Multicolor Shree Yantra Original Copper, Gold Plated Energized and Blessed Shri Yantram, Square Shape Effective Yantra for Wealth and Prosperity

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Embrace Harmony and Prosperity with the Multicolor Shree Yantra: Original Copper, Gold Plated for Enhanced Spiritual Focus

Experience the profound impact of the Multicolor Shree Yantra, a meticulously crafted Original Copper Yantra with a stunning Gold Plated finish. This powerful instrument serves as a sacred geometrical representation of the cosmos, believed to attract prosperity, enhance spiritual focus, and bring harmony into all aspects of life.

Unveiling the Multicolor Shree Yantra’s Significance

The Shree Yantra, also known as the Sri Yantra or Shri Chakra, is a revered symbol in Hinduism. This intricate geometric pattern is comprised of nine interlocking triangles, representing the union of the divine feminine (Shakti) and the divine masculine (Shiva). Each element within the Shree Yantra holds a specific meaning, working in unison to create a powerful tool for spiritual practice and self-transformation.

Embrace the Multicolor Shree Yantra’s Benefits:

The Shree Yantra, a captivating geometric symbol steeped in Hindu tradition, transcends mere aesthetics. It serves as a powerful tool for cultivating prosperity, deepening meditation, fostering harmonious relationships, and balancing the energy within your living space. Let’s delve deeper into the transformative potential of the Shree Yantra:

1. Cultivating Prosperity and Abundance:

Traditionally associated with wealth and success, the Shree Yantra is believed to attract positive energies that can manifest in your financial well-being. By incorporating it into your spiritual practice, you may witness an increase in financial opportunities, improved decision-making regarding finances, and a general sense of abundance flowing into your life.

2. Deepening Spiritual Focus and Meditation:

The intricate geometric design of the Shree Yantra is not merely ornamental. It serves as a powerful focal point for meditation. As you gaze upon the Yantra, its complexity can help quiet the mind, enhancing your concentration and drawing your focus inward. This deepens your connection to the divine, facilitating a more profound meditative experience.

3. Harmonizing Relationships and Fostering Happiness:

The Shree Yantra is believed to be a conduit for positive energy, promoting harmony within your environment. This positive energy can have a ripple effect, fostering improved relationships with loved ones, a more peaceful and serene atmosphere in your home, and a greater sense of well-being for all who reside there. By creating a harmonious space, the Shree Yantra can contribute to a happier and more fulfilling life.

4. Balancing Vastu Dosh for a Serene Abode:

Vastu Shastra, the ancient Indian science of architecture and design, emphasizes the importance of creating a living space that promotes positive energy flow. Imbalances within a space, known as Vastu Dosh, are believed to hinder well-being. The Shree Yantra is believed to help rectify these imbalances, fostering a sense of peace, tranquility, and harmony within your home.

By incorporating the Shree Shree Yantra into your life, you embark on a multifaceted journey towards prosperity, spiritual growth, improved relationships, and a harmonious living environment. It serves as a powerful tool to enhance your overall well-being and cultivate a more fulfilling life.

The Multicolor Shree Yantra: A Beacon of Spiritual Light

This Multicolor Shree Shree Yantra distinguishes itself with its captivating aesthetic appeal. Each geometric element is meticulously colored, infusing the Yantra with vibrant energy and enhancing its visual impact.

The Original Copper base provides a sturdy foundation and a touch of elegance, while the Gold Plated accents add a touch of grandeur. This exquisite craftsmanship makes the Multicolor Shree Yantra not only a powerful tool for spiritual practice but also a captivating addition to your home décor.

Experience the Multicolor Shree Yantra’s Wondrous Effects:

Empower Your Spiritual Journey with an Energized and Blessed Shree Yantra

More than just a beautifully crafted Yantra, the Multicolor  Yantra you receive is imbued with potent spiritual energy. We understand the significance of possessing a Yantra that transcends its physical form, and that’s why each Multicolor Yantra undergoes a special energization and blessing process. This meticulous ritual is believed to amplify the Yantra’s spiritual potency and auspiciousness. By incorporating this energized Shree Yantra into your practice, you’re not just inviting a symbolic representation; you’re welcoming a powerful tool capable of fostering profound spiritual growth and positive transformation.

Perfectly Sized for Your Puja or Meditation Space

Finding the ideal space for your spiritual practice can be just as important as the tools you use. The Multicolor Shree Shree Yantra’s compact size of 6.5 centimeters makes it exceptionally versatile. This allows for effortless placement on your puja altar, where it can become a central focus for your devotional rituals. Alternatively, its compact size makes it a perfect companion for your meditation space. Having the Shree Yantra within your field of vision during meditation can serve as a powerful focal point, aiding in concentration and deepening your connection to the divine.

