Shiv Shakti Arts® Pure Bronze Kansa Bowl Katori Pudding Plate for Serving Food, Tableware(Kansi, Gold – Volume-50 ML) – 1 Piece

  • Pure Bronze Kansa Bowl Pudding Plate For Serving Food, Tableware(Kansi, Vol – 50 ML Each) – 6 piece
  • Highly Durable Pure Bronze/Kansa Pudding Plate, Bowl = Dimension : 2.2 x 10.4 cm (Height x Width), Debth – 1.7 cm, Capacity – 50 ML Each, Weight – 133 Gm Each Approx.
  • Why Kansa? = Copper or brass reacts with sour food, salt and lemon which can be harmful for the body. Therefore, they are not recommended to eat or cook in. Whereas, Kansa or Bronze does not react with sour acidic food hence, it is the best metal to eat and cook in.
  • The root of every healthy person is a good digestive system and kansa alloy alkalizes and purifies the food, and promotes digestive health. Artisan crafted handmade metal ware is made by skilled craftsmen in india.
  • On the occasion of diwali, christmas, anniversary, birthdays these items can be readily turned into a wonderful gift item.

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Weight 133 g
Dimensions 10.4 × 10.4 × 2.2 cm


Discover the Elegance and Health Benefits of the Shiv Shakti Arts® Pure Bronze Kansa Bowl Katori Pudding Plate

Enhance your dining experience and promote wellness with the exquisite Shiv Shakti Arts® Pure Bronze Kansa Bowl Katori Pudding Plate for Serving Food, Tableware (Kansi, Gold – Volume-50 ML) – 6 Piece Set. Crafted from the finest quality bronze (kansa), these katori bowls offer timeless beauty and numerous health advantages.

Key Features and Benefits:

Premium Pure Bronze (Kansa) Construction:

  • Exceptional Purity: Our kansa katori bowls are crafted from a high-purity alloy of copper and tin, maximizing the traditional health benefits associated with this metal.
  • Enduring Strength: Bronze is renowned for its strength and longevity, ensuring your katori bowls are an investment in lasting beauty and functionality.
  • Lustrous Golden Finish: The warm, polished glow of the bronze adds a touch of understated luxury to your dining experience.

Traditional Design:

  • Deep Cultural Roots: Embrace the rich heritage of India and the principles of Ayurveda with kansa tableware, traditionally used for its health-promoting properties.
  • Timeless Elegance: Classic design elements ensure these katori bowls effortlessly complement any table setting, from casual meals to celebratory feasts.

Ideal Capacity:

  • Perfect Portions: The 50 ML volume provides ideal individual serving sizes, encouraging portion control and allowing guests to enjoy diverse flavors.
  • Versatile Uses: Perfectly suited for desserts, puddings, side dishes, condiments, dips, sauces, nuts, and more.
  • Visually Appealing: The size offers a beautiful canvas for creative food presentations.

Health-Promoting Properties:

  • Ayurvedic Wisdom: Kansa plays a role in Ayurvedic practices, where it’s believed to balance energies and promote digestive well-being.
  • Alkalizing and Purifying: Kansa subtly interacts with food, potentially raising its pH and removing impurities for a healthier eating experience.
  • Long-term Benefits: Regular use of kansa tableware may contribute to improved overall gut health and wellness.

Safe and Non-Reactive

  • Superior to Brass and Copper: Unlike other metals, kansa won’t leach potentially harmful elements into your food, even when serving acidic dishes with citrus, vinegar, or sour ingredients.
  • Enjoy with Confidence: Savor your favorite foods worry-free, knowing your kansa katori bowls ensure purity and taste.

Artisan Crafted:

  • Masterful Skill: Each katori bowl reflects the dedication and expertise of skilled Indian artisans, honed over generations.
  • Supporting Tradition: Your purchase helps preserve time-honored craftsmanship and supports the livelihoods of talented craftspeople.
  • Uniquely Yours Due to the handcrafted nature, each bowl possesses subtle variations, making yours a one-of-a-kind treasure.

Versatile Use:

  • Beyond the Dining Table: Provide examples like using the katori for storing jewelry, as a decorative offering bowl, or even as a base for small candles.
  • Creative Inspiration: Encourage customers to discover their own unique uses and ways to incorporate the bowls into their daily lives.

