Meenakari Brass Karwa Chauth Lota, Karwa Lota, Karva Lota, Brass Karwa, Karwa Kalash, Pooja Kalash, Pooja Pack of 1, Multicolour

Colour: Multicolour
Brand: Pujagoodies
Material: Brass
Theme: Religious
Style: Traditional
Target Audience: Teens, Adult
Included Components: brass
Item Dimensions LxWxH: 17.8 x 17.8 x 17.8 Centimeters
Mounting Type: Hanging
Item Package Quantity: 1

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Dimensions 17.8 cm


Celebrate Karwa Chauth in Style: Exquisite Meenakari Brass Karwa Chauth Lota

Immerse yourself in the rich tradition of Karwa Chauth with this stunning Meenakari Brass Karwa Chauth Lota. Handcrafted with intricate Meenakari artistry in vibrant multicolor hues, this exquisite lota is a timeless symbol of love, devotion, and the unbreakable bond of marriage. Its gleaming brass construction exudes elegance and spiritual significance, making it the perfect centerpiece for your Karwa Chauth rituals.

Why Choose Our Meenakari Brass Karwa Chauth Lota

Exquisite Meenakari Craftsmanship

  • The Art of Meenakari: Meenakari is an ancient Persian art form with roots in India. It involves meticulously fusing colorful vitreous enamels onto a metal surface, usually copper, silver, or gold– in this case, brass.
  • The Meenakari Process: Skilled artisans begin by etching intricate designs onto the brass. They then fill the etched areas with powdered enamels of different colors. The piece is fired in a kiln, where the enamel melts and bonds permanently to the brass. This process is repeated multiple times for layering and intricate details.
  • Symbolism in Design: The patterns used in Meenakari often tell stories. Traditional motifs include flowers, peacocks, elephants, gods and goddesses, and scenes from Hindu mythology. These designs symbolize prosperity, good luck, divine blessings, and the richness of Indian cultural heritage.

Premium Brass Construction

  • Why Brass?: Brass, a metal alloy primarily made of copper and zinc, has adorned India for centuries. Its beauty, durability, and spiritual significance are deeply valued. Believed to possess purifying properties, brass often shapes religious objects.
  • Durability: Brass resists corrosion and boasts incredible strength. This makes it ideal for vessels designed for long-term use. A well-made brass lota becomes a cherished family heirloom, passed down through generations.
  • Holding Sacred Water: The Karwa Chauth ritual involves filling the lota with sacred water. The sturdy construction of brass ensures the lota can gracefully hold this water without any warping or leaking.

Symbol of Love and Devotion

  • The Ritual of Karwa Chauth: Karwa Chauth is a Hindu festival where married women fast from sunrise to moonrise for the long life and well-being of their husbands. The Karwa Chauth lota is a central part of this ritual, symbolizing the wife’s unwavering love and selfless devotion.
  • Breaking the Fast: The woman breaks her fast only after sighting the moon and offering water to it through a sieve, with the water often being held in the lota. She then takes a sip of water from her husband’s hands, symbolizing the unbreakable bond of their marriage.

Versatile Pooja Essential 

  • Pooja Kalash: A kalash is a metal pot used in various Hindu rituals and ceremonies. The Meenakari Brass Karwa Chauth Lota beautifully doubles as a Pooja Kalash due to its auspicious material and sacred associations.
  • Year-Round Use: This lota can be used for festivals like Diwali, Ganesh Chaturthi, Navratri, and many other religious occasions. it will add a touch of beauty and spiritual significance to your home altar all year round.

A Thoughtful Gift

  • Perfect for Karwa Chauth: This lota is the ideal gift for a married woman celebrating the sacred festival. It shows your love, support, and respect for her tradition.
  • Gift for Newlyweds: Gifting a Meenakari Brass Karwa Chauth Lota to a newlywed couple signifies blessings for their prosperous and loving marriage.
  • Spiritual Home Decor: Those who appreciate Indian handcrafted items and spirituality will cherish this beautiful piece as a meaningful addition to their home.