A Gift Steeped in Meaning and Significance

The Multicolor  Yantra transcends its role as a spiritual tool; it becomes a conduit for sharing blessings and well wishes. This beautiful Yantra makes a profound and spiritually significant gift for your loved ones. Gifting a Yantra, especially during festive occasions like Deepawali (Diwali), is a thoughtful gesture that expresses your care and conveys your hope for their prosperity, happiness, and spiritual well-being. The recipient will not only appreciate the exquisite craftsmanship but also the potent spiritual energy embedded within the Yantra.

By incorporating these details, we provide a more in-depth explanation of the Multicolor Shree Yantra’s significance beyond its physical characteristics. We delve into the concept of energization and blessings. It  highlight its suitability for puja and meditation, and emphasize its value as a meaningful gift.

Installing the Multicolor Shree Yantra for Optimal Results:

Before inviting the potent energy of the Multicolor Yantra into your life, it’s essential to perform a cleansing and purification ritual. This process prepares the Yantra for its sacred purpose, removing any residual energies and allowing it to vibrate at its highest potential.

1. The Cleansing Touch:

  • Gather your sacred supplies: You’ll need a soft, clean cloth, sandalwood paste, and a container of water (ideally, Ganges water if available).

  • Sandalwood Significance: Sandalwood is a revered substance in Hinduism, known for its purifying properties and pleasant fragrance.

  • Ganges Water’s Power: If you have access to Ganges water, even a small amount mixed with regular water can imbue the cleansing process with additional spiritual potency.

  • Gently cleanse the Yantra: Take the soft cloth and dampen it slightly with the prepared water. Gently wipe down the entire surface of the Shree Yantra, removing any dust or impurities.

  • Sandalwood’s Embrace: Once the Yantra is clean, apply a small amount of sandalwood paste to each of the geometric intersections within the design. You can use a toothpick or your fingertip to spread the paste thinly. Allow the sandalwood paste to sit for a few minutes, allowing its purifying properties to permeate the Yantra.

  • Washing Away Impurities: Finally, rinse the Yantra thoroughly with clean water, ensuring all traces of sandalwood paste are removed. Pat the Yantra dry with a clean cloth. It allowing it to air dry completely before placing it on your altar or designated space.

2. Finding the Ideal Abode:

Once your Multicolor Shree Yantra is cleansed, it’s time to select the perfect spot in your home to maximize its effectiveness.

  • Seeking Serenity: The ideal location is a clean, quiet, and dedicated space. This could be a designated puja altar, a meditation corner. Also, any area where you can comfortably practice spiritual rituals without distractions.

  • Facing the East: Traditionally, Yantras are positioned facing the east, as the East symbolizes new beginnings and positive energy. However, if this orientation isn’t feasible, prioritize choosing a calm and uncluttered space over specific compass directions.

  • Stability and Respect: Place the Yantra on a stable and elevated surface. This could be a small wooden platform, a puja chowki (a specific pedestal used for puja rituals), or even a clean, decorative cloth. The elevated position signifies respect and reverence for the sacred Yantra.

3. Integrating the Shree Yantra into Your Practice:

The Multicolor  Yantra is most powerful when incorporated into your daily spiritual routine. Here are some ways to integrate it:

  • Puja Rituals: If you perform daily puja (worship) rituals, include the Yantra as a focal point. Offer flowers, incense, and light a diya (oil lamp) near the Yantra. Chant mantras associated with the Shree Yantra or simply recite prayers expressing your gratitude and intentions.

  • Meditation and Mantras: During meditation sessions, use the Yantra as a visual aid. Gaze upon its intricate design, allowing it to focus your mind and deepen your meditation practice. You can also silently chant mantras associated with the Yantra while focusing on its geometric patterns.

  • Simple Contemplation: Even if you don’t practice formal meditation, dedicate a few moments each day to simply sit quietly in the presence of the Yantra. Observe its beauty, contemplate its symbolism, and allow its energy to permeate your being.

By following these steps to cleanse, place, and integrate your Multicolor Shree Yantra, you can unlock its full potential and embark on a journey of spiritual growth, prosperity, and harmony.


  • Name: Multicolor Shree Yantra
  • Material:
    • Primary: Copper (Original Copper)
    • Additional Elements: May contain trace amounts of other metals for structural stability during the casting process.
  • Dimensions:
    • Length: 6.5 centimeters (cm)
    • Width: 6.5 centimeters (cm)

Embrace the transformative power of the Multicolor Shree Yantra.

Order yours Shree Shree Yantra today and embark on a journey of spiritual growth, prosperity,

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