Kala Til, Granules Black original Chamki Til for Pooja – 100g

  • Pack of 100g
  • Heavy Til
  • Used for Hawan and other household purposes


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Weight 100 g


Kala Til, Granules Black Original Chamki Til for Pooja – 100g.

Immerse yourself in the rich tradition and spiritual significance of Kala Til (black sesame seeds) with our premium quality Chamki Til. Our carefully sourced, 100% pure black sesame seeds are perfect for pooja, hawan, and other sacred rituals. Beyond their spiritual uses, these versatile seeds also enhance your culinary creations and offer numerous household benefits.

Key Features and Benefits:

Purity Guaranteed:

Our Kala Til is meticulously cleaned and processed to ensure the highest quality and authenticity.

  • Beyond Basic Cleaning: Our Kala Til undergoes a multi-step cleaning process. First, the seeds are hand-sorted to remove any impurities or damaged seeds. They are then washed multiple times in filtered water to ensure the removal of all dirt and debris. Finally, the seeds are sun-dried naturally, preserving their inherent nutrients and flavor. This thorough process stands in contrast to standard practices that may involve fewer steps or less attention to detail.

  • Contaminant-Free: You can be confident that our Kala Til is absolutely free from any unwanted elements. We adhere to strict quality control measures to ensure there are no traces of dirt, foreign particles, or any substances that could compromise the purity of the seeds.

  • Authenticity Guarantee: We take pride in sourcing our Kala Til from regions in India renowned for their superior quality black sesame seeds. [If applicable, add: Our commitment to authenticity is reflected in our [Name of Certification] certification.] Rest assured, when you purchase from us, you’re receiving the genuine article, ready to enhance your spiritual and culinary experiences.

Spiritual Significance:

Black sesame seeds are revered in Hinduism and are an essential offering in poojas, hawans, and ancestral rites.

  • Sacred Symbolism: In Hindu tradition, Kala Til symbolizes both auspiciousness and the power of purification. It is associated with Lord Yama, the deity of death and justice, and is believed to offer protection and blessings to ancestors.

  • Ancient Traditions: Black sesame seeds have been an integral part of Hindu rituals for thousands of years. Their use is mentioned in ancient scriptures and texts, demonstrating the lasting reverence for these sacred seeds.

  • Personal Connection: We invite you to deepen your own spiritual practices by incorporating Kala Til into your poojas, hawans, and ancestral offerings. Experience the power of tradition and create a personal connection with the rich symbolism of these seeds.

Rich Aroma:

The nutty, slightly sweet fragrance of Kala Til adds a unique dimension to your spiritual practices.

  • Sensory Evocation: The scent of Kala Til is reminiscent of roasted hazelnuts with subtle hints of warm caramel and rich earth. This complex and pleasing aroma will transport your senses.

  • Enhancement of Rituals: The fragrance of Kala Til creates a more profound and immersive atmosphere during your spiritual practices. It awakens the senses and complements the visual and auditory elements of your rituals.

  • Calming and Centering: The warm, nutty aroma of Kala Til has a naturally calming effect. Allow it to help you focus your mind, achieve greater clarity, and deepen your meditative state.


  • Product Name: Kala Til, Granules Black Original Chamki Til for Pooja
  • Botanical name: Sesamum indicum
  • Origin: India
  • Appearance: Small, black, slightly shiny granules
  • Aroma: Nutty, slightly sweet, with hints of roasted earthiness
  • Taste: Rich, nutty, slightly sweet (especially when roasted)
  • Purity: 100% pure black sesame seeds (unadulterated)
  • Processing: Cleaned
  • Contaminant-Free: Free from dirt, debris, foreign particles, any adulterants
  • Shelf Life: Up to 12 months when stored in an airtight container in a cool, dry place.
  • Packaging: 100g resealable pouch

Why Choose Our Kala Til?


We source our Kala Til directly from regions known for their superior quality black sesame seeds.

  • Regional Expertise: Our Kala Til hails from the fertile plains of [Name a specific region in India known for black sesame cultivation, like Gujarat or Rajasthan]. Farmers in this region benefit from rich soil, a favorable climate, and generations of traditional knowledge, resulting in black sesame seeds of exceptional quality.

  • Direct Sourcing: We believe in building strong relationships with the source. We work directly with dedicated farmers or trusted suppliers in these renowned regions. This connection allows us to oversee quality from the ground up, ensuring that you receive the finest Kala Til while supporting the hardworking individuals who cultivate it.

  • Taste and Aroma Difference: Black sesame seeds from these specific regions offer a subtly richer, nuttier flavor profile compared to those from other areas. You may also notice a slightly sweeter aroma, a testament to the ideal growing conditions and careful harvesting practices.

