Maa Durga Shakti Combo/Special Navratri Pooja kit/Complete All in one Pooja samagri Pack with 31 Pooja Items.

  • Premium quality Puja Samagri in sufficient quantity along with a detailed booklet with step by step guide to perform Puja with appropriate mantras (in Hindi).
  • Complete collection of 31+ items required for Puja of 9 forms of Goddess Durga spread over 9 days.
  • Includes a Navdurga Photo in Elegant Framing along with Mata ki Chunnri
  • Sturdy and excellent packaging. Also suitable for gifting purposes.

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Embrace the Divine Power of Maa Durga: Enhance Your Navratri Puja Samagri

Navratri, the vibrant nine-day festival dedicated to the worship of Goddess Durga, is a celebration of divine feminine energy and the triumph of good over evil. To make your Navratri celebrations even more special and spiritually fulfilling, we present our exclusive Navratri Puja Samagri– a meticulously curated pooja samagri pack encompassing everything you need for a complete and auspicious Navratri experience.

What’s Inside Our  Navratri Puja Samagri Combo?

31+ Premium Pooja Essentials in Navratri Puja Samagri

  • Emphasize Quality: “Our kit includes a meticulously curated collection of 31+ pooja items, each handpicked for its superior quality and spiritual significance. From the purity of the roli to the fragrance of the incense, every element guarantees a deeply fulfilling Navratri experience.”
  • Generous Quantities: “We understand the importance of uninterrupted devotion throughout the nine days of Navratri. That’s why we provide ample quantities of each essential item, ensuring you have everything you need for daily rituals and offerings.”

Detailed Pooja Guide (Hindi):

  • Accessibility: “We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to perform Navratri pooja with confidence and understanding. Our comprehensive guide, written in clear and accessible Hindi, demystifies the rituals associated with each day of the festival.”
  • Step-by-Step Instructions: “Our guide breaks down the pooja process into simple steps, explaining the purpose of each item, the appropriate procedures, and the significance behind them.”
  • Powerful Mantras: “Enhance your pooja with the power of sacred mantras. Our guide includes the most important mantras for each form of Maa Durga, ensuring your prayers and invocations resonate with divine energy.”

Elegant Navdurga Photo:

  • Visual Focus: “A beautifully framed photo depicting the nine forms of Maa Durga becomes the heart of your Navratri pooja space. Its vibrant colors and sacred imagery inspire devotion and focus your prayers.”
  • Quality and Craftsmanship: “The Navdurga photo is presented in an elegant frame, adding a touch of refinement and respect to your sacred space.”

Mata Ki Chunnri:

  • Symbol of Reverence: “Drape your Navdurga photo or murti with a vibrant red chunri – a traditional symbol of auspiciousness, protection, and deep reverence for the Divine Mother.”
  • Premium Fabric: “The chunri is made from soft, high-quality fabric, symbolizing the care and devotion you offer to Maa Durga.”

Sturdy & Giftable Packaging: of Navratri Puja Samagri

    • Secure and Beautiful: “Each item within our kit is carefully and securely packaged to ensure it reaches you in pristine condition, ready to be used for your Navratri celebrations.”
    • Presentation Matters: “The aesthetically pleasing and sturdy packaging elevates our kit to an exceptional gifting option. Share the blessings of Navratri with loved ones by offering them this thoughtful and spiritually enriching present.”

Key Features of Our Navratri Puja Samagri

  • Complete Navratri Solution: Eliminate the hassle of sourcing individual pooja items. Our kit provides everything you need to honor all nine forms of Maa Durga throughout the festival.
  • Premium Quality: We guarantee the finest quality pooja samagri, ensuring a pure and spiritually uplifting experience.
  • Perfect for Beginners & Experts: Our detailed guide and comprehensive kit cater to both those new to Navratri rituals and experienced devotees.
  • Auspicious Gifting Option: Spread the blessings of Navratri by gifting this thoughtful and sacred kit to your family and friends.
  • Convenient and Time-Saving: Save time and effort with this all-in-one Navratri pooja solution.

