BRASS KATORI(पीतल की कटोरी) | Golden Brass Round Puja Katori 35ml Pack of 4

  • It’s made of 100% Brass
  • Brass Beautiful Mini Katori for God Puja
  • Clean with a dry & soft cloth
  • TRADITIONAL DESIGN This type diya has been used for Puja/Aarti in Homes/Offices for centuries
  • Package Contents: 4 – Piece Brass Small Katori


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Golden Brass Round Puja Katori (35ml, Pack of 4) – Enhance Your Sacred Rituals

Embrace the essence of traditional Indian spirituality with our exquisite Golden Brass Round Puja Katori set. Perfect for holding sacred offerings during your daily rituals, these katoris embody the timeless beauty and symbolism of Hindu devotion. Whether used for aarti, placing kumkum, haldi, rice, or other auspicious items, this set of four 35ml katoris will enhance your puja experience with their divine radiance.

The Radiance of Brass: Symbolism and Significance

Purity and Divinity

  • The Sacredness of Brass: In the vibrant tapestry of Hindu symbolism, brass holds a place of reverence. Its purity makes it an ideal vessel for sacred offerings, while its golden radiance reflects the divine light within us all.
  • Connection to the Sun and Fire: The warm, sun-like hue of brass evokes the life-giving power of the sun and the purifying energy of Agni, the god of fire. These elements represent transformation and the dispelling of darkness.

Spiritual Resonance

  • Harmonious Vibrations: The resonant sound of brass is believed to harmonize the environment, attracting positive energies and clearing away negativity. Imagine the gentle ringing of your katori filling your space with auspicious vibrations.
  • Invitation to the Divine: In Hindu belief, the vibrations of brass resonate with the divine realms, creating a conduit for blessings and spiritual connection during your puja rituals.

A Timeless Tradition

  • Echoes of the Past: For centuries, the skilled hands of artisans have shaped brass into sacred objects, infusing them with spiritual significance. These katoris allow you to participate in this enduring legacy, connecting your daily rituals to generations of devoted worshippers.
  • Preserving Heritage: By choosing brass for your puja items, you not only embrace their spiritual power but also contribute to the preservation of a cherished tradition of craftsmanship and devotion.

Features and Benefits of Our Golden Brass Round Puja Katori

Crafted from 100% Pure Brass

  • Excellence in Material: Experience the unmatched quality of pure brass. Each katori is meticulously crafted to ensure not only spiritual significance but also enduring strength and longevity.
  • The Power of Authenticity: In Hindu tradition, the purity of materials is paramount for sacred objects. These katoris, made entirely of brass, align with this principle, offering a deeper connection to your rituals.

Traditional Design

  • Timeless Beauty: Embrace the simple elegance of the classic round katori, a design that has graced puja altars for centuries. Their unadorned form reflects the purity of purpose and the timeless aesthetics of Hindu devotion.
  • Aesthetics of Spirituality: The shape and style of these katoris are not just about beauty but also symbolize the cyclical nature of life, wholeness, and the containment of sacred offerings.

Versatile Size

  • Ideal for Sacred Offerings: The thoughtfully designed 35ml capacity of these katoris is perfect for holding a variety of offerings – from vibrant kumkum and haldi to auspicious rice, flowers, or prasad.
  • Ritual Adaptability: Whether you are performing a simple daily aarti or a more elaborate puja ceremony, these katoris seamlessly accommodate your needs.

Set of 4

  • Completing Your Puja Setup: This convenient set of four katoris allows you to create a harmonious and well-equipped altar space, reflecting the importance of balance and completeness in Hindu rituals.
  • Multiplied Blessings: Offering from multiple katoris can symbolize abundance, generosity, and the sharing of auspicious energies.

Easy Maintenance

  • Effortless Preservation: Maintain the radiant gleam of your katoris with ease. A simple wipe with a dry, soft cloth preserves their beauty and spiritual significance for years to come.

Gifting Potential

  • A Gift of Auspiciousness: Share the blessings of devotion with loved ones. This set is a thoughtful and meaningful gift for housewarmings, weddings, Diwali, or any occasion celebrating spirituality.
  • Symbolism in Gifting: The gift of brass katoris symbolizes wishes for purity, prosperity, and a deepened connection to one’s spiritual path.

Enhance Your Daily Puja Rituals

Aarti: The Dance of Divine Light

  • Illuminating Your Rituals: During the aarti ceremony, these katoris become vessels of radiant light. Use them to hold camphor or traditional oil lamps (diyas), their flames dancing as you honor the divine.
  • The Symbolism of Light: In Hindu tradition, the light of aarti symbolizes dispelling darkness and ignorance, while inviting blessings and protection. Let the luminous gleam of your brass katoris amplify this sacred symbolism.

Offerings: Gifts from the Heart

  • A Vessel for Reverence: Honor the deities with sacred offerings presented within these elegant katoris. Fill them with vibrant kumkum, auspicious haldi (turmeric), grains of rice symbolizing abundance, fragrant flowers, or blessed prasad.
  • The Beauty of Devotion: Each offering becomes even more beautiful when placed within the radiant warmth of your brass katoris, reflecting the purity and devotion with which you perform your puja.

Decorative Accent: Sacred Beauty for Your Home

  • Infusing Your Altar: Even when not in ritual use, these katoris adorn your home altar with their timeless elegance. Their mere presence infuses your sacred space with spiritual symbolism and the heritage of Hindu devotion.
  • Beyond the Altar: Consider placing these katoris throughout your home as decorative reminders of your spiritual practice, their gleaming brass adding a touch of warmth and serenity.

Meditation Aid: Finding Inner Calm

  • Focus and Tranquility: The soft, lustrous gleam of brass creates a naturally calming ambiance. Let the gentle shine of your katori guide your gaze during meditation, promoting a sense of stillness and inner focus.
  • A Symbol of Self-Reflection: Just as the katori reflects light, it can become a symbol of turning inward to illuminate the divine light within yourself.


  • Material: 100% Brass
  • Purpose: Designed for God Puja (Hindu devotional rituals)
  • Design: Traditional, round shape.
  • Size: Small (likely referring to the 35ml capacity mentioned earlier)
  • Finish: Golden brass (polished or unpolished – you might want to specify this)
  • Set Contents: 4 individual katoris
  • Cleaning: Requires gentle cleaning with a dry, soft cloth.

Experience the divine essence of traditional puja with our Golden Brass Round Puja Katori set.

Order yours today and elevate your spiritual practice!

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