Cotton Black Dhaga/ thread | Kala Dhaga – Resham for tabiz

Colour – Black

Cost is for 1 metre.

Material – Resham Dhaga


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Kala Dhaga: Your Shield Against the Evil Eye

Embrace the protective power of tradition with our premium-quality black resham dhaga, also known as kala dhaga. This sacred thread is an essential element in many Indian spiritual practices, believed to provide potent protection against negative energies and the evil eye (nazar).

Key Features

Authentic Resham: The Luxury of Pure Silk

 This luxurious material not only feels incredibly soft and smooth against your skin but also ensures superior durability. Unlike lesser quality threads, your resham kala dhaga will retain its shape and strength, providing long-lasting protection and comfort.

Traditional Black Color: Embodying Protection and Power

The deep, rich black hue of our kala dhaga holds profound symbolic meaning. In many spiritual traditions, the color black represents strength, resilience, and the ability to absorb and neutralize negative energies. By choosing this traditional color, you tap into centuries of cultural wisdom and spiritual significance.

Versatile Use: Adaptable to Your Spiritual Needs

This authentic black resham dhaga is incredibly versatile, allowing you to incorporate it into your spiritual practices in ways that resonate with you. Here’s how you might utilize it:

  • Creating Tabiz Amulets: The most common use for kala dhaga is in the creation of tabiz or tabeez. These small protective amulets may hold prayers, sacred verses, herbs, or other spiritually meaningful objects, further enhancing their power.
  • Protective Bracelets and Anklets: Simply tie a length of resham dhaga around your wrist or ankle for a continuous shield against negativity. Its discreet nature allows you to carry this protection with you throughout your day.
  • Other Spiritual Rituals: Incorporate the kala dhaga into your personal rituals, prayers, or meditation practices. You might use it to tie together sacred objects, bind affirmations, or add a layer of protection to your spiritual space.

Generous Length: Flexibility for Your Protection

Each purchase of our kala dhaga provides you with a generous 1 meter of thread. This substantial length gives you ample material to work with, allowing you to create multiple tabiz, bracelets, or utilize it as needed in your spiritual practice without the concern of running out.

Why Choose Kala Dhaga?

For centuries, people across India have trusted the power of kala dhaga to safeguard themselves and their loved ones from misfortune, ill intentions, and spiritual harm. This simple yet powerful thread is a cornerstone of many Hindu, Sikh, and Jain traditions, among others.

  • Defense Against Nazar: People often wear kala dhaga to deflect the “nazar” or evil eye. They believe a jealous or envious gaze casts negative energy, but the kala dhaga absorbs and deflects this harmful force.
  • Spiritual Protection: Many people wear kala dhaga as a symbol of spiritual devotion and protection. It can act as a reminder of the presence of divine forces and offer a sense of security and peace.
  • Symbol of Resilience: The color black of the dhaga is associate with unwavering strength and the ability to overcome obstacles. It can be a source of inspiration for those facing challenges or seeking greater personal power.

Practical Uses of Black Resham Dhaga

Tabiz/Tabeez Creation

  • The Heart of Protection: Tabiz (sometimes spelled tabeez) are small, wearable amulets that hold deep spiritual significance. At their core is the kala dhaga, acting as the base to which other protective elements are added.
  • Personalized Power: A tabiz can contain various items depending on the individual’s needs and beliefs. People often include written prayers, verses from holy texts, small sacred objects (like a symbol of a deity), herbs, or even a pinch of blessed soil in their tabiz.
  • Enhancing the Shield: The tabiz is often encased in a small cloth pouch or a metal locket to keep its contents safe and to add a decorative element. The black thread itself represents protection, and the added elements within the tabiz amplify that power.

Wrist and Ankle Threads

  • Simplicity and Constant Defense: Sometimes, just tying black resham dhaga around the wrist or ankle is enough. It acts as a visible reminder of spiritual protection and the belief in warding off negative energy.

  • Symbolism in Placement: The wrist and ankle are popular choices. They are seen as energetic “entry points” where negativity can be stop.

  • Discreet Safeguard: This method is ideal for those wanting protection without drawing attention. The kala dhaga can be easily worn under clothing.

Children’s Protection

  • A Parent’s Love: It’s a heartfelt tradition for parents to adorn their newborns and young children with a kala dhaga bracelet or anklet. This is seen as a loving act to shield their little one from harm, illness, and the ill intentions of others.
  • Beyond the Evil Eye: While deflecting the evil eye is a primary concern, parents also believe it offers a blanket of protection for their child’s overall well-being.
  • Visual Reminder: The black thread on a child signals to those around them that this child is cherished and protected.

Other Applications

  • Ritualistic Use: Kala dhaga plays a role in various rituals and ceremonies. It can be use to tie together sacre items, to mark special spaces for prayer or meditation, or as part of offerings to deities.
  • Securing Sacred Objects: Sometimes, kala dhaga is use to bind or secure other sacred objects. This could be to keep them safely in place or to further enhance their spiritual power.
  • Protection on the Road: It’s not uncommon to see kala dhaga tied to vehicles, particularly before long journeys. This is a way to seek protection and safe travels.

Experience the Power of Kala Dhaga

At pujagoodies, we offer only the highest quality black resham dhaga, carefully sourced for its purity and strength. Our threads are blesse with positive intentions and ready to serve as your spiritual armor.

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