Pitambari Shining Powder For 6 metals – 150g

About this item

  • Cleans, protects, preserves and restores the shine and luster to a variety of different surfaces
  • No more scrubbing, no mess, no waste – easy to apply.
  • Contain kewda-chandan fragrance for pleasant application.

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PITAMBARI Shining Powder: Your Ultimate Metal Cleaning Solution

Transform your tarnished cookware and metal items into gleaming treasures with PITAMBARI Shining Powder. This powerful yet gentle formula is your one-stop solution for restoring the brilliance of six versatile metals: copper, brass, silver, aluminum, iron, and steel.

Key Features and Benefits:

Powerful Cleaning Action:

Effortlessly removes tough stains, tarnish, and oxidation, revealing a radiant shine.

  • Say goodbye to stubborn build-up: Pitambari’s formula penetrates deep to tackle the toughest grease, food residue, and mineral deposits that regular cleaning won’t touch.
  • Dissolves tarnish like magic: Removes the dull, discolored layer of oxidation that forms on various metals, unveiling the natural brightness hidden underneath.
  • Achieves unmatched shine: The cleaning agents go beyond just removing gunk; they polish and restore the metal’s reflective qualities for that brand-new gleam.

Versatile Applications:

Ideal for cookware, utensils, decorative items, musical instruments, and more.

  • The whole kitchen and beyond: Cleans pots, pans, servingware, stovetops, sinks (depending on the metal), and all your favorite kitchen tools.
  • Restores household beauty: Shines up brass doorknobs, silverware, jewelry, trophies, candle holders, picture frames… the possibilities are endless!
  • Delicate on musical instruments: Safely polishes the metal parts of brass instruments, cymbals, and other equipment, ensuring they look their best.

Safe and Non-Toxic:

Gentle on your hands and the environment.

  • No harsh chemicals: Avoids the corrosive acids and fumes found in some metal cleaners, making it a safer choice for your home.
  • Skin-friendly: Won’t dry out or irritate your hands with excessive use.
  • Environmentally conscious: The formula is designed to minimize its impact on the environment, allowing you to clean responsibly.

Acid-Free Formula:

Protects delicate surfaces from damage.

  • Preserves precious metals: Harsh acids can etch and degrade fine metals like silver or those with intricate engravings. Pitambari’s gentle formula removes tarnish without compromising intricate details.

Easy to Use:

Simple application and fast-acting results.

  • No complicated process: Requires minimal preparation and scrubbing for impressive results.
  • Quick transformation: You’ll see noticeable changes in minutes, making cleaning less of a chore.


150g provides long-lasting value.

  • A little goes a long way: The concentrated powder means you use less per cleaning session.
  • Cost-effective: Saves you money compared to replacing tarnished items or buying multiple single-purpose cleaners for different metals.


Brand: Pitambari

Product Name: Pitambari Shining Powder

Item Form: Powder

Net Quantity: 150g

Target Metals: Copper, Brass, Aluminium, Iron, Silver, Steel

Usage Instructions

  1. Wet the surface: Lightly dampen the metal item to be cleaned.
  2. Apply Pitambari: Sprinkle Pitambari Shining Powder onto the surface.
  3. Create a paste: Add a small amount of water to form a paste-like consistency.
  4. Gentle scrubbing: Rub with a soft cloth or sponge in a circular motion.
  5. Rinse thoroughly: Wash off the paste completely with water.
  6. Dry and buff: Wipe the surface with a dry, clean cloth for a gleaming shine.

Restore the Radiance of Your Metal Treasures

Tired of dull, tarnished metal surfaces? PITAMBARI Shining Powder is the answer. This remarkable powder will:

Deep Clean and Polish: Banishes grime and restores a sparkling luster.

  • Beyond surface dirt: Pitambari’s cleaning agents penetrate below the visible layer, dissolving stubborn grease, food residue, and mineral stains.
  • Restorative polishing: The powder’s fine abrasives buff away microscopic imperfections, revealing a smooth, reflective surface for that dazzling shine.

Remove Stubborn Tarnish: Effortlessly dissolves tarnish and oxidation.

  • Eliminates discoloration: The formula specifically targets the chemical compounds that cause tarnish, leaving behind the vibrant, untarnished metal.
  • Gentle yet effective: Works without harsh acids that can damage delicate metals or fine details. You get tarnish removal without sacrificing the integrity of your pieces.

Protect Against Future Damage: Creates a protective layer to slow down retarnishing.

  • Preventive maintenance: While cleaning, Pitambari leaves behind a subtle coating that helps to resist oxidation.
  • Longer lasting shine: This barrier makes it harder for tarnish-causing elements to interact with the metal, keeping your items looking bright and polished for a greater duration.

Bring Back Original Radiance: Revives the beauty of your precious metal items.

  • Like a time machine: Removes years of buildup and tarnishing to uncover the metal’s natural, beautiful color and luster that was hidden underneath.
  • Pride of ownership: Transforms dull, neglected pieces back into objects you’re proud to display and use.

Experience the PITAMBARI Difference

Say goodbye to unsightly metal surfaces and embrace a new era of gleaming beauty. PITAMBARI Shining Powder is the ultimate secret for maintaining the timeless elegance of your metal pieces. Get your hands on the essential cleaning solution for your home – order PITAMBARI Shining Power today!

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