Small Size Copper Plates for Puja/Arti/Bhog Dia 12 cm set of 1 Navratri/Durga Puja Special

Material Copper
Brand Generic
Colour Copper
Special Feature Oven Safe
Occasion Diwali
Style Classic
Shape Round
Seasons All Seasons
Product Dimensions 15.2L x 15.2W x 2.5Th Centimeters

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Dimensions 15.2 × 15.2 × 2.5 cm


Experience the Radiance of Pure Copper: Elevate Your Puja with Premium Puja Thali

There’s something deeply resonant about the gleam of copper during a puja. Beyond its beauty, this auspicious metal holds a special place in Hindu traditions, believed to channel positive energies and enhance the power of your devotional rituals. Our premium-quality, pure copper Puja Thali are designed to infuse your home temple with both spiritual radiance and unmatched practicality.

The Purity of Copper: A Tradition of Auspiciousness

Copper has been intertwined with spiritual practices for millennia. In Hinduism, copper is associated with the sun, its warmth, and life-giving energy. It is also a purifying metal, believed to cleanse offerings and create a sacred atmosphere for connecting with the divine. When you choose pure copper for your puja plates, you tap into this rich symbolism and enhance the auspiciousness of your rituals.

Practical Beauty for Daily Devotion

Our pure copper puja plates embody the perfect balance of elegance and functionality. Let’s explore their key features:

Versatile 12cm Size: The Art of Compact Abundance

  • Diverse Offerings: At 12cm in diameter, these plates offer a generous surface area for a variety of sacred items. Place a beautiful diya adorned with flowers at the center for arti, or arrange a small mound of prasadam and bhog with respect and beauty.
  • Individual and Communal Worship: This size is the perfect bridge for both your personal devotional time and shared rituals with loved ones. For solo practice, create an intimate, focused arrangement of offerings. For family pujas, utilize multiple plates to present each element separately while still maintaining a sense of visual harmony.
  • Space-Conscious Spirituality: Even smaller shrines or limited altar areas can accommodate these plates comfortably. They allow you to honor the sacredness of your chosen space without feeling cramped or cluttered.

Lightweight Design: Effortless Devotion

  • Comfort in Ritual: Copper, while sturdy, can become heavier in larger objects. The lightweight nature of these plates means you can hold them with ease during arti, moving with grace and reverence without feeling strained.
  • Extended Pujas: For longer ceremonies or pujas involving multiple rounds of offerings, this lightweight design reduces hand fatigue. You can focus wholeheartedly on the prayers and intentions, rather than physical discomfort.
  • Ease for All Ages: Young children learning devotional practices or elders who may have limited hand strength can manage these plates effortlessly. The lightness contributes to a sense of accessibility and inclusion within your spiritual routines.

Multipurpose Marvels: Beauty Beyond Puja

  • Auspicious Ambiance: While designed explicitly for puja, the traditional beauty of copper adds a touch of sacred energy anywhere in your home. Display small fruits as an offering to the house deities, or use the plates as decorative bowls for sweets during festive occasions.
  • Intentional Decor: Arrange a copper plate on a side table with seasonal flowers, crystals, or other meaningful objects. This becomes a mini-altar infusing the space with positive energy and a sense of intention.
  • Practical Elegance: The copper construction is robust enough for everyday use if desired. Use them as elegant trays for serving special treats to guests or as individual plates for a touch of traditional flair.

Experience the Difference: Our Commitment to Quality

We understand that your puja items hold deep significance. That’s why we source only the finest grade copper, ensuring a rich, lustrous finish and enduring strength. Each plate is carefully crafted to deliver these qualities:

Authenticity: The Power of Real Copper

  • Solidity and Purity: The description emphasizes the tangible quality of pure copper. Phrases like “immediately feel the solidity and purity” drive home the point that this isn’t a plated or imitation material. It’s the genuine article, with a satisfying weight and natural richness.
  • Radiant Glow: Copper has a unique, warm luster. The description highlights how this glow adds a special dimension to your puja space, making offerings like flowers, sweets, and ritual items appear even more vibrant. The word “ethereal” hints at the otherworldly beauty copper adds to the spiritual atmosphere.

