Om Shanthi POOJA MADE PURE Wax Free Pure Cow Ghee Diya (100 Diyas) For Puja&Special Ocassions-Plastic,Pack of 1

Brand Om Shanthi POOJA MADE PURE
Biological Source Cow
Net Quantity 1 count
Number of Items 1
Item Form SOLID

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Experience the Pure Radiance of Om Shanthi Pure Cow Ghee Diya

Are you searching for the perfect way to illuminate your daily puja and special occasions? Discover the unmatched purity and convenience of Wax Free Pure Cow Ghee Diya (100 Diyas) For Puja & Special Ocassions-Plastic, Pack of 1. These exquisite diyas offer a divine and mess-free way to enhance your spiritual practices.

Key Features and Benefits:

Effortless Illumination:

Ready-to-use ghee diya batti for effortless lighting in homes, temples, and offices.

  • Instant Ambiance: No more fussing with cotton wicks or pouring ghee. These diyas are pre-filled and ready to light, allowing you to instantly create a devotional atmosphere in any setting.
  • User-Friendly: Perfect for everyone, from those new to traditional rituals to those who want a more convenient way to incorporate diyas into their daily practice.
  • Versatile: Whether in your home temple, a large gathering, or a quiet office space, these diyas provide a simple and beautiful way to bring light and focus.

Pure Ingredients:

Crafted with 100% vegetarian, wax-free, pure cow ghee for a clean and auspicious burn.

  • Authenticity: Cow ghee holds a sacred place in Hinduism, symbolizing purity, light, and nourishment. Using pure cow ghee ensures your devotional act aligns with traditional practices.
  • Clean Burn: Unlike paraffin wax, pure cow ghee burns without releasing harmful soot or toxins, creating a healthier environment for prayer and meditation.
  • Auspicious Flame: The bright, steady flame of pure cow ghee is believed to radiate positive energy and dispel negativity.

Time-Saving and Mess-Free:

Eliminates the hassle of preparing traditional ghee wicks, offering a mess-free experience.

  • Convenience: Save precious time and energy that would be spent rolling wicks and carefully filling diyas with melted ghee.
  • Cleanliness: Avoid the potential for oil spills or wax residue, making cleanup a breeze.
  • Focus on Devotion: With the practical aspects taken care of, you can dedicate your full attention to the spiritual significance of lighting the diyas.

Ideal for Travel:

Perfect for pilgrimages and spiritual journeys.

  • Portability: The compact and contained design makes them easy to pack and transport without the worry of spills or breakage.
  • Spiritual Connection on the Go: Maintain your daily rituals and create a sacred atmosphere even when away from home.
  • Meaningful Souvenirs: Share these convenient diyas with fellow pilgrims or bring them home as reminders of your spiritual journey.

Extended Burn Time:

Each diya offers a beautiful 20-minute burn time.

  • Uninterrupted Focus: The generous burn time allows for extended prayers, meditation, or simply enjoying the peaceful ambiance without frequent relighting.
  • Ideal for Group Settings: Provides ample light for festivals, ceremonies, or gatherings where multiple diyas are lit.

Generous Quantity:

Value pack contains 100 ghee diyas for extended use.

  • Cost-Effective: The bulk pack offers a great value, ensuring you always have diyas on hand for daily use and special occasions.
  • Peace of Mind: Eliminates the need for frequent restocking, giving you peace of mind to focus on your spiritual practice.

Specifications of Ghee Diya

  • Type: Ready-to-use ghee diyas (Ghee Diya Batti)
  • Material:
    • Diya Base: Plastic
    • Wick: Cotton
    • Fuel: Pure Cow Ghee with solidifying agent
  • Burning Time: Approximately 20 minutes per diya
  • Quantity: 100 ghee diyas per pack
  • Packaging: Secure container to protect diyas
  • Origin: India

Embrace the Tradition of Ghee Diya

In Hinduism, ghee diyas represent the triumph of light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance, and the power of purity. By lighting Om Shanthi Pure Cow Ghee Diyas, you invite blessings, prosperity, and spiritual upliftment into your life.

Enhance Your Pujas, Celebrations, and Meditations with our Ghee Diya

Daily Worship:

Perfect for your daily home puja rituals.

  • Unwavering Focus: The steady, pure flame of a ghee diya helps center your mind during daily prayers and offerings.
  • Spiritual Connection: The gentle fragrance of pure cow ghee creates a sacred atmosphere, fostering a deeper connection with the divine.
  • Symbol of Consistency: Lighting a ghee diya every day represents your unwavering devotion and commitment to your spiritual path.

Festivals and Special Occasions:

Add radiant devotion to Diwali, Navratri, weddings, and other celebrations.

  • Heightened Auspiciousness: Rows of ghee diyas on Diwali signify the victory of light over darkness, amplifying the joy and blessings of the festival.
  • Enhanced Energy: The collective light and warmth of multiple ghee diyas create a vibrant and spiritually charged environment for any celebration.
  • Symbol of Sharing: During weddings and other ceremonies, ghee diyas represent the sharing of light, good wishes, and blessings with loved ones.

Meditation Spaces:

Create a serene ambiance for meditation and mindfulness.

  • Calming Presence: The soft, flickering light of a ghee diya promotes tranquility, easing the mind into a meditative state.
  • Purifying Aroma: The subtle scent of pure ghee aids in clearing distractions and focusing your awareness inward.
  • Symbolic Reminder: The ghee diya’s flame serves as a visual representation of your inner light and the transformative power of meditation.


A thoughtful and auspicious gift for loved ones.

  • Shared Blessings: Gifting ghee diyas is an act of sharing the light of devotion and well-being with others.
  • Meaningful Symbolism: Ghee diyas embody wishes for prosperity, knowledge, and spiritual illumination, making them a cherished gift.
  • Versatile Offering: Perfect for housewarmings, birthdays, spiritual occasions, or simply as a gesture of love and support.

Why Choose Om Shanthi Pure Cow Ghee Diya?

Om Shanthi is committed to providing high-quality, authentic devotional products. These pure cow ghee diyas embody their dedication to purity, tradition, and your spiritual well-being.

Experience the difference of Om Shanthi Pure Cow Ghee Diya. Order your pack today and illuminate your spiritual journey with the radiant blessings of pure light!

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