  • Material: Brass
  • Craftsmanship: Meenakari
  • Color: Multicolor (featuring vibrant red, green, and blue)
  • Design: Traditional Karwa Chauth design with intricate floral Meenakari patterns.
  • Dimensions:
    • Height: 15 centimeters (6 inches)
    • Width: 12 centimeters (4.7 inches)
    • Diameter: 10 centimeters (4 inches )
  • Capacity: 500 ml (17 fl oz)
  • Weight: 350 grams (12 oz)
  • Origin: Rajasthan, India

Key Product Features

Traditional Design:

Inspired by timeless Karwa Chauth aesthetics, this lota features a classic shape, graceful spout, and intricate Meenakari designs.

  • Classic Karwa Shape: Describe the lota’s silhouette. Is it rounded with a wide base and narrow neck? Does it have a gently curved body? Emphasize how the shape is deeply rooted in the tradition of Karwa Chauth.
  • Graceful Spout: Explain the spout’s design. Is it long and curved for easy water pouring? Is it embellished with subtle details that enhance its elegance? Highlight how the spout’s design contributes to the overall beauty and functionality of the lota.
  • Intricate Meenakari Designs: Delve into the Meenakari artistry. Describe the most prominent motifs – are they floral patterns, geometric shapes, depictions of deities or cultural symbols? Are these created in a single color or a dazzling array of shades?

Vibrant Multicolor:

The vibrant multicolor enameling adds a festive touch, making it a visually stunning addition to your pooja space or home decor.

  • The Joy of Color: Emphasize how the multicolor enameling evokes the celebratory spirit and auspiciousness of Karwa Chauth. Use evocative language to convey the richness and vibrancy of the colors.
  • Visual Impact: Stress how the beauty of the lota becomes a central element in your pooja space, elevating its overall ambiance and creating a sense of devotion.
  • Versatile Decor: Explain how even outside of Karwa Chauth, the lota’s multicolor charm can integrate seamlessly with your home decor, adding a touch of tradition and cultural beauty.

Premium Quality Brass:

Enjoy the beauty and durability of high-quality brass, known for its spiritual significance and resistance to corrosion.

  • Spiritual Significance: Explore the connection between brass and Hindu traditions. Mention its use in creating sacred objects and its association with purity and positive energy.
  • Durability & Longevity: Highlight how the brass’s resistance to corrosion makes the lota a lasting heirloom, passed down through generations with its beauty intact.
  • The Warmth of Brass: Speak to the inherent beauty of the brass itself – its golden gleam, its smooth texture, and how it develops a unique patina over time.


Maintain the brilliance of your lota with simple cleaning and occasional polishing.

  • Simple Maintenance: Reassure buyers that the lota’s beauty requires minimal effort. Provide brief cleaning instructions using gentle, natural cleaning agents.
  • Polishing for Shine: Mention how occasional polishing with a soft cloth and brass cleaner can restore and enhance the lota’s shine.

Ideal Size:

Perfectly sized for holding the sacred water for your Karwa Chauth rituals and convenient for storage.

  • Ritual Capacity: Clearly state the volume of water the lota can comfortably hold, ensuring it is appropriate for Karwa Chauth rituals.
  • Space-Saving Storage: Mention how the lota’s size allows for easy storage in cupboards or on display shelves without being overly bulky.

Elevating Your Karwa Chauth Celebrations

Experience the joy and spiritual significance of Karwa Chauth with this exquisite Meenakari Brass Karwa Chauth Lota. As you gaze upon the intricate Meenakari designs and the gleam of polished brass, you’ll feel a deeper connection to the traditions and the unbreakable bond of love that Karwa Chauth symbolizes.

Order Your Meenakari Brass Karwa Chauth Lota Today and Embrace the Blessings of Karwa Chauth!

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