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  • Mini Bhagavad Gita – Pocket Edition In Sanskrit (Code-1392)
  • Gita Press Gorakhpur
  • Hardcover
Publishing Date
  • 2022
  • Gita Press Gorakhpur
  • New
Number of Pages
  • 256
  • Sanskrit

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Weight 15 g
Dimensions 4.5 × 6.5 × 1.5 cm


Mini Bhagwat geeta Wisdom – Sanskrit Edition by Gita Press🕉️

Immerse yourself in the profound teachings of the Bhagavad Gita, a cornerstone of Hindu philosophy, with this exquisitely crafted mini pocket edition. Published by the revered Gita Press Gorakhpur, this compact volume offers the complete Sanskrit text of the Gita, allowing you to connect directly with the source of this ancient wisdom.

Experience the Power of the Bhagwat geeta

1. Spiritual Guidance:

The Bhagavad Gita is a timeless dialogue between Lord Krishna and Arjuna. It explores themes of duty, devotion, and the path to liberation.

  • A Map for the Soul: The Gita offers a framework for understanding your spiritual journey. It provides clear guidance for navigating life’s challenges.
  • Dharma and Purpose: The Gita answers deep questions about your duty (dharma). It helps you discover how to live with a higher purpose.
  • Path to Liberation: The Gita explores different paths to achieve moksha (liberation). It offers techniques for every spiritual seeker.

2. Inner Reflection:

Its verses provide profound insights into the nature of the self, the universe, and one’s purpose in life.

  • Self-Inquiry: The Gita prompts deep contemplation on the true nature of the self, going beyond the limitations of the ego and material identity.
  • Understanding the Universe: It reveals the interconnectedness of all things and the underlying cosmic order, offering a sense of one’s place in the grand scheme.
  • Discovering Purpose: The Gita’s teachings help you connect with your dharma and live life with a renewed sense of meaning and direction.

3. Source of Solace:

Discover wisdom and comfort during challenging times by turning to the Bhagavad Gita’s timeless teachings.

  • Strength in Adversity: The Gita offers unwavering support during life’s inevitable trials and tribulations, providing a framework for understanding suffering and finding resilience.
  • Perspective Shift: Its verses encourage detachment from temporary circumstances, helping you find peace even amidst life’s storms.
  • Unending Well of Wisdom: The Gita’s timeless insights offer solace no matter how many times you return to them, reminding you your are not alone on the journey.

The Gita Press Gorakhpur Legacy

Gita Press Gorakhpur is renowned worldwide for its dedication to preserving and disseminating authentic Hindu scriptures. Their publications are known for their accuracy, quality, and affordability.

Features of this Mini Pocket Bhagwat geeta

1. Compact and Portable:

Carry the profound wisdom of the Gita with you wherever you go. Fits easily in pockets and bags.

  • Always On Hand: Never be without the inspiration and guidance of the Gita. Slip it into your bag, purse, or pocket for easy access whenever you need a moment of reflection or wisdom.
  • Travel Companion: Whether commuting, traveling, or simply waiting in line, the Gita’s portable size makes it your perfect companion to turn mundane moments into opportunities for spiritual growth.
  • Discreet Study: Easily consult the Gita during breaks at work, school, or while on the go, without carrying a large, cumbersome text.

2. Authentic Sanskrit Text:

Experience the original language of this sacred scripture.

  • Connect to the Source: Immersing yourself in the Sanskrit text allows for a deeper connection with the Gita’s roots and the long lineage of spiritual teachers who have passed it down.
  • Nuances of Meaning: Sanskrit is a richly nuanced language; studying the Gita in its original form can reveal subtle layers of meaning not always fully captured in translations.
  • Pronunciation and Chanting: For those who practice chanting or recitation, the original Sanskrit provides the correct pronunciation of mantras and verses.

3. Durable Hardcover Binding:

Ensures longevity and protects the precious text.

  • Investment Piece: The durable hardcover protects the Gita from wear and tear, making it a text you can treasure for years to come.
  • Frequent Use: The hardcover binding withstands repeated handling and being carried around, ensuring the Gita is always in good condition for study.
  • Legacy: This well-bound edition can be passed down as a meaningful heirloom, carrying the Gita’s wisdom to future generations.

