnesses the marriage vows.
  • Housewarmings (Griha Pravesh): A signifies the welcoming of positive energy, dispelling negativity, and marking a new beginning in a home.

Everyday Life:

Bringing light, warmth, and positive energy into homes

  • Daily Ritual: In many homes, lighting a jyot both in the morning and evening is a cherished daily practice. It offers a moment of pause and a sense of connection to tradition and the divine.
  • Ambiance: The warm, flickering light of a batti creates a cozy and welcoming atmosphere within the home.
  • Belief in Positive Energy: Jyots are believed to cleanse the space and attract prosperity, peace, and good luck for the household.

Types of Jyot Diyas

The richness of Indian craftsmanship shines through in the various styles of diyas:

  • Traditional diyas: Simple clay diyas hold a timeless appeal.
  • Decorative diyas: Intricate carvings, embellishments, and colorful designs add beauty.
  • Handcrafted diyas: Made with artisanal skill and passed down through generations.
  • Brass diyas: Sturdy, durable, and a classic choice.
  • Silver diyas: Precious metal with a beautiful shine.
  • Copper diyas: Acquire a beautiful patina over time.
  • Jyot stands: Provide stability for single or multiple diyas.

Essentials for Lighting a Jyot

  • Jyot oil: Traditionally, ghee (clarified butter) or pure vegetable oils like sesame or mustard are used.
  • Jyot wicks Long cotton wicks ensure proper burning.
  • Lighter/matchbox: Ignite the flame with reverence

The Importance of Jyot in Indian Festivals

  • Diwali, the Festival of Lights Countless  illuminate homes and streets, creating a breathtaking spectacle symbolizing the victory of light over darkness.
  • Navratri Celebration It play a central role in rituals and prayers dedicated to Goddess Durga.

Experience The Benefits 

  • Spiritual connection: Lighting a fosters a connection with the divine.
  • Peace and tranquility The gentle flame calms the mind and creates a serene atmosphere.
  • Positive energy are believed to cleanse the aura and bring prosperity.
  • Beautiful Ambiance diyas add an aesthetic touch to your home.

Where to Buy Online

pujagoodies offers an exquisite collection of jyots, including traditional, decorative, and handcrafted options, along with  oils and wicks. Shop now and bring the radiant tradition of the jyot into your life.

Embrace Tradition, Ignite Your Spirit

A simple flame within a humble diya, has illuminated homes and hearts for centuries. It is more than a lamp; it is a spark of the divine, a beacon of hope, and a timeless connection to the rich heritage of India.

Whether you seek a deeper connection to your faith, yearn for the peace that only a flickering flame can offer, or desire to fill your home with the auspicious glow of tradition, a jyot awaits.

We offers a beautiful collection of jyots. From simple clay diyas to exquisitely handcrafted masterpieces in brass, silver, and copper, you’ll find the perfect embodiment of the sacred flame. Experience the radiance of the jyot, and let its light guide you on your path.

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