Durability: An Investment in Long-Lasting Beauty

  • Tarnish Resistance: Pure copper naturally resists the dulling and discoloration that can plague other metals. This means your puja plates will retain their beauty with minimal upkeep.
  • Timeless Investment: This section emphasizes that your copper plates are not just a purchase, but an enduring addition to your spiritual practice. The phrase “treasured additions…for years to come” reinforces the idea that these plates will be a cherished part of your rituals for a long time.

Easy Maintenance: Effortless Care for Enduring Radiance

  • Simple Cleaning Ritual: The description offers straightforward maintenance instructions – a soft cloth is often sufficient for daily cleaning. This assures potential customers that the beauty of their plates won’t come with burdensome upkeep.
  • Traditional Techniques: Mentioning the use of lemon and salt adds a touch of authenticity. These are time-tested methods for deep cleaning copper, connecting the plates to a lineage of traditional care.

Overall Effect

This section of your product description does a fantastic job of addressing various customer concerns:

  • Is this real copper? The focus on solidity, purity, and that distinctive glow reassures buyers they’re getting the authentic material.
  • Will it last?: By highlighting tarnish-resistance and longevity, you offset any worries about the plates losing their beauty over time.
  • Is it high maintenance? The easy cleaning instructions make these plates appealing to those seeking spiritual tools that are both beautiful and practical.

Enhance Your Most Sacred Rituals

These pure copper plates are not just objects – they are conduits to enhance your spiritual connection. Here’s how they can elevate your key devotional practices:

Puja and Arti: A Sensory and Spiritual Experience

Imagine the gleam of your pure copper puja plate as you begin your daily rituals. Its warm glow sets the perfect stage for your offerings. Delicate flower petals, vibrant kumkum, and golden haldi stand out radiantly against the copper, creating a visual representation of your heartfelt devotion. As you perform arti, the plate’s purity aligns with the purifying flames of the diya, amplifying the energy of your prayers. The very act of offering becomes infused with a sense of auspiciousness and deep reverence.

Bhog: Presenting Offerings with Love and Purity

Food offerings, or bhog, hold profound significance in Hindu traditions. Express your love and gratitude to the divine by presenting them on a vessel as pure as your intentions. The radiant glow of copper enhances the visual appeal of your prasadam, whether it’s the vibrant sweets of Navratri or the simple, wholesome dishes of your daily naivedyam. This sacred presentation elevates the simple act of offering into a profound expression of devotion and nourishment for both body and soul.

Festivals like Navratri and Durga Puja: Celebrating with Tradition and Radiance

During the joyous celebrations of Navratri and Durga Puja, your home transforms into a vibrant hub of devotion. Our pure copper Puja Thali become an integral part of this sacred atmosphere. Their traditional elegance adds an extra touch of festivity and auspiciousness to your celebratory thalis. Arrange special offerings, sweets, fruits, and flowers upon these gleaming plates, creating a visual feast that honors the divine and amplifies the joyous energy of the festival within your home.

Embrace the Transformative Energy of Copper

When you incorporate our premium-quality pure copper plates into your pujas, you invite a sense of sacredness and tranquility into your home. The gleam of copper, its purifying properties, and association with positive energy all work in harmony to create an atmosphere conducive to deep devotion.


  • Material: Brass, Copper, Steel, Silver (or combinations like silver-plated)
  • Design:
    • Traditional: Plain, embossed with simple patterns or deities
    • Designer: More intricate engravings, etchings, or embellishments
    • Occasion-Specific: Motifs of Ganesh, Shiva, symbols related to Diwali, Navratri, etc.
  • Size:
    • Small: 5-8 inches in diameter
    • Medium: 9-12 inches in diameter
    • Large: 13+ inches in diameter
  • Finish: Polished, antique, oxidized, matte (depending on the material)
  • Weight: Important to list for buyers to gauge stability and handling

Optional Components (Often for Sets):

  • Diya: Small oil lamp, specify size and material
  • Bell: Size, material, design (plain or with deities/symbols)
  • Roli/Kumkum Holder: Small containers, often matching the thali
  • Incense Holder: Can be a simple stand or an integrated design
  • Other: Spoon, small water vessel, etc.

Elevate Your Puja Experience Today

Invest in the timeless elegance and spiritual power of pure copper. Shop our collection now: discover the transformative difference these exquisite plates can make in your daily devotion and special celebrations. Let the radiance of copper illuminate your path towards a deeper connection with the divine.

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