Ladoo Gopal Dress | Kanha Dress | Poshak

Dress Size – 0, 1, 2,  3, 4 , 5 , 6 no.

Width (चौड़ाई)

0 number – 12 cm

1 number –  15 cm

2 number –  18 cm

4 number – 24 cm

5 number-  29 cm

6 number – 34 cm

Beautifully designed with sequins work and lace work


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Green, Orange, Pink, Red, Yellow


0, 1, 2


Vibrant Kanha Ji ki Dress (Poshak): Exquisite Design for Laddu Gopal Idols

Revere the playful spirit of Lord Krishna by adorning your cherished Laddu Gopal idol in exquisitely handcrafted Kanha Ji ki Dress, also known as Poshaks. Each dress embodies the vibrant energy and divine beauty associated with Lord Krishna, transforming your home into a sanctuary of devotion.

Intricate Craftsmanship, Symbolism, and Tradition

Our Kanha Ji dresses are meticulously designed with intricate details that reflect the rich symbolism and artistic traditions of India.

Sequin Work: Evoking Celestial Radiance

  • Shimmering Splendor: Round, iridescent sequins dance upon the fabric, catching the light like a thousand twinkling stars. Each sparkle echoes the radiant energy of Lord Krishna himself.
  • Symbol of Divine Light: As boundless as the starry cosmos, the sequin work illuminates the dress with Krishna’s divine aura. It’s a dazzling representation of the love and brilliance shining within every devotee’s heart.
  • Celestial Celebration: Adorn your Laddu Gopal in a cascade of shimmering sequins, and joyous festivities will surely follow. The dress becomes a beacon of celebration, perfect for festivals and moments of pure devotional happiness.

Lace Work: Purity and Delicate Devotion

  • Intricate Beauty: Delicate floral lace, inspired by the gardens of Vrindavan, adorns the dress with timeless elegance. Each intricate pattern is a testament to both meticulous craftsmanship and the depth of devotion offered.
  • Offering of the Heart: The soft, intricate lacework symbolizes the pure and gentle spirit of your love for Lord Krishna. It’s a beautiful way to clothe your Laddu Gopal in the purest essence of your devotion.
  • Touch of Elegance: Lace elevates the dress, bestowing a sense of refinement worthy of the divine. Each detail reflects the reverence with which you approach your beloved idol.

Vibrant Colors: Symbolism and Personal Expression

  • Colors of Joy: The dress bursts with vibrant hues – joyful pink, radiant yellow, celebratory orange, prosperous green, and passionate red. These colors mirror the spectrum of emotions Krishna inspires within us, from peace to boundless love.
  • Festivals and Meanings: Each color resonates with its own significance. Yellow for wisdom during Saraswati Puja, green for bountiful harvests… let the colors guide your devotional celebrations and honor specific deities.
  • Personal Devotion: Whether your heart calls out for a calming pink or a vibrant orange, let the color of your dress express your unique bond with Lord Krishna. Each hue becomes a symbol of your individual prayers and offerings.

Peacock Figure: Grace, Beauty, and Playfulness

  • Krishna’s Beloved Companion: The iconic peacock, Krishna’s eternal companion, graces the dress with its presence. Its presence is a reminder that even within our devotion, there is joyful playfulness.
  • Symbols of Grace: The peacock’s elegant form and vibrant feathers embody beauty and regality. Let its presence adorn your Laddu Gopal with an aura of divine grace.
  • Joyful Spirit: The peacock, like Krishna, represents the joy found in music, dance, and the splendor of the natural world. Dress your Laddu Gopal in this symbol of joyous celebration.

Kanha Ji ki Dress Specifications 

  • Brand: Pujagoodies
  • Theme: Religion
  • Figure Type: Peacock
  • Colors: Pink, Yellow, Orange, Green, Red
  • Dress Sizes (Number): 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
  • Width (चौड़ाई) in Centimeters:
    • Size 0: 12 cm
    • Size 1: 15 cm
    • Size 2: 18 cm
    • Size 3: 21 cm
    • Size 4: 24 cm
    • Size 5: 29 cm
    • Size 6: 34 cm
  • Origin: Made in India

Find the Perfect Fit for Your Laddu Gopal

Adorning your Laddu Gopal in a Kanha Ji dress is a beautiful act of devotion, transforming your idol into a vibrant representation of the divine. To ensure your dress fits perfectly and enhances the beauty of your Laddu Gopal, choosing the right size is essential. Here’s why:

  • Visual Harmony: A well-fitting Kanha Ji dress creates a sense of visual harmony and elegance. A dress that’s too loose might overwhelm your idol’s delicate form, while a dress that’s too tight might restrict movement or appear ill-fitting.
  • Respectful Representation: In Hindu tradition, dressing deities in beautiful clothing is an act of reverence and respect. A properly-fitted dress demonstrates the thoughtfulness and care you put into honoring Lord Krishna through his representation as Laddu Gopal.
  • Comfort and Practicality: Just as with our own clothing, a well-fitting dress ensures comfort. You’ll want your Laddu Gopal to be at ease in his attire, especially when changing the dress for various festivals or daily worship.

Our Sizing Guide: Ensuring Your Satisfaction

We want to help you find the perfect fit for your beloved Laddu Gopal. That’s why we offer a range of sizes (0-6) and a detailed size chart. Our chart provides accurate width (चौड़ाई) measurements for each dress size, making it easy for you to determine the ideal fit.

How to Measure Kanha Ji ki Dress:

  1. Gently measure the widest part of your Laddu Gopal idol. This is usually around the base or the stomach area.
  2. Compare your idol’s width to our size chart. Choose the size that most closely matches your measurement.

Remember: If you have any questions or need assistance with sizing, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re dedicated to helping you find the perfect Kanha Ji dress to adorn your Laddu Gopal with love and devotion.

High-Quality Materials and Workmanship: A Reflection of Your Devotion

We understand that adorning your Laddu Gopal in a beautiful Kanha Ji dress is a profound expression of your love and devotion. It’s a testament to the care and reverence you offer to the divine. That’s why we are committed to providing dresses that honor the significance of this practice and can be cherished for years to come.

  • Premium Fabrics: Experience the Difference Our dresses are crafted from carefully selected fabrics that not only look exquisite but also feel soft and comfortable against your Laddu Gopal idol. We choose materials like [list your specific fabrics] for their luxurious drape, vibrant colors that resist fading, and gentle texture.

  • Meticulous Stitching: Craftsmanship with Care Each Kanha Ji dress is meticulously stitched with precision and attention to detail. Strong seams and reinforced areas ensure the dresses can withstand gentle handling during dressing and remain beautiful through festivals and daily worship.

  • Uncompromising Beauty: Details that Matter From the embellishment of shimmering sequins to the delicate touch of intricate lacework, every element is thoughtfully executed. We believe that exquisite craftsmanship is essential in creating dresses that are truly worthy of adorning your beloved Laddu Gopal.

Invest in Devotion: Dresses Designed to Last When you choose a Kanha Ji dress from our collection, you’re not just making a purchase, you’re investing in a sacred item that can bring joy and spiritual connection for many years. We are dedicated to providing the quality and craftsmanship that allows your dress to become a treasured part of your devotional practices.

Celebrate Lord Krishna’s playful spirit and adorn your Laddu Gopal in exquisite Kanha Ji ki Dress.

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