Brass Radha Krishna Nyochavar – 15 Inches

Brand – Pujagoodies

Colour – Golden

Metal – Brass

Height – 15 Inches

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Dimensions 38 cm


Radha Krishna Brass Idol – Bring Divine Love into Your Home

Immerse your home in the divine love and blessings of Radha and Krishna with this magnificent Radha Krishna Brass Idol . This handcrafted masterpiece, standing at an impressive 15 inches, exudes elegance, craftsmanship, and spiritual energy.

The Symbolism of Radha Krishna

In Hindu tradition, Radha and Krishna represent the embodiment of divine love, devotion, and the union of the individual soul with the supreme consciousness. Their inseparable bond symbolizes the longing of the human spirit for the divine.

Handcrafted with Love and Skill

  • Material: Crafted from high-quality brass, this statue is both beautiful and enduring. The rich golden hue symbolizes purity, radiance, and spiritual abundance.
  • Intricate Details: Skilled artisans have meticulously adorned this Nyochavar with intricate detailing, showcasing the beauty of Radha and Krishna, their traditional attire, and symbolic elements.
  • Unique Touch: Each Nyochavar is handcrafted, ensuring that slight variations in design and color lend every piece a unique and personal touch.

Enhancing Your Spiritual Space

  • Home Altar: Create a sacred space in your home by placing this Nyochavar at the heart of your altar. Its radiant energy will elevate your daily prayers, offerings, and meditation practices.
  • Spiritual Décor: Whether on a mantlepiece, shelf, or within a display cabinet, this statue adds an aura of peace, harmony, and devotion to any room.
  • A Thoughtful Gift: This exquisite Brass Radha Krishna Nyochavar makes a cherished gift for spiritual occasions, housewarmings, weddings, or for anyone seeking divine blessings

The Story of Radha and Krishna 

  • The Embodiment of Divine Love: Radha and Krishna are revered in Hindu tradition as the embodiment of divine love in its purest form. Radha represents the devoted soul longing for union with the divine consciousness, represented by Krishna.

  • Childhood Sweethearts: Their love story originates in their youth in the idyllic village of Vrindavan. Radha, a gopi (milkmaid), was utterly devoted to Krishna, the playful and charming cowherd, renowned for his enchanting flute melodies.

  • Unconditional and Eternal: Radha and Krishna’s love transcends earthly limitations. It symbolizes the soul’s selfless devotion to the divine and the ultimate union between the individual and the supreme being. Their love is a source of inspiration for spiritual seekers throughout the ages.

Caring for Your Brass Nyochavar 

  • Gentle Cleaning: To maintain the brilliance of your brass Nyochavar, regular gentle cleaning is recommended. Use a soft, dry cotton cloth to dust the surface regularly.

  • Removing Tarnish: If tarnish occurs, you can create a natural cleaning paste by mixing a small amount of lemon juice with baking soda. Apply this paste gently to the affected areas, rinse thoroughly, and dry with a soft cloth.

  • Polishing (Optional): For occasional polishing, you may use a specialized brass polish. However, the natural patina that develops over time adds a unique beauty to brass pieces.

  • Important Note: Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners on your Nyochavar, as these can damage the brass surface.

The Pujagoodies Difference

At Pujagoodies, we source authentic, high-quality spiritual items for you. Our skilled artisans in India meticulously craft each Brass Radha Krishna Nyochavar, upholding traditional techniques and infusing every piece with devotion.


Skilled artisans meticulously craft this exquisite Brass Radha Krishna Nyochavar, ensuring both beauty and spiritual significance.

Here’s a closer look:

  • Dimensions: Standing at an impressive 15 inches in height, this statue commands attention and creates a powerful presence within your sacred space.

  • Material: Crafted from high-quality brass, this Nyochavar embodies both durability and a radiant golden luster, symbolizing spiritual abundance.

  • Origin: Sourced from skilled artisans in India, this piece upholds traditional craftsmanship and carries the rich spiritual heritage of its homeland.

Order Your Brass Radha Krishna Nyochavar Today

Invite the divine love and blessings of Radha Krishna into your life. Order your handcrafted Brass Radha Krishna Nyochavar today and experience the transformative power of spiritual beauty within your own home.

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