Saga Copper Pooja Lota Kalash – (9, Copper)

Brand Saga
Item Weight 250 Grams
Size 9
Number of Pieces 1

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Saga Copper Pooja Kalash (9, Copper) – Elevate Your Rituals with Authentic Purity

Embrace the sacred tradition of Hindu rituals with the exquisite Saga Copper Pooja Kalash (9, Copper). This stunning vessel, meticulously crafted from pure copper, embodies the timeless essence of spiritual devotion and the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda.

What is a Kalash?

  • A kalash is a traditional metal pot (usually copper or brass) with a wide base and narrow opening. It signifies abundance, the source of life, and the presence of the divine.
  • The Kalash is central to many Hindu rituals and ceremonies.

The Significance of Copper in Pooja:

Purity and Sanctity

  • Destroyer of Negativity: Hinduism views copper as a purifying metal with the capacity to cleanse spaces and objects. Negative energies, such as harmful bacteria, are believed to be unable to survive on copper surfaces. This makes it an ideal material for sacred rituals and offerings.
  • Container for Holy Water: Copper vessels or ‘kalash’ are often used to store ‘Gangajal’ (water from the holy Ganges river) or other sacred water used in rituals and purification. The purifying nature of copper is believed to maintain the sanctity and positive vibrations of the water.
  • A Conduit for the Divine: The ability to ward off negative energies makes copper an ideal material for temple structures, idols, and religious implements. During worship, it’s believed copper helps to create an environment inviting the presence of deities and enhances the overall spiritual experience.

Ayurvedic Benefits of Kalash

  • Tamra Jal – The Elixir of Health: Ayurvedic medicine, the ancient Indian system of healing, recognizes the health properties of water stored in copper vessels. Modern science also supports this, explaining the process where copper ions leach into water, offering these benefits:
    • Boosts Immunity: Copper ions have antimicrobial properties and can help eliminate bacteria and viruses from the water.
    • Regulates Digestion: Ayurvedic texts suggest copper infused water helps stimulate digestive juices and improve bowel function.
    • A Potential Aid in Weight Regulation: Copper-infused water may assist in metabolizing fat and aid in weight management.
    • Provides Antioxidants: Copper is an antioxidant that helps neutralize harmful free radicals in the body.

Spiritual Resonance

  • The Color of the Sun: Copper’s warm, reddish-gold hue evokes associations with the sun, a powerful divine symbol in Hinduism. The sun represents energy, vitality, and divine light.
  • Connection to Fire: Copper also has a connection to Agni, the god of fire. Agni is another important element in rituals, representing purity and transformative power. This association further amplifies copper’s sacred significance.
  • Enhancement of Rituals: The use of copper utensils, like lamps, bells, and offering vessels during pooja (worship) is believed to intensify the spiritual potency of prayers and enhance the blessings received.

In Conclusion

Copper’s role in Hinduism extends beyond its material form. It embodies deeply-held beliefs in purity, healing, and the divine connection. The integration of copper into rituals, Ayurvedic practices, and the sacred spaces within Hindu homes demonstrates a holistic approach to well-being that bridges the physical and the spiritual.

The Saga Copper Pooja Kalash: Your Sacred Companion

Exquisite Craftsmanship

  • Handmade Touch: Each kalash is the product of meticulous attention from skilled artisans, who dedicate themselves to every detail. No two are exactly alike.
  • Flawless Form: The care taken in the construction results in a kalash with smooth curves, elegant lines, and a perfectly symmetrical shape.
  • Lustrous Finish: The material is polishe to a high shine, creating a surface that reflects light beautifully and adds a note of luxury.

Durable and Timeless Kalash

  • Pure Copper: Copper is renown for its strength and ability to resist corrosion. This kalash will last for generations with proper care.
  • Unique Patina: Over time, as the copper interacts with the elements, it develops a rich, warm patina. This natural aging process adds to the beauty and tells a story of the kalash’s use in your devotion.

Versatile for All Rituals

  • Abhishekham: The kalash is an essential element in Abhishekham, the sacred bathing ceremony performed to honor deities.
  • Daily Poojas: Its beauty and functionality make it ideal for daily rituals and worship at your home altar.
  • Special Occasions: Elevates the significance of any special celebration, festival, or religious ceremony.
  • Home Altar: Its visual appeal and spiritual significance make it a cherished addition that will enhance your sacred space.

Ideal Size

  • Size 9: Provides a generous capacity for holding holy water or other offerings, ensuring practicality for different rituals.
  • Graceful Aesthetic: Maintains an elegant and balanced visual presence without being too large or bulky for convenient use on an altar.

