Lord Ganesha Ganesh Ganpati Ganapathi Photo Framed

Invite blessings & wisdom. Framed Lord Ganesha photo. 2 sizes: 6×8″ (190g) or 10×12″ (440g). Perfect for home, office, or puja room. #Ganesha #HinduArt #AuspiciousDecor


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Lord Ganesha Photo Framed: Bring Auspicious Energy and Divine Beauty to Your Home

Embrace the blessings of Lord Ganesha, the remover of obstacles and bestower of wisdom, with this exquisite framed photo. Available in two sizes (6×8 inches and 10×12 inches), this stunning wall art piece is perfect for your home, office, or meditation space.


  • High-Quality Photo: A vibrant and detailed photo of Lord Ganesha, radiating serenity and auspicious energy.
  • Elegant Frame: Choose from a variety of frame styles to complement your décor, including traditional wood, sleek metal, or ornate designs.
  • Two Convenient Sizes:
    • 6 x 8 Inches (Weight – 190g): Ideal for smaller spaces, desks, or as part of a gallery wall.
    • 10 x 12 Inches (Weight – 440g): Creates a striking focal point in any room.
  • Portrait Orientation: Captures the full form of Lord Ganesha in his benevolent splendor.
  • Ready to Hang: Easy and secure installation for immediate enjoyment.

The Significance of Lord Ganesha

Lord Ganesha (also known as Ganpati or Ganapathi) is one of the most beloved and revered deities in Hinduism. He symbolizes:

  • Overcoming Obstacles: Ganesha’s elephant head represents his ability to clear a path to success and remove challenges.
  • Wisdom and Intellect: He is the patron of knowledge, arts, and sciences.
  • Prosperity and Good Fortune: Ganesha brings blessings of abundance and auspicious beginnings.

Where to Place Your Ganesha Photo Frame

  • Pooja Room: Create a sacred space for devotion and meditation.
  • Entranceway: Welcome positive energy and protect your home from negativity.
  • Office: Invite success, clarity, and focus into your workspace.
  • Meditation or Yoga Space: Enhance your spiritual practice and cultivate inner peace.

Perfect as a Gift

  • Weddings: Bless newlyweds with love, prosperity, and a smooth journey together.
  • Housewarmings: A thoughtful and auspicious present for a new home.
  • Diwali: Celebrate the festival of lights with a symbol of good fortune.
  • Birthdays: Offer wishes for success and happiness.
  • Special Occasions: A meaningful gift for any occasion where blessings are welcome.

The Art of Hindu Symbolism

This Ganesha photo frame embodies the rich visual language of Hinduism. Notice the details:

  • Large Ears: Symbolizing Ganesha’s ability to listen attentively to prayers.
  • Trunk: Represents adaptability, strength, and discriminative wisdom.
  • Broken Tusk: A reminder of sacrifice and the impermanence of material attachments.
  • Modak (Sweet): Ganesha’s love for sweets signifies the rewards of spiritual pursuits.

Our Commitment to Quality and Authenticity

We source our Lord Ganesha photo frame from respected artists and photographers specializing in Hindu devotional imagery. Our frames are crafted with care, ensuring your sacred art is both beautiful and durable. We understand the importance of authenticity and strive to honor the spiritual traditions this artwork represents.

Pujagoodies : Where Tradition Meets Modernity

We are passionate about bringing the beauty and wisdom of Hindu culture into your home. Our collection features a wide range of devotional items, traditional crafts, and contemporary home décor inspired by India’s rich heritage.

Transform Your Space with the Blessings of Lord Ganesha – Order Your Photo Frame Today!

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