Brass Maa Durga Idol Sitting On Lion Walking on Stones Ma Sherawali Murti Devi Statue for Home Mandir Office Living Room Shop Gift Navratra Puja in Gold Color (8X7 Inches) (Golden) Decor Your Temple – DECORATED WITH DRESS

Theme Idol
Colour Golden
Style Traditional
Material Brass
Occasion Christmas, Wedding, Anniversary, Hotel
Product Dimensions 17.78L x 10.2W x 20.3H Centimeters
Cartoon Character Maa Durga
Room Type Office
Specific Uses For Product Home decor

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Weight 2.400 g
Dimensions 17.78 × 10.2 × 20.32 cm


Brass Maa Durga Murti: Enhance Your Decor & Spiritual Practice

This breathtaking Brass Maa Durga murti, meticulously crafted and adorned with a beautiful dress, exudes divine power and grace. Maa Durga, the embodiment of feminine strength and protection, sits astride her majestic lion, a symbol of overcoming obstacles. Intricate details and a radiant golden finish create an aura of serenity and devotion within your home or office.

The Perfect Spiritual Addition to Your Decor

Whether you seek an inspiring focal point for your home mandir, a meaningful addition to your living room, or a thoughtful gift, this Maa Durga statue will elevate the spiritual energy and aesthetic appeal of any space. Its intricate craftsmanship and timeless symbolism make it an enduring object of inspiration.

Ideal Gifting for Auspicious Occasions

Navratra Puja: Dive Deeper into Devotion

During this vibrant nine-day festival, Maa Durga’s many forms are celebrated, each representing a unique aspect of her divine power. Gifting her murti becomes a way to share the transformative energy of Navratra, inviting blessings of strength, resilience, and the ultimate triumph of good over evil. It’s a gesture that deepens the recipient’s connection to the goddess and their own inner source of spiritual power.

Weddings: A Blessing for a Lasting Union

As Maa Durga embodies unwavering protection and fierce love, her presence blesses a newlywed couple with the courage to face life’s inevitable challenges together. Your gift becomes a constant reminder that their love is their greatest source of strength, creating an unbreakable bond and a haven from life’s storms. It’s a wish for their marriage to be a sanctuary and a source of boundless strength.

Anniversaries: Celebrating Enduring Love

As years pass, hurdles are overcome, and love deepens, a Durga murti becomes a poignant reminder of the vows taken and the transformative nature of love. It rekindles the spirit of commitment, not just to each other, but to the journey of growth and resilience within the marriage. This gift honors the enduring power of love that evolves over time.

Housewarming Ceremonies: Protection and Positive Energy

Gifting a Durga murti during a housewarming fills the new space with divine protection and sets the intention for positivity to flourish. It’s a heartfelt way to wish that the home becomes a true sanctuary, a place where the occupants feel safe, negativity is dispelled, and abundance of all kinds is welcomed.

New Ventures: Inviting Success and Resilience

The image of Maa Durga inspires courage, determination, and the unwavering pursuit of one’s goals. When embarking on a new journey, whether personal or professional, her murti becomes a talisman of support. It’s a way to wish the recipient the strength to overcome any obstacle, knowing they are protected and guided by the goddess’s resolute spirit.

Award Ceremonies: Honoring the Spirit of Triumph

Whether an award celebrates bravery, unwavering service, or exceptional achievement, a Durga murti reflects the recipient’s extraordinary inner strength and their embodiment of overcoming adversity. It recognizes that their success is not just about the achievement itself, but about the enduring spirit that carried them through challenges, embodying the victory of light over darkness.

Key Features that Set This Murti Apart

Premium Brass Construction: Enduring Symbolism and Beauty

Brass, in Hinduism, holds a profound spiritual significance associated with purity, strength, and divine resonance. Crafted from this revered metal, your murti becomes more than an aesthetically pleasing object; it is a timeless symbol that can be passed down through generations, retaining its spiritual potency and its value as a family heirloom.

Elegant Golden Finish: Radiance and Divinity

The luminous warmth of gold symbolizes prosperity, light, and the divine presence. This exquisite finish gives the murti an undeniable visual allure, making it a striking addition to any space. More importantly, it enhances the murti’s sacred quality, visually representing the divine radiance of Maa Durga.

Decorated with a Dress: Traditional Adornment

The intricate beauty of a dress adorning the murti speaks volumes about its devotional suitability. In Hindu tradition, idols are treate with the utmost respect and adorned with beautiful fabrics and ornaments. This detail reflects the time-honored way of honoring the divine, making your statue especially fitting for those who wish to incorporate it into their rituals.

Optimal Size (8×7 Inches): Versatile and Impactful

Provide the dimensions clearly, emphasizing both the murti’s impactful presence and its adaptability. This assures buyers that, whether gracing a grand altar or a more intimate prayer space, it commands attention without being overpowering and can beautifully complement existing decor.

Symbol of Triumph: A Constant Source of Inspiration

Reiterate Maa Durga’s fundamental symbolism: victory over negativity, both external and internal. Explain that the murti isn’t just decorative; it becomes a daily affirmation of the inner strength we all possess, the power to overcome our own inner demons and embrace the light within ourselves.

Easy Maintenance: Preserving Beauty Effortlessly

Buyers appreciate knowing that the murti’s beauty can be preserved with minimal effort. Highlight simple cleaning instructions to reassure them that this cherished object will retain its radiant look for years to come.


  • Material: Brass
  • Finish: Golden
  • Theme: Maa Durga
  • Dimensions: 8 inches (Height) x 7 inches (Width)

More than Just Decor: A Symbol of Strength & Spirituality

This Brass Maa Durga murti is more than a decorative object; it’s a constant reminder of the divine feminine power within us. By placing this statue in your space, you invite the protective energy of Maa Durga, fostering courage, determination, and a sense of deep peace.

Experience the transformative power of Maa Durga in your life. Order your exquisite Brass Maa Durga Murti today and embrace the blessings of this divine presence!

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