How to Use the Saga Copper Pooja Kalash:



  • Lemon juice (1-2 lemons)
  • Salt (a generous pinch)
  • Soft cloth


  • Combine the lemon juice and salt to create a gentle abrasive paste.
  • Thoroughly rub the paste over both the interior and exterior of your kalash. This will cleanse and prepare it for sacred use.
  • Rinse the kalash very well with clean water, ensuring no paste residue remains.
  • Gently dry the kalash with a soft cloth.


Water Selection

    • Ideal: Ganga jal (water from the Ganges River) is considered the most sacred and purifying.
    • Alternative: If Ganga jal is not available, use clean, filtered water.

Additions (Optional):

    • Holy: A few drops of rose water or sandalwood water can be add for fragrance.
    • Auspicious: A few coins, a betel nut, or sacred herbs like Tulsi leaves can be add to the water for symbolic purposes.


  • Placement: The kalash is often placed on a small mound of rice grains and positioned on a dedicated altar or sacred space within your home.
  • Offerings: The kalash becomes a vessel for sacred water offerings to deities during pooja (worship) ceremonies.
  • Abhishekham: Abhishekham is a ritual bathing of a deity’s idol or sacred image, in which water from the kalash is used.
  • Other Ceremonies: The kalash plays a role in a wide variety of Hindu ceremonies like weddings, housewarmings, and specific festivals.


  • Regular Cleaning: To maintain the sanctity and shine of the kalash, regular cleaning is important.
    • Mild Copper Cleaner A dedicated commercial copper cleaning solution will help preserve the kalash’s appearance.
    • Natural Options: Tamarind paste or lemon juice can also be used as natural cleaning agents.
  • Preventing Tarnish: After cleaning, dry the kalash immediately to prevent tarnishing. Consider applying a very thin layer of coconut oil or natural wax for added protection.
  • Sacred Storage: When not in use, wrap the kalash in clean cloth and keep it in a dedicated space on your altar or in a respectful storage area.

Additional Considerations

  • Mango Leaves and Coconut: Often mango leaves are placed around the rim of the kalash, and a coconut (wrapped in red cloth and adorned with turmeric) rests on top.
  • Regional Variations: There are regional variations in kalash preparation and use within Hinduism, so it’s worth learning about the specific traditions of your family or community.

Experience the Blessings of the Saga Copper Pooja Kalash

Deepen Your Spiritual Connection

  • Symbol of Abundance and Source of Life: In Hindu traditions, the kalash represents creation, abundance, and the source of life. Water within the kalash is considered sacred, symbolizing the divine life-giving energy.
  • Amplifies Prayers and Intentions: Copper is a highly conductive metal believe to focus energy and positive vibrations. Prayers and rituals performed with a copper kalash are amplified and resonate more profoundly with the universe.
  • Creating a Sacred Atmosphere: The act of pouring water from the copper kalash, the gentle resonance it makes, and the offering of water to deities bring a sense of peace and focused devotion.

Promote Health and Well-being

  • Ayurvedic Principle of Copper-Infused Water: Ayurveda, ancient Indian medicine, recommends storing water overnight in a copper vessel. It’s believe this water acquires subtle copper ions, balancing the three doshas (vata, pitta, kapha) for health and vibrancy.
  • Modern Science on Copper’s Benefits: Scientific research suggests copper has potential antimicrobial properties, aiding in the purification of water. Copper may also have trace benefits for metabolism and the immune system with regular use.

Beautify Your Sacred Space

  • Radiant Warmth and Elegance: Copper, with its glowing, warm tone, naturally exudes beauty. Whether simple or intricately designed, a copper kalash becomes a focal point of your altar.
  • A Piece of Tradition: The use of copper in religious and household rituals has been a part of Indian culture for centuries. A copper kalash brings this timeless tradition into your sacred space.

Gift of Devotion

  • Auspicious Occasions: A copper kalash is a thoughtful and traditional gift for housewarmings, weddings, Diwali, or other important ceremonies, marking the beginnings of new journeys.
  • Symbol of Blessings: Gifting a copper kalash embodies a wish for wellness, abundance, and spiritual connection for the recipient.
  • An Enduring Gift: A well-made copper kalash can last for generations, passed on as a symbol of love and devotion within families.

Kalash Specifications

  • Type: Copper Kalash
  • Color: Copper
  • Metal: Pure Copper
  • Weight: 250 Grams
  • Brand: Saga
  • Number of Pieces: 1
  • Size: 9

Order the Saga Copper Pooja Kalash (9, Copper) today and elevate your spiritual practice to new heights!

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