Copper Pooja/Warship/Round Shape Plate Pooja Samagri (Brown)

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Brand</span> PUJAGOODIES
ass=”a-span3″>Special Feature Water Resistant
Occasion Diwali
Style Classic
Shape Round
Seasons All Seasons
lass=””>=”a-size-base a-text-bold”>Product Dimensions</span></td> 16L x 16 W x2H  Centimeters
Number of Pieces 1

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Dimensions 16 × 16 × 2 cm


Elevate Your Pooja Rituals with a Handcrafted Copper Pooja Thali

In Hindu tradition, the pooja thali is an integral part of sacred rituals. It symbolizes an invitation to deities and holds all the elements necessary for a meaningful pooja experience. A copper pooja thali isn’t just an aesthetically pleasing vessel – this auspicious metal offers numerous spiritual and practical benefits. Let’s delve into why this copper pooja thali is the perfect choice for your devotional practices.

The Significance of Copper pooja thali in Hindu Spirituality

Ayurvedic Connection

  • Doshas and Copper: Ayurveda views the body as being governed by three fundamental energies or doshas: Vata (air/space), Pitta (fire), and Kapha (earth/water). Copper, due to its heat-retaining and purifying nature, is considered to balance excess Pitta and Kapha. This promotes equilibrium and harmony within the body and mind.

  • Tamra Jal: Ancient Ayurvedic texts recommend storing water overnight in a copper vessel. This water, known as Tamra Jal, is believed to absorb the metal’s properties and infuse the water with a balancing and detoxifying effect.

  • Sattva Guna: Copper is closely linked to the sattva guna, one of the three gunas (qualities) in the Ayurvedic philosophy. Sattva promotes clarity, purity, peace, and harmony. Using copper for pooja items like a thali enhances the environment’s sattvic energy, conducive to spiritual practice.

Antimicrobial Power

  • Natural Disinfectant: Throughout history, copper has been recognized for its antimicrobial properties. Research shows copper surfaces can effectively destroy various bacteria, viruses, and fungi. This aligns with Ayurvedic principles of cleanliness and purity in sacred spaces.

  • Safer Offerings: Using a copper pooja thali helps ensure your offerings, such as water, flowers, and prasad, remain uncontaminated. This purity holds great importance in devotional practices.

Spiritual Vibration

  • Amplifying Positivity: Copper is believed to be a powerful conductor of energy. This makes it ideal for amplifying positive vibrations and intentions during your pooja rituals.

  • Connection to Deities: Certain deities in Hinduism resonate strongly with specific metals. For example, Goddess Lakshmi, associated with prosperity and abundance, is often linked with copper. Using a copper pooja thali can deepen your connection to such deities.

  • Enhancing Focus: The gleam and warmth of copper create a visually appealing and focused point for prayers and mantras. This can promote concentration and a deeper sense of devotion.

Exquisite Craftsmanship and Design of pooja thali

Handcrafted Artistry: The Heart of the pooja thali

Unlike mass-produced items, each copper pooja thali holds a story within it. It’s not just a product—it’s a testament to the devotion of generations of artisans. Imagine the rhythmic clang of the hammer, the steady hand guiding intricate tools, the focused gaze shaping the copper into a sacred vessel. This human touch makes each thali unique, with slight variations that add to its charm. By owning a handcrafted piece, you’re not only supporting traditional craft but also acquiring a piece with a soul.

Intricate Details: Symbols and Stories Etched in Copper pooja thali

The beauty of a copper pooja thali lies in its details. Here are ways artisans create a visual feast:

  • Embossing Images of deities like Lakshmi or Ganesha, sacred symbols like the Om, or floral motifs may be raised in relief, adding depth and meaning.
  • Engraving: Delicate lines etched into the copper can create intricate patterns, geometric designs, or even inscriptions of mantras, transforming the thali into a meditation tool.
  • Simplicity as Elegance: Some artisans choose to let the copper shine in its natural beauty, with a focus on a perfectly polished surface and a refined shape, letting the material itself be the star.

