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Dress Size – 0, 1, 2,  3, 4 , 5 , 6 no.

Width (चौड़ाई)

0 number – 12 cm

1 number –  15 cm

2 number –  18 cm

4 number – 24 cm

5 number-  29 cm

6 number – 34 cm

Beautifully designed with sequins work and lace work


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Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Red, Yellow


0, 1, 2, 4, 5, 6


Stunning Krishna Dress: Embody the Divine Spirit on Janmashtami

Embrace the joyous spirit of Janmashtami and dress your little one in the captivating beauty of Lord Krishna with this exquisite Krishna dress. Perfect for religious festivities, cultural events, fancy dress occasions, or simply to celebrate the beloved deity, this dress radiates divine charm.

Intricate Craftsmanship, Premium Quality

Exquisite Design:

A Symphony of Craftsmanship and Color

  • Masterful Artistry: Each Krishna dress is a testament to meticulous craftsmanship. Every detail, from the placement of vibrant fabrics to the intricate patterns of sequins and lacework, reflects the dedication of skilled artisans.
  • A Burst of Divine Hues: The dress dances with an array of colors central to Lord Krishna’s iconography — pious pinks, joyous yellows, radiant oranges, tranquil blues, and verdant greens. These colors symbolize Krishna’s multifaceted nature, from his playful youth to his divine wisdom.
  • Shimmering Elegance: Delicate sequins catch the light, adding a celestial shimmer to the dress. Intricate lacework weaves patterns of traditional beauty, reminiscent of the rich adornments associated with the beloved deity.

Comfort and Fit:

Designed for Joyful Movement

  • Freedom to Play: Understanding the boundless energy of children, this Krishna dress is tailored with ample room for movement. Your child will be able to twirl, dance, and play without restriction, fully embodying the playful spirit of Bal Gopal.
  • Tailored to Perfection: Available in dress sizes 0 to 6, you’ll find the perfect fit for your little one. The provided size chart ensures you can make an informed decision, selecting the size that complements your child’s unique measurements.
  • Comfort is Key: Careful attention has been paid to ensure the dress feels comfortable throughout wear, encouraging happy and carefree participation in festivities.

Soft and Gentle Fabric:

Wrapped in Tender Care

  • Luxury Against Skin: The finest quality materials have been selected for their incredible softness. The fabric brushes gently against your child’s delicate skin, preventing any irritation or discomfort.
  • Breathable Comfort: The fabric allows for airflow, keeping your child cool and comfortable even during lively celebrations or extended wear.
  • Crafted for Tenderness: The entire construction of the dress prioritizes your child’s well-being, fostering a joyful and positive experience as they embody Lord Krishna.

Transform Your Child into Beloved Bal Gopal

This Krishna dress transforms your little one into the enchanting Bal Gopal, the child form of Lord Krishna. Imagine the delight in their eyes as they embody the playful and charismatic deity.

Key Features:

Lightweight and Breathable: All-Day Comfort

  • Unburdened Play: The dress is crafted with lightweight fabrics that won’t weigh your child down. This allows for carefree movement and boundless energy without feeling overheated or restricted, especially during extended celebrations.
  • Cool and Comfortable: The breathable nature of the materials promotes airflow, keeping your child cool and comfortable even in warm weather or active play. This minimizes fussiness and ensures a positive experience.
  • Focus on the Festivities: With comfort assure, your child won’t be distract by their outfit. They can fully immerse themselves in the joy of the occasion, participating in all the festivities with enthusiasm.

Easy to Put On and Take Off: Effortless Transformation

  • Stress-Free Dressing: The design of the dress prioritizes simplicity. Whether it’s quick changes for a performance or getting ready for a temple visit, you won’t have to struggle with complicated fastenings or fussy elements.
  • Encouraging Independence: Older children might even be able to dress themselves, fostering a sense of independence and pride in their ability to prepare for the celebrations.
  • Minimizes Frustration: Smooth and quick dressing experiences help maintain a positive atmosphere for both parent and child, especially when time is of the essence.

