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Weight 70 g
Dimensions 20 cm


Premium Loban Agarbatti – Experience Ancient Purity & Uplifting Aromas

Unleash the transformative power of Loban Agarbatti. Steeped in tradition, this sacred incense offers purification, spiritual connection, and a tranquil atmosphere. Handcrafted with the resin of the Boswellia tree (also known as Frankincense), our Loban agarbatti releases a captivating scent that awakens the senses and calms the soul.

Embrace the Essence of Loban

Loban, a precious resin revered across cultures, has been an integral part of spiritual practices for centuries. Its rich, balsamic fragrance with hints of citrus, spice, and wood is renowned for:

  • Purifying Spaces: Loban is believed to cleanse environments of negative energies, fostering a sense of peace and well-being.
  • Enhancing Spiritual Focus: Its aroma creates a sacred ambiance, promoting deeper meditation, prayer, or yoga.
  • Stress Relief and Relaxation: The calming scent promotes tranquility, reducing anxiety and encouraging restful sleep.
  • Aromatherapy Benefits: The complex fragrance stimulates the senses, offering a feeling of upliftment and clarity.
  • Air Freshener: Naturally masks unpleasant odors, leaving your space smelling fresh and inviting.

Our Loban Agarbatti Difference

At Pujagoodies, we are committed to providing you with authentic, high-quality Loban agarbatti that delivers an exceptional experience:

Pure, Natural Ingredients:

At the heart of our Loban agarbatti lies a commitment to purity. We ethically source the finest Loban resin, known for its exceptional quality and potent fragrance. This precious resin is then carefully blended with a selection of other natural aromatics, including fragrant herbs, spices, and essential oils. Each ingredient contributes to the balanced, long-lasting scent that lingers beautifully in your space.

Handcrafted with Care:

We honor the time-tested traditions of incense making. Our skilled artisans meticulously follow traditional techniques, ensuring each stick is crafted to perfection. This dedication translates into a consistent, slow-burning experience that allows you to savor the full aromatic journey of each Loban incense stick.


We are deeply mindful of our environmental impact. From sourcing our materials to the final packaging, we choose sustainable practices that minimize our footprint. You can burn our incense with the peace of mind that you’re supporting an ethical and environmentally conscious brand.

Variety of Options:

We understand that everyone has unique preferences when it comes to fragrance. That’s why we offer a delightful range of Loban agarbatti blends. Each blend showcases the captivating scent of Loban while incorporating subtle variations with other natural aromatics. Explore our selection and discover the blend that speaks to your soul and enhances your chosen experience.

How to Use Loban Agarbatti

Choosing a Safe Location:

  • Select a stable surface: Choose a flat, sturdy table, countertop, or dedicated incense stand. Avoid placing the holder on wobbly surfaces or near edges where it could be easily knocked over.
  • Choose a heat-proof holder: Use an incense holder specifically designed to withstand heat. Options include ceramic, stone, metal, or glass holders. Avoid using holders made of flammable materials like wood or plastic.
  • Distance from flammables: Keep the incense holder a safe distance away from curtains, fabrics, paper, and any other potentially flammable objects.
  • Good ventilation: Ensure the area has some airflow to prevent the smoke from becoming too concentrated, but avoid placing the incense holder near strong drafts that might blow ash around.

Lighting the Incense:

  • Use a match or lighter: A long match or a lighter with a longer neck is ideal for preventing burns.
  • Focus on the tip: Hold the flame to the coated end of the incense stick until it ignites and a small flame develops.
  • Gentle extinguishing: Once the flame takes hold for a few seconds, gently blow it out. You should see a glowing ember at the tip with no visible flame remaining.

Enjoying the Aroma:

  • Let the incense burn: The incense should now release a steady stream of fragrant smoke. Avoid touching the incense stick while it’s burning, as it will be hot.
  • Supervise the incense: While the incense provides a beautiful scent, never leave it burning unattended. It’s important to be present and ensure safe burning practices.
  • Properly extinguish when finished: If you need to extinguish the incense before it burns out completely, you can gently smother the ember with sand or stub it out against the heat-proof incense holder.

Perfect Occasions for Loban Agarbatti

Daily Rituals:

Incorporating Loban agarbatti into your daily routine adds a touch of sacredness and mindfulness.

  • Morning Ritual: Begin your day by burning Loban. Its purifying fragrance can help to clear your mind and set a positive intention for the day ahead. Allow the smoke to gently fill your space as you visualize a calm and productive day.
  • Evening Ritual: Wind down in the evening with the calming aroma of Loban. As you prepare for rest, let the incense promote relaxation and release any lingering stress or anxieties. The soothing scent can encourage restful and rejuvenating sleep.

Meditation and Yoga:

Elevate your spiritual practices with the sacred atmosphere created by burning Loban agarbatti. Its grounding and clarifying scent fosters deeper focus and a heightened sense of awareness.

  • Meditation: Allow the aroma of Loban to help you still your mind and connect with your inner self. The incense can act as an aid in mindfulness practices like breathwork and visualization.
  • Yoga: Burning Loban during your yoga practice can deepen your connection to your body and breath. The purifying fragrance promotes a sense of tranquility during asanas (yoga postures) and pranayama (breathing exercises).

Religious Ceremonies:

Loban holds deep spiritual significance across various religions and cultures. Its rich history and symbolic meaning make it an integral part of many ceremonies and rituals.

  • Prayer and Worship: Burning Loban during prayer, rituals, or devotional practices can create a sacred ambiance and enhance your connection to the divine. Its purifying smoke is believed to carry offerings and prayers to higher realms.
  • Religious Festivals: Many religious events and festivals incorporate the use of Loban to invoke blessings and auspiciousness. Its warm fragrance adds a special touch to these celebrations.

Cleansing Your Home:

Loban is renowned for its ability to cleanse spaces of negative energies and invite positivity.

  • Energy Cleansing: After an argument, illness, or simply when your home feels energetically heavy, burn Loban to dispel negativity and restore balance. Gently waft its smoke throughout your space while focusing on positive intentions.
  • Welcoming New Beginnings: Moving into a new house or marking a fresh start? Cleanse the space with Loban to create a welcoming and harmonious atmosphere.

Aromatherapy and Relaxation:

The complex and calming fragrance of Loban offers numerous aromatherapy benefits.

  • Stress and Anxiety Relief: Loban’s aroma works on the senses to promote feelings of peace and tranquility. Diffuse it during times of stress to unwind and find a sense of calm.
  • Relaxation and Restful Sleep: The soothing scent of Loban can aid in relaxation and prepare you for a restful night. Burn it before bed to encourage peaceful sleep.

Special Occasions:

Create a warm and welcoming ambiance for guests by burning Loban agarbatti during special gatherings.

  • Celebrations and Gatherings: Enhance the atmosphere of your get-togethers, family dinners, or special occasions with the festive and auspicious fragrance of Loban.
  • Welcoming Guests: The aroma of Loban extends a warm and inviting welcome to those entering your home.

Experience the transformative power of Loban Agarbatti. Order yours today and discover inner peace and fragrant bliss.

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