Zed Black agarbatti ,Rose ,Chandan, Arij, Mogra , Charlie, Manthan Guggal , Pineapple, Kasturi – Zed Black premium agarbatti (Copy)

Weight – 130g

Commodity – Incence Sticks

SKU – Zipper Medium Arij

Manufacturer- Mysore Deep Perfumery House


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Weight 130 g
Dimensions 15 × 30 × 2 cm


 Discover the Enchanting Fragrance of Zed Black Agarbatti: Elevate Your Atmosphere and Awaken Your Senses

Zed Black Agarbatti is where fragrance transcends the ordinary, becoming an exquisite form of art. Each of our premium incense sticks is meticulously crafted to transport you to a realm of captivating aromas, transforming your space into a sensory haven.

Indulge in our Aromatic Collection:

  • Rose: Experience the timeless romance of a rose garden in full bloom. The delicate, floral scent of our Rose agarbatti fills your surroundings with an aura of love and tenderness.
  • Chandan (Sandalwood): Embrace tranquility with the calming essence of Chandan. Perfect for meditation, relaxation, or creating a soothing ambiance, its warm, woody aroma fosters inner peace.
  • Zed Black: Our signature fragrance, Zed Black, is a harmonious symphony of scents. This unique blend will uplift your mood, inspire positivity, and enhance the energy of any space.
  • Arij: Discover the refreshing purity of Arij agarbatti. Its crisp, clean fragrance purifies the air while creating a serene and inviting atmosphere.
  • Mogra (Jasmine): Let the intoxicating aroma of Mogra transport you to a floral paradise. This vibrant scent rejuvenates the senses, promotes relaxation, and adds a touch of elegance to your surroundings.
  • Charlie: Embark on a fragrant adventure with the invigorating Charlie agarbatti. Its bold and energizing scent inspires creativity and fuels your spirit.
  • Manthan Guggal: Immerse yourself in the sacred, purifying essence of Manthan Guggal. Known for its spiritual properties, this traditional fragrance is ideal for rituals, cleansing your space, and promoting positive vibes.
  • Pineapple: Delight in the tropical freshness of our Pineapple agarbatti. Bursting with a sweet and tangy aroma, it creates a cheerful and welcoming atmosphere.
  • Kasturi (Musk): Ground yourself with the deep, earthy scent of Kasturi agarbatti. Its musky, sensual notes add a touch of warmth and sophistication to any space.


  • Type: Incense Sticks
  • Scent: Arij
  • Brand: Zed Black
  • Manufacturer: Mysore Deep Perfumery House
  • SKU: Zipper Medium Arij
  • Commodity: Incense Sticks
  • Net Weight: 130g
  • Dimensions:
    • Length: 15cm
    • Width: 30cm
    • Height: 2cm
  • Packaging: Zipper Pouch (Medium)

Discover the Art of Fragrance with Zed Black Agarbatti

Leave the world of harsh, synthetic scents behind and step into the captivating realm of Zed Black Agarbatti. Crafted with meticulous care and a deep respect for tradition, each incense stick offers a fragrance experience unlike any other.

The Difference is in the Details

Zed Black understands that true fragrance artistry lies in the quality of ingredients. That’s why they source only the finest natural elements to create their signature scents:

  • Pure Essential Oils: Richly concentrated oils extracted from flowers, herbs, and resins capture the very essence of nature’s bounty, providing a depth and complexity that artificial fragrances cannot match.
  • Precious Woods: Warm and grounding scents like sandalwood (Chandan) or the enigmatic depths of musk (Kasturi) add an elegant, timeless quality to the blends.
  • Aromatic Herbs: Carefully chosen herbs and spices bring a touch of freshness, brightness, or a soothing touch, depending on the desired fragrance profile.

Experience Authentic, Unaltered Scents

With Zed Black, you’re not just filling your space with a pleasant aroma; you’re immersing yourself in the true heart of each fragrance:

  • The Sweetness of a Rose Garden: Allow the delicate, romantic scent of our Rose agarbatti to transport you to a blossoming garden, evoking feelings of love, tenderness, and tranquility.
  • Embrace Inner Peace with Sandalwood: The warm, woody aroma of our Chandan agarbatti connects you to ancient traditions, fostering a sense of calm and aiding with meditation and relaxation.
  • Awaken Your Spirit with Invigorating Blends: Discover the bold, energizing scent of our Charlie agarbatti, or explore invigorating herbal blends designed to promote focus, clarity, and revitalization.

Fragrance That Endures

Zed Black Agarbatti promises an olfactory experience that lingers. Their commitment to quality ensures:

  • Slow, Even Burn: Each stick is crafted for optimal burning, allowing the fragrance to gently unfurl with consistency.
  • Long-lasting Aroma: The scent beautifully permeates your space, creating an ambiance that continues to delight long after the incense has finished burning.

Enhance Your Life with the Power of Scent

Zed Black recognizes the profound impact fragrance can have on our daily lives and special moments:

  • Elevate Your Spiritual Practice: Whether it’s meditation, yoga, prayer, or personal rituals, incense offers a way to deepen your focus and connect with the sacred.
  • Transform Occasions into Memories: Scent has an uncanny ability to imprint itself on our memories. Enrich your special occasions with carefully chosen aromas to make them truly unforgettable.
  • Your Sanctuary Awaits: Make your home a haven of tranquility and well-being. Enhance your everyday moments with the simple act of surrounding yourself with a fragrance you cherish.

A Gift of Thoughtfulness and Luxury

Zed Black Agarbatti’s exquisite scents and premium quality make them an ideal gift for loved ones and a luxurious treat for yourself:

  • Universal Appeal: The enjoyment of fragrance transcends age, gender, and background, offering a delightful gift for almost any occasion.
  • The Joy of Choice: A selection of Zed Black scents allows the recipient to explore and discover their personal favorites.
  • Beautifully Presented: Elegant packaging adds to the gifting experience, offering a touch of luxury from the moment it’s received.

Experience Authentic Fragrance Artistry with Zed Black Agarbatti

In a world of mass-produced, artificial scents, Zed Black stands apart. We honor the ancient art of incense making, where quality ingredients and time-honored techniques reign supreme.

From sourcing the purest essential oils to expertly blending natural resins and herbs, every step is infused with care. This isn’t just incense; it’s an olfactory masterpiece. Experience the difference – the true heart of each fragrance, unmasked by harsh synthetics.

Elevate your rituals, deepen your meditation practice, or simply transform your home into an oasis of tranquility. Zed Black Agarbatti is a journey back to the authentic essence of fragrance.

Discover the difference. Embrace the artistry. Choose Zed Black Agarbatti .

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