Zed Black agarbatti ,Rose ,Chandan, Arij, Mogra , Charlie, Manthan Guggal , Pineapple, Kasturi – Zed Black premium agarbatti (Copy)

Weight – 130g

Commodity – Incence Sticks

SKU – Zipper Medium Arij

Manufacturer- Mysore Deep Perfumery House


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Weight 130 g
Dimensions 15 × 30 × 2 cm


Experience the Transformative Power of Scent: Zed Black Premium Agarbatti

Unleash a symphony of scents and create an ambiance of tranquility, passion, or rejuvenation with Zed Black Premium Agarbatti. For generations, incense sticks (agarbatti) have graced Indian homes and sacred spaces, their fragrant smoke carrying prayers, purifying the air, and enhancing moments of spiritual reflection. Zed Black carries forward this rich tradition, infusing it with an exquisite array of modern and classic fragrance profiles.

Elevate Your Senses with Our Diverse Collection:

Rose Agarbatti: Timeless Romance and Tenderness

Imagine a sprawling rose garden at the peak of its bloom, the air heavy with a sweet, intoxicating fragrance. Our Rose agarbatti captures the very essence of this romantic flower. Each stick releases a delicate yet heady floral perfume, evoking feelings of love, warmth, and gentle affection. Perfect for setting a romantic mood, fostering a sense of intimacy, or simply adding a touch of timeless elegance to your space.

Chandan Agarbatti (Sandalwood): Discover Tranquility and Inner Connection

Prized for its soothing, woody aroma, sandalwood has been used in meditation and spiritual practices for centuries. Our Chandan agarbatti harnesses the power of this sacred wood to promote tranquility and introspection. It’s the perfect companion for yoga, meditation, or any time you seek to quiet your mind and deepen your connection with your inner self. Let the calming, grounding fragrance of Chandan bring a sense of peace and clarity to your day.

Zed Black Agarbatti: Awaken Positivity and Transform Your Space

Discover the transformative power of our signature Zed Black fragrance. This complex and captivating blend is a symphony of scents designed to uplift your spirits and banish negativity. With notes both invigorating and calming, Zed Black infuses your space with vibrant, positive energy. Let this unique and masterful fragrance spark joy, dispel dullness, and transform your surroundings into an oasis of well-being.

Arij Agarbatti: Cleanse, Revitalize, and Experience Serenity

Refresh your surroundings and uplift your mood with the pure scent of Arij agarbatti. This clarifying fragrance brings a sense of fresh air indoors, cleansing negative energy and promoting feelings of revitalization. As Arij’s purifying aroma fills your space, experience a sense of renewal and create a tranquil oasis within your home or office.

Mogra Agarbatti (Jasmine): Sensuality, Joy, and Floral Paradise

Embrace the captivating fragrance of Mogra (Jasmine) agarbatti and be transported to a lush floral haven. This sweet, heady scent inspires feelings of warmth, sensuality, and joyful energy. Whether you seek to add a touch of elegance to your space or simply indulge in the intoxicating perfume of jasmine, Mogra agarbatti is a sensory delight.

Charlie Agarbatti: Adventure, Creativity, and Invigoration

Awaken your senses and ignite your passions with the bold and stimulating fragrance of Charlie agarbatti. This invigorating scent blends citrusy notes with underlying warmth, designed to spark creativity and banish fatigue. Charlie is the perfect choice when you need a burst of inspiration, a dose of focus, or want to inject a sense of playful energy into your day.

Manthan Guggal Agarbatti: Tradition, Purification, and Spiritual Connection

Experience the rich tradition of Manthan Guggal agarbatti. Guggal resin’s earthy, slightly smoky fragrance has been used in spiritual practices for centuries to purify spaces and promote a sense of sacredness. Perfect for meditation, prayer, or creating an ambiance ideal for cleansing negative energies, Manthan Guggal invites introspection and a deeper spiritual connection.

