Pure Brass Karwa Chauth Kalash/Lota, Peetal Karwa- Round Heavy Karva for Puja, Wedding, Festival, Diwali- Golden 1.1 LTR

weight – 390 g
height – 14.5 cm
capacity – 1.1 litre
colour – golden

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Weight 390 g
Dimensions 14.5 cm


💎 Celebrate Karwa Chauth with the Timeless Beauty of a Pure Brass Kalash

Karwa Chauth is a cherished festival symbolizing the unbreakable bond of love and devotion between married couples. At the heart of this celebration lies a beautiful ritual: the Karwa Chauth puja. Enhance the sacredness of your Karwa Chauth rituals with an essential symbol of tradition – our exquisite Pure Brass Karwa Chauth Kalash/Lota.

The Significance of the Karwa Chauth Kalash

The Karwa Chauth Kalash, also known as a lota, holds immense spiritual importance. Traditionally filled with water, the kalash plays a crucial role in the Karwa Chauth puja, where married women offer prayers to the moon through the Karwa for the well-being and longevity of their husbands.

✨ The Radiance of Pure Brass

We use only the finest quality pure brass to meticulously craft our Karwa Chauth Kalash. This auspicious metal is renowned for attracting positive energy, spiritual vibrations, and blessings.

 The gleaming golden hue of brass embodies warmth, divinity, and the auspiciousness of this special occasion.

Exquisite Craftsmanship and Enduring Quality

Expertly Designed:

Skilled artisans meticulously craft our Pure Brass Karwa, focusing on every detail. They shape it into a traditional round form, symbolizing wholeness and unity, and then decorate it with elegant curves and intricate floral motifs inspired by centuries of Indian craftsmanship. The spout features a delicate peacock design, representing grace, auspiciousness, and the beauty of eternal love.

Long-lasting Beauty:

Since ancient times, brass has been a revered metal in India, used in sacred objects due to its enduring strength and natural radiance. This kalash, meant to be treasured and passed down, will become a cherished symbol of your family’s traditions, connecting generations.

Ideal Capacity:

Featuring a spacious 1.1-liter capacity, this kalash is perfectly sized for holding the sacred water for your Karwa Chauth rituals. The generous capacity ensures you have ample water for your prayers and offerings while maintaining its graceful presence on your puja altar.

Stunning Finish:

The meticulous polishing process brings out the inherent brilliance of the brass. Its surface gleams, reflecting the warm light of your diyas and creating an ethereal, devotional atmosphere in your sacred space.

Versatile for All Auspicious Occasions

The beauty and spiritual significance of our Pure Brass Karwa Chauth Kalash make it an ideal addition to your collection of puja accessories. Beyond Karwa Chauth, this kalash is suitable for a wide range of religious festivals and auspicious occasions including:

Weddings: Symbol of Abundance and Blessings

  • Welcoming the Bride: In many Indian traditions, a kalash filled with water, rice, coins, and topped with mango leaves symbolizes a warm welcome and wishes for a prosperous new life. This ritual can be incorporated as the bride enters her new home.
  • Sacred Rituals: The kalash plays a role in several wedding rituals such as the ‘Mangal Pheras’ where the couple circles the sacred fire. During these ceremonies, people prominently place the kalash, symbolizing life and abundance.
  • Decorative Element: The beautiful brass kalash can be used as a decorative element throughout wedding festivities. Place them near entrances, on the mandap, or as part of table centerpieces for an elegant and traditional touch.

Diwali: Inviting Prosperity with Lakshmi Puja

  • Lakshmi Puja: During Diwali, devotees worship Goddess Lakshmi, the deity of wealth and prosperity. They use a brass lota in the puja as a symbol of abundance, often filling it with coins, rice, and other auspicious items to invite blessings.
  • Rangoli Designs: Artists skillfully incorporate the lota into their rangoli designs. Its beautiful form and golden hue enhance the vibrant colors and patterns, adding another dimension to the festive artwork.
  • Festive Decoration: Place the kalash as a decorative highlight – perhaps with floating diyas and flowers – to enhance the celebratory ambiance of Diwali.

Other Pujas and Rituals: A Versatile Symbol of Devotion

  • Daily Puja: The kalash is a common item on home altars, used to hold sacred water for daily rituals and prayers.
  • Grihapravesh (Housewarming): A kalash filled with auspicious items such as rice and water represents a new beginning and invites blessings into a new home.
  • Religious Festivals: The kalash remains a versatile part of many festivals like Ganesh Chaturthi, Navratri, and more. This kalash serves multiple purposes: making offerings, holding sacred water, and acting as a decorative symbol of devotion.

Karwa Chauth Kalash the Perfect Gift of Love and Devotion

Whether you are seeking the perfect Karwa Chauth Kalash for yourself or searching for a heartfelt gift for a loved one, our Pure Brass Karwa is an exceptional choice. It embodies love, tradition, blessings, and the timeless essence of Indian festivals.

Key Specifications of Karwa Chauth Kalash

  • Material: Pure Brass
  • Color: Golden
  • Capacity: 1.1 Liters
  • Dimensions: Height – 14.5 cm
  • Weight: 390 g
  • Package Includes: 1 Piece of Pure Brass Karwa

Experience the Difference – Order Your Pure Brass Karwa Chauth Kalash Today

Embrace the timeless beauty and spiritual significance of Karwa Chauth with our stunning Pure Brass Karwa Chauth Kalash. Invest in a piece that you’ll cherish for years to come and create lasting memories for yourself and your family.

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