God Gift Dhoop cones- Lavender, Lily, Rose, Sandalwood – Pack of 12 with 3 packs of each flavour

Brand – God gift

Commodity Type – Incense cones

Net weight – 55g each pack (Long cones)

Flavours- sandalwood, Rose, Lily, Lavender


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God Gift Dhoop Cones – Lavender, Lily, Rose, Sandalwood – Discover Serenity with Premium Incense Cones

Are you seeking a deeper connection to your spiritual side? Longing for moments of tranquility and relaxation amidst the chaos of daily life? God Gift Dhoop Cones offer a transformative aromatic experience, inviting you to elevate your meditation, prayer, or simply create a haven of peace within your home.

Immerse Yourself in Heavenly Dhoop Cones  Aromas

Our handcrafted dhoop cones are meticulously infused with the purest natural fragrances:


The Essence of Grounding and Inner Peace

  • Scent Profile: Sandalwood possesses a rich, warm, woody aroma with subtle sweet and balsamic undertones. Its fragrance is both grounding and centering.
  • Spiritual Significance: Sandalwood has been revered for centuries in various spiritual traditions for its ability to calm the mind, promote focus, and facilitate a deeper connection to the divine.
  • Benefits: Sandalwood incense is believed to:
    • Reduce anxiety and promote emotional balance
    • Enhance focus and clarity during meditation or spiritual practices
    • Create a sense of inner peace and tranquility.


The Fragrance of Love and Spiritual Awakening

  • Scent Profile: The sweet, floral aroma of rose is both intoxicating and evocative. It evokes feelings of love, joy, and tenderness.
  • Spiritual Significance: The rose is a potent symbol in many spiritual paths, representing divine love, compassion, and the opening of the heart.
  • Benefits: Rose incense is believed to:
    • Cultivate feelings of self-love and acceptance
    • Open the heart chakra and promote compassion
    • Inspire spiritual connection and devotion


Purity, Harmony, and Uplifting Energy

  • Scent Profile: Lilies offer a delicate, fresh, and slightly sweet floral fragrance that instantly uplifts the spirit.
  • Spiritual Significance: Lilies are often associate with purity, innocence, and spiritual renewal.
  • Benefits: Lily incense is believed to:
    • Clear negative energy and promote a sense of inner peace
    • Create a harmonious and positive atmosphere
    • Elevate mood and inspire feelings of joy


The Embrace of Calm and Relaxation

  • Scent Profile: Lavender’s floral aroma is both calming and refreshing, with herbaceous and slightly sweet notes.
  • Spiritual Significance: While not as heavily steep in symbolism, lavender is know for its ability to create a sense of tranquility and ease.
  • Benefits: Lavender incense is believed to:
    • Soothe stress, anxiety, and nervous tension
    • Promote relaxation and improve sleep quality
    • Create a sense of tranquility and well-being

Discover the God Gift Dhoop Cones Difference

Premium Ingredients: The Essence of Purity

We believe in the power of nature to uplift and transform. That’s why our dhoop cones are expertly crafted with a blend of sacre resins like frankincense and myrrh, hand-ground aromatic herbs such as tulsi (holy basil) and rosemary, and pure essential oils sourced directly from their regions of origin, like Indian sandalwood and Bulgarian rose. We steadfastly avoid synthetic fragrances, charcoal, or any harmful additives, ensuring a fragrance experience that is both authentic and beneficial to your well-being.

Handcrafted with Care: Infused with Positive Energy

Unlike mass-produce incense, each God Gift Dhoop Cone is meticulously shape by hand, following techniques pass down through generations of incense artisans. This mindful process infuses every cone with a sense of intention and positive energy, creating an ambiance in your space that simply cannot be replicated by machines.

Long-Lasting Aroma: A Journey of the Senses

Our generously-sized dhoop cones boast a burn time of approximately 30-45 minutes, releasing a complex fragrance that unfolds gradually. From the initial grounding notes of sandalwood and frankincense to the heart of sweet rose and the lingering freshness of herbs, you can immerse yourself in the aroma without interruption. This allows for deeper states of meditation or prolonged tranquility.

Versatile Use: Serenity in Every Moment

Whether you seek to deepen your spiritual practice through prayer and meditation, enhance the serenity of your yoga flow, create a haven of peace within your home, or simply unwind to the soothing scents of nature after a long day – God Gift Dhoop Cones are the perfect companion.

The Perfect Gift: Share the Gift of Inner Peace

Show your loved ones you care with a gift that transcends the material. God Gift Dhoop Cones are ideal for birthdays, self-care gestures, housewarming presents, or any occasion where you wish to offer an experience that supports mindfulness, relaxation, and a touch of everyday luxury.

The Ritual of Dhoop Cones

Burning dhoop is an ancient practice steep in spiritual significance across various cultures. The fragrant smoke is believe to purify the air, ward off negative energies, and create a sacred atmosphere conducive to higher consciousness.

How to Use God Gift Dhoop Cones:

Preparing the Ritual Space

  • Choose Your Sanctuary: Find a quiet corner of your home, a meditation space, or any area where you can relax and enjoy the experience without distractions.
  • A Surface for Stillness: Select a heat-resistant surface, such as a ceramic dish, stone plate, or a dedicated dhoop burner. This ensures safety and focuses the energy of the burning cone.
  • Optional: Cleansing the Area: You may choose to enhance the ritual by smudging the space with sage or palo santo to clear any stagnant energies.

Lighting the Dhoop Cones

  • The Moment of Ignition: Hold the dhoop cone by its base and carefully light the tip using a match or lighter. Allow a small flame to catch and burn for a few seconds.
  • Extinguish the Flame, Invite the Smolder: Gently blow out the flame until you see only a glowing ember at the tip of the cone. A wisp of fragrant smoke should begin to rise.
  • Observe and Breathe: Take a moment to witness the transformation. The flame has given way to a gentle smolder, symbolizing the release of the aromatic essence. Inhale deeply, beginning your journey of relaxation.

Enjoying the Sacred Smoke

  • The Unfolding Fragrance: As the dhoop cone smolders, the fragrance will evolve and fill your space. Notice the subtle shifts in the aroma, from the initial top notes to the deeper heart and base notes.
  • Mindful Presence: Use this time for meditation, prayer, gentle yoga stretches, or simply quiet contemplation. Allow the scent to be your guide as you unwind and connect with your inner peace.
  • Safety Note: While the smoke is purifying, remember that the dhoop cone will be hot. Avoid touching the cone or burner until it has completely cooled after the fragrance has dissipated.

Experience the transformative power of God Gift Dhoop Cones today. Order your 12-pack and embark on a journey of serenity and spiritual awakening.

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