Mangalam Camphor Tablet 100g + Bhimseni Camphor 100g – Pack of 2

Scent Name: Camphor Tablet Jar

Weight – 100g each pack


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Weight 200 g

Bhimsaini- Pack of 1, Camphor – Pack of 1, Pack of 2 – Bhimsaini+ Camphor


Discover the Unmatched Purity of Mangalam Camphor

Are you seeking an authentic and deeply meaningful addition to your pooja rituals? Look no further than the transformative power of Mangalam Camphor Tablet and Bhimseni Camphor. This powerful combination of pure, natural camphor invites divine energy, dispels negativity, and enhances your spiritual well-being.

The Sacred Significance of Camphor

In our ancient scriptures, the complete combustion of pure camphor represents a profound symbol of union with the divine. Its purifying flame is believed to cleanse the atmosphere, promote health and well-being, and attract prosperity into your life.

Experience the Mangalam Difference: Purity You Can Trust

Purity Guaranteed

  • Unwavering Commitment: Mangalam Camphor stands out by guaranteeing its product is 100% natural camphor sourced exclusively from pine trees. This dedication highlights the brand’s priority on authenticity and purity.
  • Essential for Well-being: Emphasize that purity is vital in spiritual rituals and directly impacts personal health and safety.
  • The Dangers of Impurities: Clearly warn consumers about locally produced camphor, which can contain harmful fillers and even cancer-causing chemicals. This educates buyers on the importance of choosing a trusted brand.

Uncompromising Quality

  • Your Well-being First: Mangalam Camphor positions itself as a brand that genuinely cares about the consumer’s well-being by meticulously sourcing its camphor.
  • Understanding Your Needs: The brand demonstrates its understanding of the spiritual significance of pure camphor and the health concerns associated with adulterated alternatives.

Trusted by Renowned Brands

  • The Pharmaceutical Seal of Approval: Underscore the exceptional quality and safety of Mangalam Camphor by mentioning its use by leading pharmaceutical companies like P&G and GSK. These companies are known for strict standards, building instant trust with consumers.

Beyond Rituals

  • Potential Medicinal Value: Highlight the diverse applications of pure camphor, hinting at its traditional use in medicinal remedies. This broadens the appeal of the product and reinforces its commitment to quality. (*Note: It might be important to add a disclaimer advising consumers to consult a medical professional before using camphor for medicinal purposes).

Effortless Use

  • Designed for Your Rituals: Stress the convenience of Mangalam Camphor Tablets, crafted for easy use during pooja or other spiritual practices.
  • Reliable Performance: Emphasize the pure composition’s benefits: quick ignition and a steady flame, ensuring a smooth and fulfilling aarti experience.

The Transformative Benefits of Mangalam Camphor

Spiritual Benefits of Mangalam Camphor

  • Spiritual Cleansing: The sacred flame of pure Mangalam Camphor dispels negativity, purifies the atmosphere, and fosters a serene, sacred space for prayer, meditation, and rituals.

  • Energetic Purification: Harness the cleansing power of camphor’s flame to remove stagnant or negative energies from your environment, allowing for deeper spiritual connection.

  • Inner Peace: Experience a profound sense of calmness and clarity as the external purification mirrors an internal shift, facilitating undisturbed focus.

  • Elevated Energy Levels: Incorporate Mangalam Camphor into your daily pooja and feel an invigorating shift in your energy, enhancing your aura with positivity and well-being.

  • Uplifting Aura: The use of pure camphor subtly elevates the vibrational quality of your surroundings, promoting a sense of optimism and spiritual enthusiasm.

  • Spiritual Revitalization: The energizing and purifying effects of camphor naturally renew your focus and dedication to your spiritual practices.

Aromatherapy & Relaxation

  • Stress Relief: Let the soothing, natural fragrance of Mangalam Camphor act as a balm for a troubled mind, gently easing anxiety and promoting tranquility.

  • Restful Focus: Discover how a calmer mind supports deeper introspection and focused meditation, enhancing the benefits of your spiritual practice.

Home & Environment

  • Natural Fragrance: Experience the clean, refreshing scent of Mangalam Camphor, a healthy and authentic alternative to artificial air fresheners.

  • Practical Benefit: Enjoy the added benefit of camphor’s natural insect-repellent properties, contributing to a more pleasant home environment.


  • Ingredients: 100% pure camphor derived from pine trees.
  • Form: Tablets (May also be available in other forms like blocks or powder).
  • Weight: 100 grams per pack (may offer various pack sizes)
  • Fragrance: Classic camphor scent (with a note that Bhimseni Camphor has a slightly different aromatic profile).
  • Burning Properties: Easy ignition, clean burn, long-lasting flame.
  • Safety: Non-toxic when used as directed

How to Verify the Purity of Your Camphor

True, unadulterated camphor burns without a trace, leaving no residue or ash behind. It ignites easily and burns without sparking, further attesting to its pure nature.

Discover the Versatility of Camphor: Your Exclusive Pack

This exclusive pack unlocks the multifaceted benefits of camphor by offering you two exceptional varieties:

Mangalam Camphor Tablet (100g): Your Pooja Essential

  • Ideal for Daily Rituals: Mangalam Camphor Tablets are designed with your daily pooja in mind. Their convenient size and shape make them easy to handle, while the pure camphor composition ensures a clean burn with a long-lasting flame.
  • Spiritual Significance: In many traditions, the complete and smokeless combustion of pure camphor symbolizes union with the divine. Its purifying flame is believe to cleanse the atmosphere and attract positive energy, enhancing your aarti rituals.
  • Aromatherapy Benefits: While the primary focus is on spiritual use, the natural fragrance of Mangalam Camphor also offers a subtle aromatherapeutic effect, promoting calmness and focus during your prayers and meditation.

Bhimseni Camphor (100g): 

  • Distinct Fragrance: Bhimseni Camphor offers a slightly different aromatic profile compared to traditional camphor. This variation opens up a broader range of uses and potential benefits.
  • Traditional Medicine: In Ayurvedic practices, Bhimseni camphor is sometimes used for its potential medicinal properties. It may be apply topically or use in specific preparations. (Important Note: Please consult a qualified Ayurvedic practitioner before using Bhimseni camphor for medicinal purposes.)
  • Enhanced Insect Repellent: Bhimseni camphor is known for its stronger aroma, making it a more potent natural insect repellent. Diffusing it or burning it strategically can help create a more insect-free environment.

Why Choose This Exclusive Pack?

This comprehensive pack empowers you to experience the full spectrum of camphor’s benefits. Use Mangalam Camphor Tablets for your daily spiritual needs, and explore the broader applications of Bhimseni Camphor for its unique fragrance, potential medicinal uses, and insect-repelling properties.

Important Note: Please keep in mind that camphor is flammable. Always use it with caution and under proper supervision, especially when burning.

Upgrade Your Spiritual Journey with Mangalam Camphor

Embrace the transformative power of pure camphor. Order your Mangalam Camphor Tablet 100g + Bhimseni Camphor 100g – Pack of 2 today and experience the profound difference it brings to your pooja rituals and overall well-being.

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