Wonderful Gifting Option:

  • Health and Style: Emphasize that it’s a gift that offers both wellness benefits and a touch of elegance.
  • Suitable for All Occasions: Reiterate how perfect these katori are for holidays (Diwali, Christmas), birthdays, anniversaries, housewarmings, and any “just because” moments to show appreciation.

Product Specifications of kansa katori

  • Product Name: Shiv Shakti Arts® Pure Bronze Kansa Bowl Katori Pudding Plate for Serving Food, Tableware (Kansi, Gold – Volume-50 ML) – 6 Piece
  • Material Composition: High-grade pure Bronze (Kansa), an alloy of copper and tin.
  • Dimensions:
    • Height: 2.2 cm
    • Width (Diameter): 10.4 cm
    • Depth: 1.7 cm
  • Capacity: 50 ML (each bowl)
  • Weight: Approximately 133 grams (each bowl)
  • Color: Golden
  • Finish: Polished
  • Manufacturing Technique: Artisan handcrafted in India
  • Origin: India

Why Choose kansa katori Over Other Metals?

Brass and Copper: The Reactivity Issue

  • Oxidation: Brass and copper are susceptible to oxidation when they come into contact with oxygen and moisture. This oxidation process is accelerated by the presence of acids, salts, and other compounds commonly found in food.
  • Metal Leaching: As brass and copper oxidize, small amounts of these metals can leach into the food. This not only alters the taste and potentially compromises the nutritional value of the food but can also be harmful to your health in higher quantities.
  • Foods to Avoid: It’s strongly recommended to avoid cooking or storing the following in brass or copper vessels:
    • Acidic Foods: Citrus fruits, tomatoes, vinegar-based sauces, pickles, etc.
    • Salty Foods: Brines, salty snacks, etc.
    • Sour Foods: Curd, yogurt, tamarind, fermented foods, etc.

Kansa: The Safe and Healthful Alternative

  • Composition: Kansa is a traditional Indian alloy composed primarily of copper and tin. The specific ratio of these metals gives kansa its unique properties.
  • Minimal Reactivity: Kansa exhibits significantly lower reactivity compared to brass and copper. It resists oxidation and minimizes the leaching of metal ions into food.
  • Alkalizing Properties: Some sources suggest that kansa has a subtle alkalizing effect on food. This could help neutralize excess acidity, aiding digestion and potentially offering other health benefits.
  • Preserving Nutrients: Since kansa doesn’t react with food the way brass and copper can, it helps preserve the original flavor and nutritional integrity of the food you cook or store in it.

While brass and copper are beautiful metals, their reactivity with certain foods makes them less than ideal for culinary use. Kansa, with its unique composition and minimal reactivity, provides a safer and potentially healthier alternative, ensuring that your food remains pure, flavorful, and packed with the nutrients you need.

Experience the Difference with Shiv Shakti Arts® kansa katori

Dedication to Quality

We source only the finest grade bronze (Kansa), with a minimum of 78% copper and 22% tin for optimal purity and health benefits. Our manufacturing adheres to strict standards, including a multi-stage polishing process to ensure that each Katori exhibits superior durability and a flawless, mirror-like finish.


Each Kansa Katori is a testament to the skill of Indian artisans. We preserve centuries-old metalworking techniques, with skilled hands mastering the careful shaping, hammering, and finishing of each piece. The result is a unique Katori with the warmth and character of handcrafted beauty, resonating with a subtle ring when tapped and a comforting weight in the hand.

Quality Control

Before reaching you, every Katori undergoes a meticulous inspection. We check for purity, sturdiness, and an even, blemish-free finish. Only those that meet our exacting standards earn the Shiv Shakti Arts® name. We stand behind our Kansa craftsmanship with a [insert length] warranty, ensuring your peace of mind.

Customer Focus

From your first Kansa dining experience to many years of enjoyment, we want you to be completely delighted. We invite you to experience the Kansa difference and share your journey with us. If you have questions or feedback, don’t hesitate to reach out – we’re here for you.

Upgrade Your Dining Experience with kansa katori  Today!

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