24 Pcs Christmas Balls Ornaments Shatterproof Gold Xmas Trees Parties Decorations Balls for Holiday Wedding Party Decoration,with Hanging Hole (Red 4 Cm)

Red 4 Cm
  • Golden & Red Mix 4 Cm


  • Golden 4 Cm


  • Golden Satin Poinsteaa (pack of 12)


  • Multicolor 4 Cm


  • Red 4 Cm


  • Red Poinsteaa (Pack of 12 Pcs)


  • Silver 4 Cm


  • White Velvet Poinstea (Pack of 12)


Colour Red 4 Cm
Brand Pujagoodies
Material Plastic
Theme Religious
Cartoon Character christmas
Style Modern
Target Audience Teens, Adult, Children
Included Components Pack of 24 Chritmas Balls
Mounting Type Hanging
Net Quantity 24.00 count

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Dimensions 4 cm


Dazzle Your Tree with Shatterproof Red Christmas Balls Ornaments – 24 Pcs for a Festive Holiday!

Transform your Christmas tree into a shimmering spectacle of holiday cheer with this stunning set of 24 bright red Christmas balls ornaments. Their timeless beauty and enduring shatterproof design promise years of festive celebrations.

Key Features That’ll Make You Love Them:

Shatterproof: Worry-Free Holiday Decorating

No one wants the heartbreak of a favorite ornament shattering during the festive season. These Christmas balls are crafted from premium, durable plastic that offers all the beauty of glass without the fragility. Whether you have kids, pets, or simply want peace of mind, enjoy the holidays knowing your beautiful ornaments can withstand bumps, drops, and all the cheerful chaos that comes with decorating.

Exquisite Design: Timeless Elegance for Your Tree

The vibrant red of these ornaments isn’t just about Christmas cheer – it embodies classic holiday elegance. Their traditional shape and rich color create a stunning visual symphony on any tree. Imagine the warmth and beauty they’ll bring, evoking memories of cozy holidays past while creating new, cherished traditions for years to come.

Versatile: Limitless Possibilities Beyond the Tree

Think beyond ornaments solely for your tree! These versatile beauties are your key to festive decor throughout your space. Use them to:

  • Adorn Wreaths & Garlands: Weave them into existing greenery for an instant festive upgrade.
  • Create Showstopping Centerpieces: Fill a clear glass bowl, jug, or vase with the ornaments alongside pinecones, fairy lights, or other festive touches.
  • Add Festive Flair Anywhere: Scatter a few on a mantle, bookshelf, or windowsill for a cheerful pop of red.

Convenient: Decorating Made Easy

No more fiddling with flimsy hooks! Each ornament comes with a pre-attached hanging loop, making them incredibly easy to add to your tree. Save precious time while decorating, ensuring that you have more moments to relax and enjoy the holiday magic.

Perfect Size: Balanced Beauty for Trees Big and Small

At 4 cm in diameter, these ornaments strike the ideal balance. They offer a noticeable pop of color and sparkle without overwhelming your tree, regardless of its size. You’ll achieve that picture-perfect, professionally decorated look with ease.

Red Christmas Balls: Your Key to Festive Decorating All Year Round

While the classic image of Christmas involves a beautifully adorned tree shimmering with lights and ornaments, the vibrant red of these Christmas balls offers a world of decorative potential far beyond the holidays. Their timeless color, durable design, and elegant simplicity make them the perfect accent for celebrations, special events, and everyday home decor.

Wreaths and Garlands: Year-Round Elegance

Wreaths and garlands aren’t just for the Christmas season! A simple evergreen wreath becomes an eye-catching focal point when you nestle in a few of these red ornaments. Their pop of color adds year-round charm to doorways, mantles, or even as a unique wall hanging.

  • Seasonal Flair: Switch things up throughout the year. In spring, add a few pastel-colored ornaments alongside the red for a cheerful welcome. During the fall, mix the red ornaments with decorative gourds or miniature pumpkins for a touch of harvest-themed warmth.

  • Special Occasions: Celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, or graduations by weaving in your vibrant red ornaments alongside decorations specific to the event. They’ll add a touch of familiar, festive spirit to any occasion.

Festive Tablescapes: Christmas Balls

Your Christmas balls can create the perfect centerpiece to anchor your holiday table. Simply fill a clear glass bowl or vase with the red ornaments, adding in a few sprigs of fresh or faux greenery and some pinecones for a touch of rustic charm. It’s an easy yet striking statement piece that sets the perfect tone for festive gatherings.

  • Formal or Casual: Adjust your tablescape to suit the occasion. For a more formal dinner, add a few pillar candles in varying heights alongside your bowl, and use a white or silver tablecloth for a touch of classic elegance. For a relaxed Christmas brunch, surround the ornaments with small wrapped gifts or sprigs of fresh rosemary.

Wedding Decorations with Christmas Balls

If you’re planning a winter wedding or want to incorporate a dash of holiday charm into your celebration, these red Christmas balls offer endless possibilities.

  • Romantic Centerpieces: Combine the red ornaments with white roses and candles in a clear vase for simple yet sophisticated centerpieces.

  • Chair Accents: Tie clusters of the red ornaments with ivory or gold ribbon and hang them from the backs of chairs for an unexpected and festive touch.

  • Wishing Tree: Provide guests with small tags and ribbon. Have them write well wishes for the married couple and tie them to the branches of a small tree adorned with red ornaments.

Gift Embellishments: The Perfect Finishing Touch

Take your gift-wrapping to the next level with these versatile ornaments. They add a touch of classic Christmas cheer to any present, no matter the season.

  • Simple Elegance: Secure a single red ornament to a wrapped gift with a wide red satin ribbon for a touch of timeless style.

  • Playful Charm: For children’s gifts, attach several ornaments to the package along with a small candy cane or festive sticker.

  • Gift Basket Upgrade: If you’re creating a gift basket, tuck in a few of your red ornaments to fill any gaps and add a splash of festive color.


  • Material: Durable, shatterproof plastic
  • Color: Classic, vibrant red
  • Finish: Glossy (add this if applicable)
  • Design: Traditional round ball shape
  • Size: 4 cm in diameter
  • Quantity: 24 ornaments per set
  • Hanging: Pre-attached hanging hooks for convenient use
  • Special Features: Shatterproof design ensures worry-free decorating, perfect for homes with children or pets. Versatile enough to be used for decorating trees, wreaths, garlands, centerpieces, and more.

Remember: Decorating is About YOU

The beauty of these red Christmas ball ornaments lies in their adaptability. Let your creativity flow! Use them to create unique displays on bookshelves, mixed in with potted plants, or even hung individually as window decorations. There’s no wrong way to use them, as long as they bring you joy and a touch of festive spirit wherever you place them.

A Gift That Brings Christmas Balls

Searching for the perfect Christmas gift for a loved one or to treat yourself? This set of red Christmas ball ornaments will delight anyone with a love for classic holiday decorations. They arrive in a beautiful box, ready to be gifted to yourself or someone you cherish.

These aren’t just your ordinary Christmas balls. Their unbreakable design and classic red hue make them the perfect decoration for trees, wreaths, weddings, parties, and more! Let your creativity shine and transform any space into a festive wonderland.

Order your Christmas Balls set today and start decorating!

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