Original Kauria Loban -100g

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  • Drives negative energy out.
  • Emit the fragnance of loban.
  • Helps in creating peaceful environment.


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Experience the Purifying Power of Original Kauria Loban – 100g

Immerse yourself in the ancient tradition of burning loban, a sacred resin renowned for its ability to cleanse spaces, uplift the spirit, and promote a sense of tranquility. Our Original Kauria Loban is meticulously sourced from the finest natural sources, ensuring an authentic and powerful aromatic experience that will transform your home or sacred space.

What is Kauria Loban?

Kauria Loban, also known as benzoin resin or Sambrani, is derived from the Styrax tree. It has been cherished for centuries across various cultures for its distinctive sweet, balsamic, and vanilla-like fragrance. In India, loban is an integral part of spiritual rituals and Ayurvedic practices, believed to possess potent purifying and protective properties.

Benefits of Burning Original Kauria Loban

Spiritual Cleansing

  • Clearing Negative Energies: Every space holds a history, a unique energetic imprint shaped by the events, emotions, and people that have passed through it. Negative energy can be seen as a lingering heaviness, a residue of past conflicts, unresolved emotions, or challenging experiences. The purifying smoke of loban is believed to transmute this stagnant energy, dissolving these residues and restoring a sense of lightness and clarity. The terms “energetic cleansing” or “vibrational purification” aptly describe this process from a spiritual perspective.

  • Creating Sacred Space: The intentional act of burning loban marks a transformative shift. It signals your desire to clear away the mundane and establish an atmosphere dedicated to spiritual connection. Loban’s distinctive fragrance, far removed from everyday scents, sets your space apart. It becomes a sacred sanctuary for prayer, ritual, or quiet contemplation. This practice of utilizing incense to create a dedicated space echoes through numerous religious traditions across the world, highlighting a shared understanding of the power of scent in spiritual elevation.

  • Protective Properties: In many traditions, the smoke of loban is believed to form a protective shield around the space and those within it. This shield is said to ward off lower vibrational energies, disruptive influences, and entities that create disharmony. Particularly if you are engaging in spiritual practices or seeking deep inner peace, this sense of protection can create a feeling of safety and sanctuary, allowing you to delve deeper into your work.

Enhanced Meditation & Focus

  • Calming the Mind: Our minds are constantly in motion, flitting from thought to thought like restless butterflies. Loban’s gentle aroma provides a soothing point of focus, offering an anchor for your attention. Imagine the surface of a lake, rippling with thoughts, slowly stilling under the influence of loban. Or picture a harsh light gradually softening, easing the strain on your inner vision. This subtle shift leads to relaxation, allowing distracting thoughts to gently dissolve.

  • Deepening Concentration A calmer mind is naturally a more focused mind. As mental chatter subsides, you are less easily pulled off course by internal or external stimuli. Loban’s fragrance can itself act as a focal point for your awareness, much like using the breath as a point of concentration. This helps you maintain a single-pointed meditative state for longer periods, deepening your practice.

  • Spiritual Connection: When you combine the effects of a cleansed space, a calm mind, and focused awareness, you create the perfect environment for profound spiritual experiences. The sacred atmosphere established by loban invites feelings of reverence, opening you up to a sense of greater expansiveness and a deeper connection with your intuition. You become more attuned to subtle energies, more receptive to guidance from the Divine, or to the quiet whispers of your own inner wisdom.

Why Choose Our Original Kauria Loban

Premium Quality

  • Beyond “Highest-Grade”: “Our Kauria Loban boasts large, richly colored resin pieces, hand-selected to ensure maximum fragrance potential. You’ll immediately notice the nuanced aroma – sweet vanilla, warm spice, and a hint of citrus – a testament to its quality. “

  • Purity Matters: “Experience the true essence of loban unadulterated by fillers or additives. Our resin burns cleanly, releasing the full spectrum of its exquisite fragrance, without any harsh or artificial undertones.”

  • Richness and Longevity: “Immerse yourself in the transformative fragrance of Kauria Loban. Its complex aroma unfolds gradually, revealing layer upon layer of balsamic sweetness. The scent lingers beautifully in your space, creating an enduring atmosphere of tranquility.”

Sustainably Harvested

  • Environmental Responsibility: “We are committe to sourcing our loban with the utmost respect for nature. Our suppliers employ sustainable harvesting methods designed to minimize the impact on Styrax trees and their delicate ecosystems.”

  • Community Support: “Beyond the fragrant resin, our loban represents a commitment to ethical trade practices. We work directly with local communities, ensuring fair compensation and investing in initiatives that support their well-being.”

  • Customer Awareness: “When you choose our Original Kauria Loban, you’re not just indulging in a beautiful fragrance. You are actively supporting sustainable practices and the communities who nurture this sacred resin.”