Pineapple Agarbatti: Sunshine, Optimism, and Welcoming Energy

Bring the tropics indoors with the cheerful and inviting scent of Pineapple agarbatti. This fruity, uplifting fragrance evokes feelings of warmth, optimism, and hospitality. Whether you want to brighten your mood or create a welcoming atmosphere for guests, Pineapple agarbatti infuses any space with a joyful, sunny disposition.

Kasturi Agarbatti: Grounding, Sensuality, and Deep Well-being

Discover the timeless allure of Kasturi agarbatti. This traditional fragrance offers a deep, musky scent with earthy undertones. Renowned for its grounding properties, Kasturi evokes a sense of calm sensuality and promotes overall well-being. Let the velvety, rich aroma of Kasturi envelop your senses and bring a feeling of peaceful contentment.


  • Burn Time per Stick: Approximately 30-40 minutes
  • Packaging: Resealable zipper pouch or decorative box
  • Manufacturing: Handcrafted/hand-rolled
  • Weight: 130g
  • Commodity: Incense Sticks
  • SKU (Example): Zipper Medium Arij
  • Manufacturer: Mysore Deep Perfumery House
  • Dimensions: 15cm (length) x 30cm (width) x 2cm (height)

Beyond Fragrance: The Zed Black Promise

Zed Black Agarbatti transcends mere scent – it’s an invitation to transform your daily rituals, meditation sessions, and special occasions into moments of pure sensory delight. Each incense stick goes beyond these essential qualities:

Handcrafted with Care: The Art Behind the Scent

At Zed Black, we believe in the power of human touch. While machines can offer precision, it’s the skill and dedication of our experienced artisans that truly sets our agarbatti apart. Each stick is carefully rolled and shaped with meticulous attention to detail. This ensures:

  • Consistent Quality: From the selection of raw materials to the blending of fragrances, our artisans ensure that each agarbatti stick offers a consistent and reliable experience.
  • Superior Fragrance Delivery: Handcrafting allows careful control over the density and composition of the agarbatti, resulting in optimal fragrance release when lit.

Long-Lasting Aroma: A Fragrance That Lingers

A fleeting scent is a disappointment. Zed Black agarbatti is formulated with premium ingredients and expert techniques to deliver a rich and enduring fragrance. Our incense sticks fill your space with evocative aromas, creating an atmosphere that lingers long after the stick has finished burning. Let the fragrance guide your mood and transform your surroundings throughout your day.

Mood Enhancement: Let the Scents Work Their Magic

Fragrance has a powerful effect on our emotions and well-being. Zed Black agarbatti offers a diverse palette of scents, each designed to evoke a specific mood or state of mind.

  • Uplift: Banish negativity and infuse your space with positivity using vibrant scents like Zed Black, Charlie, or Pineapple.
  • Relax: Calm your mind and unwind after a long day with soothing aromas such as Chandan, Arij, or Rose.
  • Energize: Revitalize your senses and boost focus with invigorating fragrances like Charlie or Mogra.
  • Purify: Cleanse your space and promote clarity with the sacred purifying qualities of Manthan Guggal or the freshness of Arij.

Spiritual Connection: Fragrances Rooted in Tradition

Agarbatti has played an integral role in Indian spiritual practices for centuries. Many of our fragrances are inspired by those traditional uses, helping create an ideal environment for:

  • Meditation: Grounding scents like Chandan or Kasturi can aid in deepening focus and introspection during your meditation practice.
  • Prayer: Offer devotion with purifying fragrances like Manthan Guggal, or create a serene ambiance for prayer with Arij or Mogra.
  • Sacred Space: Simply by infusing a room with a calming or uplifting scent, you can transform any space into a personal sanctuary.

Transform Your Space, Awaken Your Senses

Forget air fresheners that mask with artificial scents. Immerse yourself in the captivating aromas of Zed Black Premium Agarbatti. Each fragrance is a masterpiece – whether you crave the romance of Rose, the tranquility of Chandan, or the zest of Pineapple, there’s a scent to transport you. Handcrafted with care, these incense sticks deliver a long-lasting, evocative fragrance experience.

 Explore the full Zed Black collection today and discover your signature fragrance.


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