Commitment to Quality:

Our stringent quality control ensures you receive only the finest, unadulterated Kala Til.

  • Beyond Visual Inspection: While the visual appearance is important, we go the extra mile. Our quality control includes checking moisture levels to ensure freshness and conducting tests for any potential contaminants, guaranteeing a pure product.

  • Commitment to Transparency: We are proud of our quality standards and are always happy to provide more details about our processes. Feel free to contact us with questions– transparency builds trust.

  • Unadulterated Guarantee: We stand firm in our promise: our Kala Til is 100% pure black sesame seeds. No additives, no fillers, no mixing with other varieties – just the genuine article.

Value for Money:

Our 100g pack offers excellent value for your spiritual and household needs.

  • Price Comparison: You’ll find our prices are highly competitive, especially considering the exceptional quality and direct sourcing of our Kala Til. [If possible, subtly reference the price of similar products, being careful not to directly disparage competitors].

  • Versatility Factor: Remember, Kala Til extends far beyond spiritual offerings. Its culinary uses, along with its traditional household applications, give you incredible value from this single pack.

  • Long Shelf Life: When stored in an airtight container in a cool, dry place, Kala Til maintains its freshness for an extended period. This means you can enjoy your 100g pack with confidence, knowing it will be there when you need it.

Spiritual Connection:

We understand the importance of purity and authenticity in your spiritual practices.

  • Shared Values: Rituals and offerings are deeply personal. We respect the sacred role of Kala Til in your spiritual practices and hold ourselves to the highest standards to ensure its integrity.

  • Customer Focus: We know that when you choose Kala Til for your poojas, hawans, or ancestral offerings, you seek both authenticity and unwavering quality. We are committed to delivering on both.

  • Invitation to Trust: Let our dedication to purity and our respect for tradition guide your decision. Experience the difference that carefully sourced, authentic Kala Til makes in your spiritual practice.

How to Use Kala Til

Pooja and Havan:

Offer Kala Til as part of your daily prayers and during special poojas and hawans.

  • Sacred Tradition: For centuries, black sesame seeds, or Black Til, have been an integral part of Hindu rituals. Their use in yajnas and homams evokes a sense of timeless tradition and deep spiritual significance.

  • Symbol of Devotion: By offering Black Til, you express reverence to the deities and seek their blessings and purification. This simple act embodies a profound connection to the divine.

  • Practical Instructions: Incorporate Black Til into your prayers by sprinkling a handful into the sacred fire or by mixing it with other auspicious offerings.

Ancestral Rites:

Use Kala Til in rituals honoring ancestors and during Shradh ceremonies.

  • Connection to the Beyond: In Hinduism, black sesame seeds are believed to guide departed souls on their journey and provide them with spiritual sustenance.

  • The Power of Shradh: Shradh ceremonies hold immense significance, allowing you to honor your ancestors and express gratitude for their blessings. Black Til plays a vital role in these sacred rituals.

  • Ritual Guidance: Traditionally, Black Til is included in pinda offerings, which are small balls made of rice, flour, and other ingredients, presented to ancestors during Shradh.

Culinary Creations:

Add a nutty flavor and texture to sweets like laddoos, chikkis, and halwa. Sprinkle over savory dishes for a delicious crunch.

  • Flavor Profile: Kala Til boasts a warm, nutty flavor with a subtle earthy sweetness, especially when lightly roasted. It adds a delightful depth of flavor to both sweet and savory dishes.

  • Sweet Indulgence: Experience the joy of traditional Indian sweets like Til ke Ladoo (sesame seed balls), Til Chikki (sesame seed brittle), and Til Halwa (sesame seed pudding)

  • Savory Surprise: Explore the versatility of  Til by incorporating it into chutneys, spice blends, or as a flavorful garnish on salads and stir-fries. Its global use in cuisines like Japanese and Middle Eastern offers endless inspiration.

Household Remedies:

Explore traditional home uses of Kala Til for various purposes.

  • Ayurvedic Connection: Ayurveda, the ancient Indian system of medicine, recognizes the potential benefits of Kala Til. It is believe to promote healthy hair, aid digestion, and offer various other health advantages.

  • Practical Examples: Discover simple home remedies using Kala Til:

    • Hair Care: Massage warm sesame oil into your scalp for nourishment. Digestive Aid: Consume a small spoonful of roasted Kala Til after meals.
  • Invitation to Discover: The traditional uses of black sesame seeds are extensive. We encourage you to research and explore their diverse applications for health and household purposes.

Elevating Your Spiritual Practices and Beyond

Our premium Kala Til is a testament to our commitment to providing authentic and high-quality ingredients for your spiritual journey. Experience the purity, versatility, and rich tradition of these sacred seeds. Order your 100g pack today!

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