Durable: Enduring Joy

  • Withstands Playful Exuberance: Children express themselves through movement, and this dress is made to keep up. The quality construction and materials ensure it can handle the joyful energy of dances, games, and imaginative play.
  • Long-Lasting Memories: This dress is designe to be more than a single-use costume. Its durability allows it to be pass down to younger siblings, cousins, or friends, spreading the joy of Krishna to even more children.
  • Investment in Celebration: Because the dress is built to last, you can be confident that your purchase will be use for many Janmashtamis and special occasions to come

The Perfect Gift for Any Occasion

This Krishna dress makes an exceptional gift for:


  • At the Heart of Celebration: Janmashtami is a joyous Hindu festival celebrating the birth of Lord Krishna. Dressing your child in a beautiful Krishna dress places them at the center of this vibrant celebration, allowing them to fully participate in the traditions and rituals.
  • Embodying the Divine Child: As your child becomes Bal Gopal, they connect with the essence of this beloved festival. The dress transforms them into a symbol of joy, devotion, and the triumph of good over evil.
  • Creating Precious Memories: Janmashtami celebrations filled with music, dance, and feasting become even more special when your child is adorned in traditional attire. The photos and memories made will be cherished for years to come.

Religious Events

  • Respectful Attire for Temple Visits: The Krishna dress reflects reverence and devotion, making it ideal for temple visits or other religious gatherings. Your child will feel both comfortable and appropriately dressed to participate in prayers and rituals.
  • Embracing Devotional Occasions: Beyond Janmashtami, a Krishna dress is suitable for a wide range of Hindu festivals and devotional events. Its traditional design and association with Lord Krishna create a sense of spiritual connection.

Cultural Performances

  • Showcasing Indian Heritage: If your child participates in cultural plays or dance performances, the Krishna dress becomes a vibrant expression of India’s rich heritage. It adds authenticity and visual appeal to their portrayal of mythological stories or traditional dances.
  • Capturing the Spotlight: The intricate details, bright colors, and overall charm of the Krishna dress ensure your child stands out on stage, showcasing their talent and passion for Indian culture.


  • Beyond Traditional Toys: For a child fascinated by Indian mythology or with a connection to Hindu traditions.  Krishna dress is a unique and thoughtful birthday gift that stands out from typical toys.
  • Symbol of Blessings: The dress represents more than just an outfit; it carries cultural significance. The symbolism of Lord Krishna, known for his wisdom, playfulness, and protection.
  • A Gift that Sparks Imagination: The Krishna dress encourages imaginative play, storytelling, Also, a deeper exploration of Indian mythology, making it an educational and enriching present.

Completing the Look

Pair the Krishna dress with these accessories to enhance the divine charm:

Mukut (Crown): A Symbol of Divine Radiance

  • A Touch of Royalty: The Mukut, or crown, is a symbol of Lord Krishna’s divine kingship and his status as a beloved deity. Crafted with care, it elevates your child’s Krishna attire to a whole new level of regal splendor.
  • The Peacock’s Pride: Peacock feathers are a signature element on Lord Krishna’s crowns. Their vibrant colors and iridescent shimmer symbolize beauty, wisdom, and the divine connection between Krishna and nature.
  • Fit for a God: Choose a crown that sits comfortably and securely on your child’s head, allowing them to feel like the true embodiment of Bal Gopal.

Bansuri (Flute): The Melody of Devotion

  • Krishna’s Enchanting Music: The Bansuri, or flute, is forever link to Lord Krishna. Its sweet melodies are said to have charm all creatures and represent the power of devotion and love.
  • A Playful Touch: Let your child hold the flute and imagine playing the enchanting tunes associated with Lord Krishna. It adds an interactive element to their attire and encourages them to immerse themselves in the stories of his life.
  • Symbol of Joy: The flute represents the joyful nature of Krishna. Reminding us of the importance of playfulness and lightheartedness in our spiritual journeys.

Mala (Necklace): Adornment with Grace

  • Beads of Beauty: A traditional mala, or beaded necklace, adds a touch of elegance and spiritual significance to the Krishna dress. Choose from beads made of materials like sandalwood or tulsi, both sacred in Hinduism.
  • Layers of Symbolism: The beads of a mala can represent different prayers, mantras, or aspects of Lord Krishna’s life and teachings.
  • A Personal Touch: Allow your child to choose the mala that speaks to them, whether based on color, material, or the feeling it evokes. This personal connection will deepen their experience with the attire.

Experience the Vibrancy of Janmashtami

Janmashtami is a vibrant Hindu festival celebrating the birth of Lord Krishna. Dressing your child in a Krishna dress allows them to immerse themselves in the rich cultural traditions and spiritual significance of this joyous occasion.

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