Versatile Use

  • Ritual & Spirituality: “Steeped in tradition, our Kauria Loban enhances your spiritual practices. Use it for prayers, offerings to the Divine, or to mark special occasions within your chosen path – its sacred smoke elevates any ritual.”

  • Beyond Meditation: “Discover how Kauria Loban enriches your yoga practice. Its calming scent promotes focus, deepens your breath, and creates a haven of peace ideal for asana and pranayama.”

  • Aromatherapy & Mood: “Transform your space into an oasis of tranquility. The comforting aroma of loban may naturally uplift your mood, reduce feelings of stress, and invite a sense of cozy contentment – perfect for winding down in the evening.”

  • Everyday Luxury: “Elevate the everyday with the simple ritual of burning loban. Make your home a sanctuary, a place where the stresses of the day melt away, replaced by a sense of luxurious serenity.”

Perfect Gift

  • Thoughtfulness: “Show someone you care with the gift of Original Kauria Loban. It reflects a depth of thought and an appreciation for meaningful experiences over fleeting material goods.”

  • Experience Over Material Goods: “This gift invites exploration and self-discovery. Whether they’re seasoned in spiritual practice, an aromatherapy enthusiast, or simply enjoy beautiful scents, loban promises an enriching experience.”

  • Wide Appeal: “Our Kauria Loban is the perfect choice for anyone seeking a touch of tranquility, natural fragrance, or a deeper spiritual connection. Its versatility ensures it will be appreciated by a wide range of recipients.”

How to Use Original Kauria Loban

1. Prepare Your Sacred Space

  • Choose Your Vessel: ” Begin by selecting a heat-resistant incense burner that reflects your personal aesthetic. Consider a traditional brass vessel, a simple ceramic bowl, or a dedicated charcoal burner designed for resin incense.”
  • Sanctuary Setting: “Designate a place where you can enjoy the ritual undisturbed. This could be a meditation corner, an altar, or simply a quiet area of your home.”

2. Ignite the Charcoal

  • The Element of Fire: “Carefully hold a charcoal disc with tongs or a heat-resistant tool. Using a lighter or match, ignite one edge of the charcoal until you see a spark.”
  • Patience and Observation: “Place the charcoal disc in your incense burner. Allow it to heat fully, observing as it gradually glows and a light layer of ash begins to form on its surface.”

3. The Sacred Offering

  • Mindful Measure: “Once the charcoal is ready, gently sprinkle a small amount of Kauria Loban resin onto its glowing center. Start with a modest amount as a little goes a long way.”
  • Witness the Transformation: “The resin will begin to melt and release its fragrant smoke. This is a moment of quiet contemplation – observe the tendrils of smoke rising and the transformation of the resin.”

4. Immerse Yourself in the Experience

  • Breathe Deeply: “Inhale the purifying smoke, allowing its rich aroma to fill your space and your senses. Notice how the fragrance shifts and evolves over time.”
  • Mindful Awareness: “Let the scent transport you. This is your time for meditation, prayer, reflection, or simply deep relaxation. Allow the worries of the world to fade as you become fully present in this sacred moment.”

Additional Tips

  • Use loban in a well-ventilated area.
  • Start with a small amount of resin and gradually add more as needed.
  • Experiment by blending loban with other complementary resins like frankincense or myrrh.
  • Store loban in an airtight container in a cool, dark place for optimal freshness.

Cultural & Historical Significance

The Ancient Wisdom of Loban

  • Journey Through Time: Embark on a fragrant journey through the ages. Loban’s origins lie in the mists of time, cherished by civilizations across the globe. From the grand temples of ancient Egypt, where it was an offering to the gods, to the altars of Greece and Rome, its smoke carried prayers to the heavens.

  • Sacred Incense of the East: In India, the use of loban is deeply entwine with the Vedas, Hinduism, and Buddhism. For millennia, its purifying smoke has signified spiritual elevation and marked sacred occasions.

  • The Healing Power of Ayurveda: Discover how loban plays a role in Ayurveda, India’s ancient healing tradition. Its warming properties are believed to balance the doshas, promoting respiratory and mental well-being. Ayurvedic practitioners have long valued its potential to ease coughs, soothe anxiety, and enhance focus during meditation.

  • A Universal Language of Spirit: The sacred smoke of loban transcends borders and cultures. Across continents, from Coptic Christian churches to shamanic traditions, loban reflects a profound human yearning for connection with the Divine. Whether used in elaborate ceremonies or simple rituals, loban awakens reverence and inner peace across diverse spiritual paths.

“Elevate your space and awaken your senses with the purifying power of Original Kauria Loban.

Order yours Loban today and discover the ancient wisdom of sacred smoke.”

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