Om Shanthi Parijata Pure Puja Oil

Lighted Diya induces positive visual ambience and alerts our subconscious mind. This sharpens our receptive skills. Memories made at such moments are better retained. Diya is lighted at the beginning of every activity to make it auspicious and help us remember and cherish the moment.

Starting the day with lighting of an oil lamp enhances positivity.

Om Shanthi Pure Puja Oil the blend of five puja oils, coconut, Rice Bran, Sesame (Til), Castor and Mahua are sourced in their purest form and blended with Parijata fragrance for cherished memories to last longer.

Net Quantity 1 Litre
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Fragrances Parijata


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Om Shanthi Parijata Pure Pooja Oil

Experience the divine fragrance of Parijata (Night-Flowering Jasmine) and the purity of five traditional puja oils with Om Shanthi Parijata Pure Pooja Oil. This exquisite blend is designed to elevate your daily rituals, spiritual practices, and create cherished memories that resonate with peace and positivity.

The Significance of Lighting a Diya

In Hinduism and many other Indian spiritual traditions, the lighting of a diya (oil lamp) holds profound symbolism. It represents:

Dispelling Darkness

  • Triumph of Good over Evil: The primary symbolism of a diya’s light is its power to overcome darkness. This represents the eternal struggle between good and evil, where light ultimately prevails.
  • Knowledge over Ignorance: Much like darkness gives way to light, a diya represents the power of knowledge and wisdom to dispel ignorance and negativity.
  • Dispersing Negative Energy: The light and warmth of a diya flame are believed to purify the environment, pushing away negative energies and influences.

Spiritual Connection

  • Symbol of the Divine: The flame of a diya is a powerful representation of the Divine presence or the inner light of the soul.
  • Guidance and Enlightenment: This Divine light is seen as a guide on the path towards spiritual growth and enlightenment.

Positive Energy

  • Auspiciousness and Blessings: The act of lighting a diya is considered highly auspicious and is believed to invite blessings and positive vibrations into your life and home.
  • Prosperity and Abundance: The light and warmth of the flame are also associated with attracting prosperity and abundance.

Focus and Clarity

  • Conducive to Meditation and Prayer: The soft, steady glow of a diya creates a tranquil atmosphere that facilitates deep meditation, prayer, and introspection.
  • Inner Peace and Calmness: By focusing on the diya’s flame, one can find a sense of inner stillness, peace, and clarity of mind.

Why Choose Om Shanthi Parijata Pure Pooja Oil

Om Shanthi Parijata Pure Puja Oil offers a unique and transformative experience, setting it apart from other puja oils:

The Essence of Parijata

  • Delicate, Sweet Fragrance: Emphasize the gentle and naturally sweet scent of the Parijata flower (Night-Flowering Jasmine).
  • Spiritual Significance: Underscore the deep connection between this fragrance and Hindu spirituality, evoking feelings of peace and devotion.
  • Soothing and Sacred Atmosphere: Highlight the oil’s ability to create a tranquil, sacred environment conducive to prayer and meditation.

Five Sacred Pooja Oil

  • Masterful Blend: Convey the careful selection and expert blending of these five traditional puja oils.
  • Symbolism and Significance: Briefly explain the unique symbolism and benefits associated with each oil:
    • Coconut Oil: Purity, spiritual well-being, abundance
    • Rice Bran Oil: Prosperity, material blessings, nourishment
    • Sesame Oil (Til Oil): Wisdom, spiritual growth, overcoming difficulties
    • Castor Oil: Focus, clarity, enhanced devotion
    • Mahua Oil: Calming, grounding, stability

Sourced with Integrity

  • Purity and Authenticity: Stress your commitment to sourcing only the purest, highest quality oils. This establishes trust and underscores the value of your product for those seeking authentic spiritual experiences.

Long-Lasting Flame

  • Practical Benefit: The convenience and suitability of this oil for extended prayers, rituals, or meditation sessions where an uninterrupted flame is desired.

Enhance Your Daily Rituals

Om Shanthi Parijata Pure Puja Oil is designed to seamlessly integrate into your spiritual practice:

Daily Puja:

  • Ritual of Worship: Position the oil as an integral part of daily worship rituals. Lighting the diya becomes a symbolic act of offering light and devotion.
  • Positive Start: Emphasize how starting the day with this act helps to cultivate a mindset of positivity, gratitude, and mindfulness throughout the day.
  • Spiritual Connection: Underscore that the fragrance and light of the diya help the user connect with the divine and nurture their spiritual side.


  • Enhanced Focus: Highlight the ability of the fragrance and the steady, soft flame of the diya to calm the mind and promote deeper concentration during meditation practice.
  • Creating a Sacred Space: The oil transforms a simple space into a special area dedicated to meditation and inner exploration.
  • Tranquil Atmosphere: Convey how the oil’s properties create an atmosphere of peacefulness, helping the meditator achieve a deeper state of relaxation and awareness.

Special Occasions:

  • Elevating Celebrations: The oil’s fragrance and the light of multiple diyas can enhance the ambiance of festivals like Diwali, religious ceremonies, and other important occasions.
  • Spiritual Significance: Stress the role of light and fragrance in creating a sacred and auspicious atmosphere during special events.
  • Symbol of Devotion: Connect the act of lighting diyas with the oil to express reverence, honor traditions, and symbolize the presence of the divine during these occasions.

Experience the Difference

Om Shanthi Parijata Pure Puja Oil offers a transformative and enriching addition to your spiritual journey. Its exquisite fragrance and blend of sacred oils will:

Create a Sacred Atmosphere

Transform your ordinary prayer space into a sanctuary of peace and devotion. This powerful shift in energy and purpose is perfect for enhancing your regular prayers and rituals. Indulge in the emotionally resonant feelings of peace and devotion as you connect with the divine.

Promote Spiritual Well-Being

Experience true spiritual well-being that extends beyond simple relaxation and into a deeper connection with your inner self and beliefs. Uplift your spirits, leaving behind any feelings of heaviness and embracing lightness of being. Cultivate a powerful sense of mindfulness, a highly sought-after benefit in our busy world, allowing for precious moments of inner focus.

Awaken Positive Vibrations

Harness the transformative power of positive vibrations to attract blessings, abundance, and pure positivity into your life. Your sacred oil acts as a catalyst, aligning your energies with the good fortune and fulfillment you desire. Let these blessings extend beyond your prayer space and into your entire home and daily life.

Cherished Memories

Create deeply meaningful moments infused with peace and spiritual connection that will leave a lasting legacy. These cherished memories will have profound emotional resonance, becoming treasures of your spiritual practice and journey.

Emphasizing Transformation and Experience

Discover the transformative power of Om Shanthi Parijata Pure Puja Oil. Elevate your spiritual practice and create a sanctuary of peace within your own home. The delicate fragrance of Parijata and the pure blend of sacred oils will uplift your spirits, promote inner tranquility, and fill your space with positive vibrations. Embrace moments of deep meaning and spiritual connection.

Experience the difference – order your Om Shanthi Parijata Pure Pooja Oil today.

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