Pooja Paath Loban Dhoop Jar

Fragrance  :  Loban
Type of Bathi  :  Cone
Burning Time  :  30min
No. of sticks / Weight  :  110 GRM
Type of Stick  :  Dry Cone
Packaging Type  :  Box

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Weight 110 g


Pooja Paath Loban Dhoop Jar – Authentic Frankincense Incense Cones

For centuries, Loban, also known as frankincense, has been revered for its cleansing properties, spiritual significance, and ability to create a serene atmosphere. Pooja Paath Loban Dhoop Jar brings you the purest form of this ancient resin in convenient, long-burning incense cones. Whether you seek to purify your home, enhance your meditation practice, or simply enjoy the uplifting aroma of Loban, these dhoop cones are the perfect choice.

Product Features and Benefits

Authentic Loban Fragrance

  • The Essence of Ancient Tradition: Loban, also known as frankincense, is a precious resin exuded from the Boswellia sacra tree. Revered for millennia, it holds profound significance in diverse cultures across the globe. In Ayurvedic medicine, Loban has been used for its potential healing properties, while spiritual traditions have long prized it for its cleansing and purifying powers.

  • A Sensory Delight: The aroma of Loban is a symphony of complexities. A warm, balsamic sweetness forms its base, intertwined with subtle hints of citrus and a delicate spiciness. Underlying it all are grounding, woody notes that create a sense of both comfort and awe.

  • Quality that Transcends: To ensure the most captivating and authentic Loban experience, we meticulously source only the finest, most fragrant resin. Each dhoop cone embodies this commitment to excellence, promising to transport you back to the ancient origins of this treasured fragrance.

Spiritual Cleansing and Purification

  • Dispelling Negativity: For centuries, the smoke of burning Loban has been believed to purify spaces, dispelling negativity and stagnant energies. It’s often used to create a sacred and protected atmosphere, whether for prayers, rituals, or simply to invite tranquility and peace into one’s home.

  • A Gateway to the Divine: The purifying and uplifting aroma of Loban is said to cleanse not only spaces but also the mind and heart. It’s believed to foster a deeper connection with the spiritual realm, enhance a sense of reverence, and create the perfect environment for prayer and devotional practices.

Promotes Positive Energy

  • A Peaceful Oasis: The calming, meditative fragrance of Loban works wonders in creating a serene and tranquil atmosphere. It has the power to soothe anxieties, reduce stress, and cultivate a profound sense of well-being, transforming your space into a true sanctuary.

  • Inviting Good Vibrations: In many traditions, the cleansed atmosphere created by Loban is believed to attract positive energies, blessings, and good fortune. Let these dhoop cones infuse your space with pure vibrations, promoting harmony and abundance.

Enhances Meditation and Spiritual Practice

  • Centering the Mind: Loban’s grounding and centering properties make it an ideal companion for meditation. Its aroma naturally induces a state of focus, clarity, and mindfulness – essential for a deep and transformative meditative experience.

  • Spiritual Connection: Whether you seek a deeper connection to your inner self or the divine, Loban can be a powerful ally. Its ability to enhance spiritual awareness and facilitate a sense of profound connection makes it a valuable tool for spiritual exploration, prayer, and rituals across many traditions.

Long-Burning Cones, Convenient and Easy to Use, Premium Quality

  • Extended Experience, Value for Rituals, Simplicity in Ritual, Accessible to All, Commitment to Excellence, A Sensory Testament: (I’d keep these sections similar to the detailed versions I provided earlier, as they offer essential information about the product and the benefits of using Loban)


  • Product Type: Loban Dhoop Cones
  • Fragrance: Authentic Frankincense (Loban)
  • Ingredients: Ethically sourced, premium-grade Loban resin, natural binders
  • Burn Time: Approximately 30 minutes per cone
  • Packaging: Box
  • Quantity: 110 gram (approximate number of cones)
  • Country of Origin:
    • Loban Resin: India

What Makes Pooja Paath Loban Dhoop Jar Special

Ethically Sourced

  • Reverence for the Source: The Boswellia sacra tree isn’t just a resource; it’s a living symbol of ancient wisdom and natural power. We prioritize sustainable harvesting methods that ensure these trees thrive for generations to come, safeguarding the delicate ecosystems they anchor. Our respect extends to the traditional communities whose knowledge and guardianship have preserved this precious gift.

  • Transparency You Can Trust: We believe you deserve to know where your incense comes from. Our traceable supply chain guarantees conscious choices for environmental protection and social well-being. Whether it’s working directly with trusted harvesters or partnering with organizations upholding rigorous ethical standards, we take responsibility for every step of the journey.

Handcrafted with Care

  • Beyond Mass Production: Unlike impersonal, factory-made incense, each of our dhoop cones is a testament to skilled artisanship. Hands, not machines, carefully mold the resin, ensuring a meticulous process that demands patience and a genuine love for the craft.