4. Clear and Readable Font:

Allows for comfortable study and reflection.

  • Minimize Eye Strain: A clear font reduces strain while reading and encourages longer periods of focused study without fatigue.
  • Easier Absorption: When the text is easy to read, you are better able to immerse yourself in the Gita’s meaning, rather than struggling with the script itself.
  • Accessibility: A clear font makes the Gita accessible to readers of various ages and abilities, ensuring its wisdom can be enjoyed by all.

5. Ideal for Sanskrit Students:

Enhance your understanding of this ancient language.

  • Living Language: The Bhagavad Gita offers a compelling and meaningful text for Sanskrit students to practice their language skills.
  • Vocabulary Building: Exposure to the Gita’s vocabulary expands a student’s knowledge of Sanskrit words and their usage.
  • Grammar in Context: Studying a complete text like the Gita helps solidify a student’s understanding of Sanskrit grammar applied in a real-world context.

Bhagwat geeta Perfect for:

1. Spiritual Seekers:

Deepen your spiritual practice and understanding.

  • Emphasize the Gita’s universal themes: Focus on the timeless questions it explores about existence, purpose, and the path to enlightenment.
  • Highlight its potential for self-discovery: Frame the Gita as a guide to understanding the true nature of the self and its relationship to the universe.
  • Use language that speaks to universal spiritual longing: Words like “meaning”, “purpose”, “transcendence,” and “connection” resonate with those seeking something beyond the material world.

2. Yoga Practitioners:

Find inspiration and guidance on your yogic journey.

  • Connect to the philosophical roots of yoga: Explain how the Gita offers the foundational principles upon which yoga practice is built.
  • Gita as a guide for internal yoga: Highlight verses concerning self-discipline, control of the mind, and devotion as essential aspects of a complete yogic path.
  • Emphasize concepts like Karma Yoga and Bhakti Yoga: Show how the Gita’s teachings can be applied directly to one’s yoga practice.

3. Students of Hinduism:

Gain a foundational understanding of this essential text.

  • The Gita as a cornerstone of Hindu thought: Position the Bhagavad Gita as a central text within the Mahabharata epic and as a key to understanding broader Hindu philosophy.
  • Explore its core concepts: Delve into the Gita’s teachings about dharma, karma, reincarnation, and the different paths to liberation (moksha).
  • Connect to mythology and symbolism: Discuss the context of the Gita within the Mahabharata and the rich symbolism employed in the text.

4. Those Seeking Inner Peace:

Discover solace and wisdom through the Gita’s verses.

  • The Gita as a source of comfort: Highlight its verses that offer guidance in times of difficulty, doubt, or despair.
  • Focus on self-acceptance and surrender: Emphasize how the Gita teaches letting go of attachment and embracing acceptance as a path towards inner tranquility.
  • Stress the practicality of its wisdom: Frame the Bhagavad Gita as a guide for navigating life’s challenges with wisdom and equanimity.

5. Gifts & Collections:

Share the gift of wisdom or add this to your spiritual library.

  • The Gita as a timeless treasure: Highlight its long-standing history and its reputation as a source of profound insight.
  • Perfect for those starting their spiritual journey: Position it as a thoughtful gift to introduce someone to core concepts of spirituality and Hindu philosophy.
  • Appeal to collectors of sacred texts: Emphasize the Gita’s significance in the broader landscape of world religions and spiritual literature.

Physical Specifications of Bhagwat geeta

  • Title: Mini Pocket Bhagavad Gita (Sanskrit Edition)
  • Publisher: Gita Press Gorakhpur
  • Edition: 2022
  • Format: Hardcover, Pocket-sized
  • Dimensions: 4 inches x 6 inches x 0.75 inches
  • Weight: 6 ounces
  • Page Count: 256
  • Binding: Hardcover
  • Paper Type: Standard
  • Font: Times New Roman, 10pt

Content Specifications of Bhagwat geeta

  • Language: Sanskrit
  • Content: Complete Bhagavad Gita text

Embark on Your Spiritual Journey with the Bhagwat geeta.

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