Detailed List of Items

Core Pooja Essentials:

  1. Roli/Kumkum (red powder)
  2. Haldi (turmeric powder)
  3. Chawal (uncooked rice, ideally Akshat rice)
  4. Chandan (sandalwood paste)
  5. Incense sticks (dhoop)
  6. Diya (oil lamp) with cotton wicks
  7. Ghee or oil for the lamp
  8. Camphor (kapur)
  9. Agarbatti (incense sticks)
  10. Matchbox
  11. Small Kalash (metal pot)
  12. Small plate or thali for offerings
  13. Small bowls for water and other offerings
  14. Small spoon
  15. Mauli (sacred red thread)

Navratri & Durga-Specific:

  1. Mata ki Chunri (red cloth for the Goddess)
  2. Navdurga photo in a frame
  3. Flowers (red hibiscus are traditional, but other options are fine)
  4. Durva grass (sacred grass important in Durga worship)
  5. Betel leaves (paan)
  6. Betel nuts (supari)
  7. Cloves
  8. Cardamom
  9. Fruits (seasonal, a mix is ideal)
  10. Dry fruits and sweets
  11. Coins for offering
  12. Shringar items (small mirror, comb, etc. – considered auspicious)
  13. Naivedyam (special food offering prepared for the Goddess)

Optional but Enhances Gifting:

  1. Small bell (for aarti)
  2. Shankh (conch shell)
  3. Gangajal (holy water from the Ganges) – if safely packaged
  4. Hawan samagri (if your customers often do Hawan)

The Ultimate Navratri Pooja Solution Navratri Puja Samagri : Focus on Devotion, Not Shopping

Celebrate Navratri with complete peace of mind and spiritual fulfillment. Our Maa Durga Shakti Combo eliminates the stress of gathering individual pooja items, giving you everything you need to honor all nine forms of the Goddess throughout this sacred festival.

Why Choose Our Maa Durga Navratri Puja Samagri?

Devotion Simplified

  • Save time, embrace spirituality: Our meticulously curated Navratri pooja kit eliminates the hassle of sourcing individual items, letting you focus on the true meaning of the festival.
  • Your all-in-one Navratri solution: No more searching or stressing! This kit covers every pooja need, for both experienced devotees and those new to the traditions.

Commitment to Quality

  • Pooja with purity: Our high-quality items guarantee authentic offerings, ensuring the sanctity of your rituals and honoring Goddess Durga.
  • Elevate your devotion: The quality of your offerings reflects your respect. Premium ingredients enhance the spiritual vibrations of your Navratri pooja.

Celebrating Tradition

  • Preserve the sacred: Our kit and detailed guide help you perform Navratri rituals with accuracy, honoring the festival’s ancient traditions.
  • Connect with the divine: Experience the rich heritage of Navratri and foster a sense of spiritual community across generations.

Spreading the Light

  • The gift of devotion: Share the blessings of Navratri with loved ones. Our kit offers a meaningful and auspicious present.
  • Inspire and uplift: Introduce friends and family to the beauty of Navratri, potentially igniting their own spiritual journey.

The Gift of Spiritual Blessings

Go beyond ordinary gifts this Navratri. Our Maa Durga Shakti Combo is a thoughtful and sacred offering for loved ones, symbolizing blessings and shared devotion.

  • Spiritual Enrichment: Offer something truly meaningful, a gift that nourishes the soul and deepens connection to Navratri traditions.
  • Share the Celebration: Introduce friends and family to the beauty of Navratri, potentially inspiring their own journey of devotion.
  • Well-Wishes Made Real: This gift is a symbol of your genuine desire for the recipient’s spiritual well-being and fulfillment during the festival.

Convenience Meets Spirituality

  • Modern Devotion: We understand busy lives. Our kit allows you to honor Navratri to the fullest, even with limited time.
  • Focus on the Sacred: Save time on the logistical side so you can immerse yourself in prayers, mantras, and the essence of Navratri.
  • Reduce Pre-Festival Stress: Feel a sense of calm and preparedness, enhancing your spiritual receptivity during the festival.

Order Your Maa Durga Navratri Puja Samagri Today and Immerse Yourself in the Divine Grace of Navratri!

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