Choose the design that resonates most deeply with you. Whether ornate or minimalist, the details reflect a conscious effort to create something beautiful and meaningful.

Round Shape: Cosmic Symbolism 

The circular form of a pooja thali holds deep spiritual significance. It represents:

  • Wholeness: The circle has no beginning or end, embodying the infinite nature of the divine and the continuous cycle of creation and dissolution.
  • Unity: The circle suggests inclusivity and the gathering of all elements of worship, from flowers to offerings, on a single, harmonious platform.
  • Cyclical Nature: The circular shape mirrors celestial bodies like the sun and moon, reminding us of the rhythmic patterns of the cosmos and our place within it.

When you place your pooja items on a round thali, you’re aligning your practice with the universal forces of harmony, unity, and the eternal flow of existence.

Unmatched Practicality with pooja thali

Water-Resistant: Experience Peace of Mind During Your Rituals

Pooja rituals often involve sacred liquids like water, milk, or honey. Our copper pooja thali features a special water-resistant coating, providing an additional layer of protection against accidental spills. This coating ensures that your thali retains its beautiful luster even with regular use, minimizing any risk of staining or damage from liquid offerings.

Durable: A Timeless Investment for Your Spiritual Practices

Copper is an inherently strong and long-lasting metal. When crafted with care, your copper pooja thali will endure years of devoted use and become a treasured part of your spiritual life. It may even become a cherished heirloom, passed down within your family and carrying the blessings of countless pooja ceremonies.

Versatile Size: Tailor Your pooja thali to Match Your Needs

Whether you prefer intimate personal worship or elaborate rituals, we offer a range of copper pooja thali sizes. Choose a compact thali for individual poojas, or opt for a larger version that generously accommodates all the sacred elements for festive celebrations or grand family poojas.

Easy to Clean: Effortless Maintenance for a Pristine Appearance

We understand the importance of keeping your pooja items ritually pure. Maintaining the beauty of your copper pooja thali is simple. Use gentle, natural cleaning agents like lemon juice or tamarind paste to remove natural oxidation and restore its bright copper shine. With minimal effort, your thali will gleam with reverence-inspiring beauty.

Use Cases for Your Copper Pooja Thali

Diwali Celebrations:

  • Imagine the mesmerizing interplay of light and shadow as diyas (oil lamps) flicker against the warm, lustrous surface of your copper pooja thali. The rich gleam of copper embodies the spirit of Diwali – the triumph of light over darkness and the welcoming of abundance and prosperity.
  • Fill your thali with colorful flowers, sweets for Lakshmi Puja, and auspicious symbols to create a visually stunning and spiritually meaningful centerpiece for your Diwali celebrations.

Daily Pooja:

  • As you begin your day with prayer, the gentle glow of your copper pooja thali will instill tranquility and focus. The purity of copper cleanses the space and invites positive energy, setting the tone for a harmonious and fulfilling day.
  • Place offerings of fresh flowers, incense, and water on your thali. The act of preparing the thali itself becomes a mindful ritual, helping you connect with the present moment and cultivate inner peace.

Special Occasions:

  • Festivals like Ganesh Chaturthi, Navratri, and other auspicious days call for a special touch. Your copper thali adds an element of sacred elegance to these celebrations, honoring the deities and traditions significant to your faith.
  • For weddings, housewarmings, and milestone events, your copper  thali becomes a symbol of blessings and prosperity. Conducting rituals on this auspicious vessel signifies a wish for abundance, happiness, and spiritual well-being for those being celebrated.

A Thoughtful Gift:

  • Share the gift of devotion and auspiciousness with loved ones by offering them a beautiful copper pooja thali. This timeless present fosters their spiritual connection and becomes a cherished part of their worship practices.
  • Especially during festive seasons like Diwali or Raksha Bandhan, a copper pooja thali signifies your desire to spread joy, light, and well-being to those you hold dear.

Enhance the sanctity of your spiritual practice with a stunning copper thali. Browse our exquisite collection and find the perfect thali to honor your faith and elevate your pooja rituals.

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