Brass Embossed Kapoor Aarti Kapur Burner Karpuram Arathi Stand for dhoop kapur Dani, deepam, Vilakku Puja, Camphor Holder with Handle.Gold Colour

Shape Round
Material Brass
Brand Denique
Colour Gold
Product Dimensions 12L x 4W x 2.2h Centimeters

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Dimensions 12 × 4 × 2.2 cm


Brass Embossed Aarti kapur dani

Discover the beauty and serenity of traditional Indian rituals with this exquisitely crafted Brass Embossed kapur dani Karpuram Arathi Stand. Perfect for burning dhoop, kapur (camphor), or creating a beautiful deepam or vilakku, this elegant burner is an essential addition to your puja space.

This sacred vessel, shimmering with the warmth of burnished brass, invites you to connect with centuries of spiritual practice. Intricate embossed designs, perhaps swirling florals or scenes from Hindu mythology, dance across its surface, catching the light with every movement. Imagine the gentle aroma of dhoop incense, its smoke curling upwards like a prayer. Or, envision the pure, purifying flame of burning kapur (camphor), dispelling negativity and illuminating your inner peace. Whether you create a traditional deepam (oil lamp) or a simple vilakku, this elegant burner transforms a simple act into a profound ritual.

Features and Benefits kapur dani

Gorgeous Embossed kapur dani Design:

Intricate brass embossing adds a touch of timeless elegance and traditional charm.

  • Unmatched Beauty: The delicate, detailed embossing on the brass surface showcases intricate patterns and motifs. These might include floral designs, geometric shapes, or depictions of deities, adding a sense of history and artistry.
  • Timeless Appeal: Brass is a classic material, evoking a sense of tradition and heritage. The embossed designs elevate this further, making the burner a piece that will remain beautiful for generations.
  • Cultural Significance: Embossing can reflect motifs or designs drawn from India’s rich spiritual and artistic heritage, adding depth and meaning to the object.

Ideal for Home or Temple:

Create a calming, meditative atmosphere in your home, office, showroom, hotel, or temple.

  • Versatility: This burner isn’t just for homes. Its beauty and functionality make it perfect for enhancing the ambiance of professional settings, hospitality spaces, or dedicated places of worship.
  • Spiritual Enhancement: Burning camphor and certain types of incense is associated with purification and creating a sacred atmosphere ideal for prayer, meditation, and simply finding a sense of inner peace.
  • Stress Relief: The gentle scents and ritual of the burner can be a powerful tool for relaxation and stress reduction in busy homes or workplaces.

Perfect Gift:

A thoughtful and auspicious gift for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, housewarmings (Grah Pravesh), religious occasions, and corporate events.

  • Meaningful Symbolism: In many cultures, brass, camphor, and light hold significance, representing purity, well-being, and new beginnings. This symbolism makes it a fitting gift for major life milestones.
  • Practical and Beautiful: The recipient will not only appreciate the sentiment but will have a beautiful and useful object for their home or place of worship.
  • Wide Appeal The burner’s aesthetic aligns with various tastes making it a safe and appropriate choice for diverse gift-giving occasions.

Traditional Craftsmanship:

Handcrafted with care, showcasing the skill of experienced artisans.

  • Supporting Heritage: Choosing handcrafted items supports the continuation of traditional skills and helps sustain artisan communities.
  • Unique Touch: Each handcrafted burner will have slight variations, making it truly one-of-a-kind and adding character.
  • Ethical Choice: Often, handcrafted production prioritizes fair labor practices and can be a more socially conscious purchase.

Easy to Use kapur dani and Safe:

Conveniently fill with kapoor or dhoop; sturdy feet provide stability.

  • User-Friendly: The design prioritizes ease of use, with simple refilling of camphor or incense.
  • Safety Focus: Sturdy feet are essential to prevent tipping and the risk of burns or fire hazards.
  • Peace of Mind: Knowing the burner is safe and easy to use allows for greater focus on the rituals and ambiance.

Durable Brass Construction:

Made to last for years with simple care (wash with Pitambari powder, wipe dry).

  • Longevity: Brass is a robust material that resists rust and tarnishing, ensuring the burner maintains its beauty over time.
  • Hassle-free Upkeep: Simple cleaning instructions with readily available Pitambari powder help preserve the finish with minimal effort.
  • Value Investment: A well-made brass burner is an investment piece that offers lasting use and enjoyment.

Eye-Catching Gold kapur dani Color:

Adds a touch of warmth and richness to your decor.

  • Warm Glow: The golden hue of brass reflects light beautifully, adding a sense of warmth and even luxury to a space.
  • Complements Various Styles: Gold aligns with numerous decor styles, from traditional Indian to modern minimalist, making it a great fit for many homes.

Specifications of kapur dani

kapur dani Materials:

  • Body: Brass
  • Embossing: Brass (may be a slightly different alloy for contrast)
  • Handle: Brass
  • Base/Feet: Brass


  • Overall Height: 12 cm (approx. 4.7 inches)
  • Bowl Diameter: 8 cm (approx. 3.1 inches)
  • Handle Length: 10 cm (approx. 3.9 inches)

Finish: Polished Brass

Weight: 250 grams (approx.)

Why Choose Our Brass Embossed kapur dani?

  • Enhance Your Puja Experience:

Burning camphor is a sacred ritual believed to purify the atmosphere, ward off negativity, and promote peace and well-being.

  • Spiritual Purification: In Hindu traditions, the burning of camphor symbolizes the destruction of the ego through its complete sublimation. The vapor released purifies the environment, dispelling negative energies and creating a sacred space for prayer and offerings.
  • Aromatherapy & Well-being: The distinct, slightly medicinal aroma of camphor is known to clear the mind, promote feelings of calmness, and create an uplifted spiritual atmosphere.
  • Connection to the Divine: The act of burning camphor is an offering to deities, a way to connect with the divine and invite blessings of peace, prosperity, and spiritual clarity.

Create a Tranquil Ambiance:

The gentle fragrance of burning incense or camphor promotes relaxation and focus during prayer or meditation.

  • Peaceful Atmosphere: The soft, lingering fragrance of camphor or incense has a soothing effect on the mind and body. It helps quiet mental chatter and aids in achieving a deeper state of focus.
  • Mindfulness and Meditation: The ritualistic nature of burning camphor, coupled with its calming aroma, provides the perfect setting for meditation and introspection. It promotes mindfulness and awareness in the present moment.
  • Enhanced Prayer: A serene environment, free from distractions, enhances the depth and sincerity of prayers and devotional practices.

Beautiful and Functional:

A stunning piece of décor that complements your spiritual space even when not in use.

  • Timeless Elegance: The intricate embossed designs and warm glow of a brass camphor burner embody a sense of tradition and heritage. It adds a touch of spiritual refinement to your puja altar or meditation corner.
  • Symbol of Devotion: A dedicated camphor burner signifies your commitment to spiritual practices and elevates the significance of those special moments.
  • Visual Harmony: The intricate details and rich golden hue of the brass harmoniously integrate with other puja items or your overall interior décor, creating visual balance and beauty.

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