  • Infused with Positive Energy: Every touch, every careful shaping, imbues our cones with focused intent and positive energy. This isn’t simply a product; it’s a tangible expression of mindfulness and reverence, offering a sensory experience that nurtures the soul.

  • The Assurance of Quality: Handcrafting isn’t just about tradition – it’s about your experience. The attention to detail in shaping each cone results in even burning, consistent fragrance release, and an overall superior ritual. You can trust that every dhoop cone will deliver the authentic Loban experience you deserve.

No Harmful Chemicals or Additives

  • Purity as a Promise: We believe the true essence of Loban should shine without compromise. That’s why our dhoop cones contain only the finest, all-natural ingredients, sourced with integrity. You’ll never find artificial fragrances, fillers, or harsh charcoal – just the pure, unadulterated aroma of this sacred resin.

  • Honoring Ancient Wisdom: For centuries, Loban was revered for its natural properties. By staying true to this tradition, we offer an incense that aligns with the holistic approach of ancient spiritual and healing practices.

  • Wellness for Body and Spirit: In a world filled with synthetic scents, choosing natural incense is an act of self-care. Our commitment to purity ensures a cleaner, safer, and more harmonious environment for your rituals, especially for those with sensitivities.

How to Use Pooja Paath Loban Dhoop Jar

Preparing Your Sacred Space

  • The Importance of Ventilation: Before beginning your Loban ritual, choose a well-ventilated room or open-air space. This ensures that the smoke can disperse comfortably, allowing you to fully enjoy the fragrance without it becoming overwhelming.

  • A Safe and Stable Base: Select a heat-resistant incense holder or plate specifically designed for burning incense cones. This could be a beautiful ceramic dish, a simple metal tray, or even a bowl filled with sand. Make sure your chosen holder is stable and won’t easily tip over.

Igniting the Ritual

  • The First Spark: Carefully hold the tip of your Loban dhoop cone over a flame (a lighter or candle works well). Allow the tip to ignite until it glows brightly.

  • Extinguishing the Flame: Once the cone has a steady glow, gently blow out the flame. You should see a thin trail of fragrant smoke begin to rise from the glowing tip.

Embracing the Transformation

  • The Dance of Smoke: Observe as the smoke from your Loban dhoop cone begins its mesmerizing dance. Each wisp carries the sacred fragrance, filling your space with its transformative energy.

  • Intention and Purpose: As you enjoy the captivating aroma, let your mind settle. This is a time to set intentions, practice mindfulness, offer prayers, meditate, or simply create a tranquil sanctuary for your chosen purpose.

Important Safety Reminders

  • Never Leave Unattended: Burning incense requires vigilance. Never leave a lit dhoop cone unattended. Ensure it is fully extinguished before leaving the area.

  • Out of Reach: Keep burning incense and unlit cones out of the reach of children and pets.

  • Respect Sensitivities: While the natural fragrance of Loban is generally well-tolerated, be mindful of those with respiratory sensitivities. Ensure good ventilation and adjust the amount of incense used as needed.

Safety Precautions

Never leave burning incense unattended.

  • A Moment of Mindfulness: Burning incense is meant to be an enriching experience, but it demands awareness. Always remain present while your dhoop cone is lit. Extinguish the incense completely before leaving the room or going to sleep.
  • Potential Hazards: Even a seemingly extinguished incense cone may still hold embers that can reignite. Leaving incense unsupervised can pose a fire risk, especially if near flammable materials.

Keep out of reach of children and pets.

  • Protecting the Curious: Children and pets can be naturally drawn to the intriguing scent and appearance of incense. However, both burning incense and unlit cones pose potential dangers. Store incense securely out of reach to prevent accidental burns or ingestion.
  • Safeguarding Their Well-being: The concentrated smoke from incense can be overwhelming or irritating to small children and pets.

Ensure proper ventilation when using incense.

  • Fresh Air Matters: While the fragrance of incense is beautiful, even natural smoke can affect air quality. Always use incense in a well-ventilated room. Open a window or door to allow for fresh airflow, especially in smaller spaces.
  • Prioritizing Comfort: This is particularly important if you plan to use incense for extended periods or have a larger number of cones burning simultaneously.

Use a heat-resistant incense holder.

  • Safety and Stability: A dedicated incense holder made of heat-resistant materials (like ceramic, stone, or metal) is crucial. It will safely contain both the burning cone and any ash.
  • Preventing Damage: Improvised holders may not handle the heat, potentially leading to burns, damage to furniture, or accidental fires.

Do not use incense if you have respiratory sensitivities.

  • Individual Considerations: The smoke from any type of incense, even natural ones, can irritate those with asthma, allergies, or other respiratory sensitivities. Prioritize your health and well-being, and explore alternative ways to enjoy fragrance if necessary.
  • Alternatives for Sensitive Noses: Consider simmering Loban resin on an electric burner for a gentler release of fragrance, or using essential oil diffusers.

Important Note: It’s always best to position burning incense away from flammable materials like curtains, papers, and furniture.

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